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Mallika Sherawat sexy star

The sexy and gorgeous Mallika Sherawat now has a milkshake named after her in Hollywood. Mallika Sherawat showed her talent and assets are on display for men who want to taste some nice milkshake as Mallika strips off the banana and works her magic while playing with the nuts and the berries. These sexy Mallika Sherawat MilkShake Pictures were taken when Mallika visited the Millions of Milkshakes event in Hollywood.


Cherry Sucking Mallika

Mallika Sherawat sucking on a cherry
Mallika Sherawat sucking on a cherry

Sexy Mallika Sherawat Bollywood Movies

Delicious Mallika Shake

The new milkshake is named as the Mallika Shake by the Hollywood fans. Previous milkshakes were named after other sexy Hollywood actresses like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, David Beckham and Paris Hilton. The new milkshake is called "The Mallika shake" and the tasty delight includes blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and chocolate sauce. To make the Mallika Sherawat milkshake more appealing, it has whipped cream topping as an additional treat. Sexy Mallika Sherawat is in the United States to promote her new horror Hollywood movie "Hisss". "Hisss" also has Irfan Khan in a significant role. There was shooting in India for about 6 months and post production of "Hisss" has just started. In fact, Mallika has been moving around in LA's elite circles lately. She was invited as a special guest at a Wine-Tasting Luncheon at the Malibu Family Wines. Mallika was also part of a fundraiser hosted by IFFLA (Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles). Enjoy the sexy Mallika Sherawat milkshake pictures when she was in the Million Milkshakes event in Hollywood and she flashed her assets and talent all over the icecream parlor.

Sexy Mallika Sherawat is, at least by some people, called as "the Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood" and one of the most sought after women in all of Asia for a variey of reasons.

Sexy Mallika Sherawat picture gallery

Sexy Mallika Sherawat
Sexy Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat's navel
Mallika Sherawat's navel
flashing mallika sherawat
flashing mallika sherawat
Malliks starting on stripping a banana
Malliks starting on stripping a banana
getting ready to suck on a banana
getting ready to suck on a banana
more display of Mallika sherawat
more display of Mallika sherawat

Mallika Sherawat milkshake video

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vishu 7 years ago

u r very sexy malaika your boobs r very big ji karda tere fudi mar lava par tu dani nahi kyoki tu gasti hai hana

jackie  7 years ago

just waste

bijan 7 years ago

can u make your breast tight like a fit woman, side view of your thigh is also unfit. u can kiss only and highlight your large tits, acting tumhare bas ki bat nahi ha, tum to achchi saki banne k bhi kabil nahi ho...

best 7 years ago

i want u people to be sending blue films picture in my email box

real 7 years ago

lanja sallu super.dani thodala madyalo na sulli

pingo 7 years ago

teri boobs mein doodh bahut ho gaya.. isiliye milkshake bana diya... by the way chutshake kab degi meri jaan.. gair chod dhen is bathon ko... mera lavda ko sirf tera chukshake chahiye.. kab degi bhol.. agar chutshake kam pade tho pilavunga lavadako milkshake.. interested?

yuvraj 7 years ago

looking hottttttttttttttttttttt,

raha nahi jata,cloth pure phana kar nahi to ............?

chetan 7 years ago

sali bhosidiki trer chut maar lunga kuch dekhati to hai nahi

jani  7 years ago

hi chickni teri phuddi vich pa k so jawan

abdullah 6 years ago

i want to make milkshake by her milk

sazia khan 5 years ago

i luv her milk

Depek 5 years ago

Mallika Sherawat is my sexiest Bollywood babe and most desirable woman on earth.She has the milkshake by her sexy looks and figure.Mallika babe,I love you so much and I want to marry you and you only.I love you so much,Mallika babe.

Akash 03003844995 5 years ago

Malika tery begay hont waly gany ma many mot mari the tery honto ko chom chom kay nikal do tary undar apna land dal kay so jo tjey agay pechy say chodo tjey big show aur ma tera undar ap balo say brha hua land maro teri ma chodo

malik 5 years ago

i like you and i would like to be with you till you like me,,,

M .G .R .K .P .L .Y . 4 years ago

Hai Mallikasherawat , mera pyara ladki thum .thum mera sath aavo .hum dhonom milke ma bap kelenga .

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