Schapelle Corby Latest Update

The news october 8 2004

A lot of us would have seen the news that day 8 October 2004 when Schapelle Corby was apprehended by Indonesian custom agents at Ngurah Rai Airport on her arrival in Bali from Australia for a well deserved holiday .

Schapelle Corby was found to have 4.2 kg (9.3 lb) of cannabis in her unlocked bag. The Customs officer Gusti Nyoman Winata alleged that she tried to prevent him from opening the compartment of the bag containing the cannabis. Schapelle denied this allegation during the trial, saying she originally opened the bag after being asked by Winata whose bag it was

.Schapelle stated that she had no knowledge of the drugs. Her defence centred on the theory that she had become an unwitting drug courier for what was supposed to have been an interstate shipment of drugs between Brisbane and Sydney in Australia.

Her sister  Mercedes has been living close by , providing her with food.

Just not worth the risk

 I dont think  Schapelle Corby is guilty .

However it just proves that it isnt worth the time to do the crime.

Look at the price many pay for thinking they are clever enough not to get caught smuggling drugs into another country .

You cant say you didnt know they were there if you have them inside you or taped to your body can you ?

Think about your family -- your life , Is it worth giving it all up just in case you slip thru the net ? the dog sniffers - camera's and more ?


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