Series Review: Mr Robot

Mr. Robot - Is the show any good?

Opinions are great. They let people know what you think.

Sometimes people - wait, let me rephrase that - Almost always people will hate you or dislike you if an opinion is different from their own. If it is the same, they want to marry you.

With the above in mind and having watched a good few episodes of Mr. Robot let's take a look at what I thought and think about the show.

Are you ready for it?

The show lacks all depth and sincerity and it is hacking the viewers shallow hipster conscious under the guise of moral outrage at the consumerism & the ultra corporate world we live in while at the same time flying a false flag and ripping off four or five original and great TV Shows/films delighting those who are too young to know or have no memory. Make sure you read that in a monotone voice, yeah?

I have to say, when I first started watching Mr. Robot, I quite liked it. I had high hopes for it. Then, I saw that I was just missing Dexter. And let's face it, after season 4, Dexter was simply being kept alive as the rating were high, the story got more and more silly, and every moron was champion a serial killer and the show was done - pretty sure Dexter offed a few of those championing folk? The series finale was dreadful and you know they left it open and will make a film of it soon. You know they will make a "Dexter - the junior years!" a college kid killing people. It is okay though, he didn't use a gun. He hacked and sawed them up and made a bloody mess.

Dexter - this is the first show that Mr. Robot is heavily ripping off. Mr. Robot has replaced hacking people up with hacking people's facebook and other online information sources. Instead of being a member of law enforcement and having records of priors etc hacking is used to gain the information. You can almost smell the thought process of "Oh yes, that would work!" as the writer or team of writers - like the board of the evil corp - plot and plan based on other series ideas.

"Hey, Paul!" .. Next the character that has been stolen is.. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. This one has a few upgrades. He is hetroflexible.. And... that's about it. Oh he is Russian, or can speak it. He has a pregnant wife or girlfriend who it seems he dominates, but later in the show, that flips around. And suddenly, Patrick, I mean, Tyrell Wellick shows concern for the first time - for the unborn baby - and his wife doesn't seem to have much feeling. Huh? what? I thought? .. who knows... Do I need to mention the head guy of a company in Blade Runner? - you thought I had missed it didn't you?

He also beats up homeless people while his driver watches.

We have the calm, relaxed, and carefree, not to mentioning very annoying and unreliable lead female in the hacker world. She is copy and pasted straight from Fight Club. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a very very VERY annoying Marla Singer. The thing about Marla Singer is she was/is believable. I do not believe the character in Mr. Robot would want to bring down the world as it is as she seems to have such fun and happiness within it. She's a fish IN water. When people are happy or have some kind of control, they do not want to change a thing. This is yet another deeply flawed female character. You know a man wrote her.

Sticking with Fight Club - and coming to the reason I watched the series in the first place - We have Tyler Durden, sorry, I mean, Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot is Christian Slater. Now, I don't think spoilers are fair. However, the show has not announced it yet, revealed it, or shown it but, from what I have just said and the character I have drawn a HUGE comparison with.. You can probably work out this guy's "deal" and how he connects with Dexter, sorry, I mean the lead guy, Mr. Alderson - Elliot. The shows own obvious tacky rip off has given it away even before the bomb has been dropped. The Fight Club carbon copied reaction from the other hackers when Dexter, sorry, I mean, Elliott walks into a room also helps this.. Not to mention the lack of interaction Mr.Robot has with anyone else other than Elliot. Mr. Robot even hurts.. Elliot.

So where do the problems lie for me?

The show has the same feel as a banking advert with the suggestion that they are caring and are here to help etc etc etc yet the characters are all from other shows and films. Who, what, and where?

Elliot Alderson - we already have mentioned Dexter.. But, Alderson of course, being one letter away from 'Anderson'. Mr. Anderson, a little known Hacker from a little known film called.. The Matrix: a tale of how hackers were trying to bring an Evil empire that have made humans their slaves...

Something.. something is missing... something.. Ah! Yes! a "lesbian" scene.. Right on call!


"No, I don't do drugs!"

"Oh come on..."

'Oh. Ok then, total stranger, let's do drugs, hang out, and go to a club, and tongue'

It is almost like writing in general has gotten so bad that people just let what they want to happen take the lead and to hell with character development. The writing in this show is terrible. I am sorry. It is.

Resistance or Writing it seems is complicity now and it is being promoted as some sort of rebellion? Wow.

They even go in for the Robocop / Starship Troopers adverts...

The Sopranos also needs to get a mention. They have used The Sopranos with the use of the psychiatrist. That on it's own doesn't stand up.. However.. The drug dream sequenced has been copied and pasted from the similar scenes in that series... Which you could mention say, came from Twin Peaks originally, but there is not solid connection between the dream sequence in Twin Peaks and dream sequence in The Sopranos. That is what an influence is over a total rip off.

I could go on as there are many obvious things with this show that lack all invention and originality. It is the same rehashed sanitized nursery rhyme that gives nothing but impenitence and dilutes the original ideas. It is the same as the other low grade TV we have currently appearing everywhere.

It is funny when people complain about the second season of True Detective - which isn't bad in its own right - not being like the first season. What a non-argument!


Mr. Robot is termed as a 'cyberpunk thriller' which is very true. The meaning of the word 'punk' comes from a person who whilst in prison latches on to a stronger prisoner and offers sexual favours for protection, even though they are heterosexual. This I think fits Mr. Robot very well as it latches onto other peoples creativity and rides the success. 'Punk' is the polar opposite of some gangsta fellows who have reclaimed a certain word which was once used in a hateful way and turned it into something arguably among some as a positive.

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charliecrews38 profile image

charliecrews38 18 months ago from Melbourne, Australia

I've heard the pilot for mr robot was pretty good but then it went downhill, I'm enjoying true detective season 2 at the moment, I'm not expecting it to be as good as season 1, thanks for the review

Tyler Bracken profile image

Tyler Bracken 18 months ago from Berlin, Germany Author

Thanks for commenting. Yes, I saw the pilot and was impressed but then it just borrowed plots and characters from lots of well known places. I need to edit the review though as it is not so well written and I have missed a few things out. I was annoyed while writing it - never good! :-D

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