Sexy emo and scene girls gallery

The internet’s favourite impossible dream.

Sexy smoking hot emo and scene girls are beyond your league. They’re beyond your planet. They’re reaching for the moon. You’ll never date one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look at pictures of them and dream.

The opposite of the nerd girl with glasses, the sexy scene girl is the one the internet nerd will never have a chance with. She is the epitome of coolness. She is everything they are not. They might as well just slink back to their basements. But everyone wants want they cannot have and for this reason, they are strangely fetishized over and above many of the other female denizens of the internet.

Typical vain scene girl
Typical vain scene girl
Reflection of the generally disdain for the emo scene
Reflection of the generally disdain for the emo scene

Emo was the weird fashion craze of the nineties. Every decade has one. The culture was focused on angst and the expression of feeling. Today it is mocked and ridiculed, but for a while it was wildly popular amongst the young people.

A whole music industry, frontlined by bands such as the “get up kids” and “sunny day real estate,” was built up around them. Emo fashion was generally a retro look, with tight fitting fifties sweaters and tighter pants. Hair was usually long, sometimes died black an often with long bangs which is obscure one eye or part of the face. Today, emo culture has fallen by the wayside, but their fashion eventually evolved into what now know as the ‘scene’ girl, many of whom still feature the signature emo bangs, but now with more volume.

What is a sexy scene girl? That’s never been clear, not to anyone I think. The terms serve more to represent than to describe. The word is generally just used to refer to someone who is completely immersed in their particular scene. So someone who is absolutely and totally a “goth,” could be said to be “scene.” But in reality, a scenie tends to be someone who’s just up with whatever fashion is considered the height of cool at the moment.

A scenie has hair and clothes that would make any magazine model jealous. And at the moment, a particular style of big, bangsy hair and asymmetrical clothing seems to be the height of cool, or, I guess, the height of ‘scene.’

Each emo and scene girl's fashion is nuanced to reflect which particular music or club scene she is currently into. A goth scene girl looks gothy. An indie rocker scene girl looks less gothy.

But seeing is believing. And I know ‘scene’ when I see it. And now, so will you.

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Ryan Hupfer profile image

Ryan Hupfer 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

Hil-Arious. haha! Although, I almost feel bad for looking, considering that most of them are still teeny bobbers.

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 8 years ago Author

Wow. Fast comment.

It's not wrong so long as looking is all your doing. Know what I mean?

Elena. profile image

Elena. 8 years ago from Madrid

I think the internet crime police will track my IP for looking at these pics -- some of these kids are really too young to be posing the way they are! Some of them look like they dressed (or rather half dressed!) in the dark, as one of the captions says!! You are a true source of knowledge on the interne, Freeze, I love your hubs!

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

Hey, Freezepop!  Long time, no see.  Does Emo stand for something?  Never mind.  Just looked it up.  Short for "emotive" or "emotional."  As opined by my HubPage brethren, some of these girls look young.  Like, really, really young and make me feel like a pervert (which I am but what did you want to bring that up for?)  That little girl taking the picture of herself in the mirror - I don't know how old she is but we're putting too many hormones in the beef. When they're not too extreme it's not a totally bad look, but lots of them look like parodies of themselves.  So is that chick with the glasses a Sexy Nerd Emo Scene Girl?  With most of them though, it's kind of like a loud cry of "LOOK AT ME!"

Thanks for my continued education in the ways of the internet and the bizarre cultures that breed there, like mold in a petri dish.  Peace out!

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 8 years ago Author

I think the hormones are in the milk, actually. As to your question, Cristoph, I believe the girl with glasses could be, but is probably unlikly a sexy emo nerd girl. The very fact of being fashionable negates much nerd status. Having poor-eyesight is a necessary but not exculsive condition for nerd-dom.

And, people, please remember these pictures are for research purposes only. The internet police don't come after you for research.

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

Ok, Mr. Freezepopsmartass, this from the Organic Consumers Assoc.:


Beef Hormones Linked to Premature Onset of Puberty & Breast CancerResearch links breast cancer, beef hormones

By Dennis Bueckert / The Canadian PressOttawa -

Consumption of hormone-treated beef may be causing girls to reach puberty earlier than they used to and making them more susceptible to breast cancer, say researchers attending a world conference on breast cancer.It is "very likely" that hormone residues in North American beef is a factor in the early onset of puberty among girls in recent decades, said Carlos Sonnenschein of the Tufts University School of Medicine at Boston."There is no other reason to explain it," Sonnenschein said in an interview Friday. Pediatricians say the onset of menstruation has steadily decreased in recent decades. The average age for a first period is now 12½, up from age 14 in 1900. Early onset of puberty with its raging hormones translates into higher risk of breast cancer, said Sonnenschein.


