These Guys... Can Serenade Me Anytime!

These guys can sing to me anytime...

I have a thing for guys with guitars (and pianos!) and mushy lyrics.

The following musicians could sing these songs to me anytime... (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Matt Nathanson - "Still " This is one of those songs that makes me wish I was rolling around in the sheets with... well... someone. Matt even refers to this in the song, singing about being "tangled in hotel sheets... for hours." Hours? Sounds good to me, Matt. I'm a big Matt Nathanson fan - he could also sing "Gone," "Bulletproof Weeks," and "All We Are" (all from his album Some Mad Hope) and I'd completely swoon.

James Morrison - "You Give Me Something " If you haven't heard this guy yet, you need to give him a listen. Now. He just released his second album, "Songs for You, Truths for Me ," last month, but my favorite song of his is on album #1 - "Undiscovered ." Whenever I hear "You Give Me Something," I wish I was that girl, whoever he's singing about. Sometimes I think maybe I am. I don't know.

Jason Mraz - "Butterfly " I was absolutely tickled the first time I heard this song because parts of it are downright naughty. Love it! It makes me wish I had some six-inch lucite heels and a pole! Seriously, girls, it's hard not to feel good about yourself when you hear this song. "Sister, you've got it all!"

Ryan Teder/One Republic - "Won't Stop " I'm not the biggest OneRepublic fan, but I do like a few of the songs from their album "Dreaming Out Loud ." My favorite song is "Won't Stop" because a line just kind of struck me - "Stir my bones from a thousand miles apart." I saw OneRepublic at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida. It's a super-small venue and Ryan Teder's vocals were superb that night! I squealed like a little girl when the music for "Won't Stop" came on and started recording video... unfortunately, you can hear me singing along with Ryan the whole time on the video. Oops.

Dave Matthews - Say what you want about the guy, but some of Dave's lyrics are super sexy. "Say Goodbye ," - "Tonight let's be lovers, but tomorrow we go back to being friends." "Crush " - Who doesn't get turned on just hearing the beginning of that song? (I do, anyway.) "Stay " - I'm sorry, but he can grope me in the mud any day if he sings to me.

Emerson Hart - "I Wish The Best For You " This song is alternatingly sad and sweet. I love it because he sounds like a guy with his head on straight who knows when it's best to let go, but who also recognizes that sometimes those feelings just don't go away so easily and there's not much you can do about it. "You'll learn to forget me, and I'll try, I'll try to forget you..." For a happier-sounding song, he could sing "Flyin'," also from his album "Cigarettes and Gasoline ." And if you didn't already know, Emerson Hart is the voice behind the 90s-ish band Tonic.

Rob Thomas - Need I say more? Ha ha.

Keaton Simons - "Unstoppable " I discovered Keaton Simons on Myspace and then saw him when he opened for Sister Hazel in July, not too long after he released his album "Can You Hear Me ?" I like "Nobody Knows" and "Misfits" a lot too, but this song is very sweet and honest.

John Vesely/Secondhand Serenade - I'm sure you've heard the song "Fall for You" on the radio. (It seems like they play it 1,000 times a day!) If you like "Fall For You" then you need to hear the song "Your Call" - either on Secondhand Serenade's Myspace page, or on the album "A Twist in My Story ."


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