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Asin - Intro

Asin was born in Kochi, Kerala, India. She attended Naval Public School. Then she studied at St. Theresa's School in Kochi for her Plus Two education. After that she attended St. Theresa's College for Women in Kochi where she earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature. Her father, Joseph Thottumkal managed several businesses before he decided to manage his daughter's acting career instead. Her father accompanies her to all her foreign shoots. Asin's mother, Seline Thottumkal, works as a surgeon who moved settlements from Cochin to Chennai to Mumbai to live with her daughter.

A'Sin' - The name

Asin says that her name "means pure and without blemish". She claims that "the 'A' in her name is from Sanskrit meaning "without", and 'sin' from English".

She looks gorgeous in traditional attire as well!!

She has come here,To take you n sweep you off your feet... yes, you !
She has come here,To take you n sweep you off your feet... yes, you !

Asin - The ultimate desi girl of Kollywood and Bollywood!

As hot as ever - In red tight top.
As hot as ever - In red tight top.


Asin is the brand ambassador for the products - Fairever Fairness cream | Clinic All Clear Shampoo | Parachute Hair Oil | Colgate Maxfresh Tooth paste | Mirinda (soft drink) | Spinz Talcum Powder | BIG 92.7 FM Radio station | Tanishq | Goldplus Jewellery | Tata Sky and Sure.

The popular soap brand Lux signed Asin as their brand ambassador in late 2010.

Asin was also signed as the brand ambassador for Amrutanjan.

Asin was also the brand ambassador for Big Bazzar with Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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LensMan999 6 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

is that original one ?

jyothika profile image

jyothika 6 years ago from Tamil Nadu Author

Yes of course! It is original. Asin posed in a sizzling golden bikini for maxim magazine - March 2010!

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jeanine 5 years ago

youuuuuuuuuu lokkk so amazing

4 years ago

So hottt

asin 2 years ago

asin is very sexy girl

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