Maybe they're putting something besides hormones in your milk. Anyway, I only came back for more research.

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 8 years ago Author

ha! I see your organic consumers assoc. and raise you, 'cancer prevention colation:


Why is American Milk Banned in Europe?

American dairy milk is genetically-modified unless it’s labeled “NO rBGH” Genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk increases cancer risks.

American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production.

European nations and Canada have banned rBGH to protect citizens from IGF-1 hazards.

Monsanto Co., the manufacturer of rBGH, has influenced U. S. product safety laws permitting the sale of unlabeled rBGH milk. (Monsanto would lose billions of dollars if rBGH were banned in America.)


I think both of us might be right. And in fact! These girls are the results of TWO DIFFERENT sets of hormone growth enhancement campaigns. It explains things, maybe?

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

I agree.  It's both.  Makes sense that we give the cattle hormones, it shows up in both the milk and meat.  I pronounce it a draw...and stop interrupting my research!

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 8 years ago Author

Sorry, sorry. Please carry on.

EMO PRINCESS 8 years ago

Hey Im is the princess of EMO because Im so sexy and my hair is pink ........; IM looks like sexy bad girls...Who wonts to talk with me....

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 8 years ago Author

If that's spam, it's funny spam

profile image

orionsky60403 8 years ago

Some of these girls are like.. 14 or something! I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing that out. LOL. High fives all around?

kerryg profile image

kerryg 8 years ago from USA

Overall, I have to say I prefer the sexy nerds

But some of the scene boys are annoyingly hot.

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 8 years ago Author

To be honest, I prefer the sexy nerds, too. But for some reason, there are still people out there who would prefer the beautiful, loud popular girl to the shy one in the corner with a book.

raiderfan profile image

raiderfan 8 years ago from Arizona

dude those ar little girls!

sam 7 years ago

this really shouldn’t be on the web...don't think any of these girls are of age ... want to show something find models of age ..not kids ...this disgusting

FreezepopMorality profile image

FreezepopMorality 7 years ago Author

What happens if the culture only exists in a section of the population that is not of age?

profile image

seth w 7 years ago

ill talk to you emo princess

borislw profile image

borislw 7 years ago from MY

just like a punk girl....

Semper 7 years ago

wow pic nr.5 ist the best!!!! she is so cute and sexy

profile image

omshahu 7 years ago

its always great to see these things

Choke Frantic profile image

Choke Frantic 7 years ago from Newcastle, Australia

Some of the girls in those photos aren't scene at all. But I did like the picture with the paper bag comment. It was thoroughly entertaining.

Nicole 7 years ago

the one with the purple,pink,blonde, and black hair is pretty cool

sunny 7 years ago

heh, they're my age. wooh lol

profile image

chazzz 7 years ago

hey add me on myspace...

myspace url


lauren98 7 years ago


yeah yeah profile image

yeah yeah 7 years ago from long beach

plain and simple, these girls are cutie pies. but the cleavage is a little too much.

mitzimassacre 7 years ago



love the whole dissection of emo/scene sex appeal.

being the right age to look it these-- 17 year old girl, thanks. C: -- i fully agree. i'm also very guilty of teasing you old pervvies. however, at my school, we "artsy nerd kids" make fun of the scene bitches as much as the preppies and emo girlies.

however, based on your definition, i suppose i'm scene. also, dun forget to make the whole piercing observation.

and as these scene brats come of age, notice the ink on them. C:


oppinionated 7 years ago

ok im a scene chick and i find this slutty as hell i mean these stupid whores make everyone think we all do skanky stuff like that yes they are crying out for attention and no one better cry when they get their asses picked up by some perve and raped by that old man dumped on the roadside or killed

Hotttt 7 years ago

Damn those bitches Are fine

~Rebecca Ruins~ 7 years ago

Haha. Im scene chicky poo. i think im pretty cute. I think. HAHA. they look really young. Wat the hell? Im 13. -.-

sceneprincessxx 7 years ago

wow, they're hella amazing ^.^

btw, who is the girl on picture nr. 12? can somebody tell me, what her name is? she is gorgeous.


nico 6 years ago

u so cute 8 one down so hot d

Doomspire 6 years ago

Did anyone else notice that the one with the white t-shirt in the professional-looking photograph is a guy? Hints that helped me find tgat out. First if all the chin looks more blunt, or masculine, instead of more thin or feminine, second, no boobs, and third, the huge lump in "her" pants.. Quite disturbing?

jeran 6 years ago


DroolsForScene 6 years ago

Where do all these girls live?

cuz like, I'd move there instead of living in "Redneck Territory".


Tonss9476 6 years ago

>> DroolsForScene, that makes you a stalker. >>

popol 6 years ago

they are so pretty

POLSKA 6 years ago

Kurwa,ale przejebane laski nie ktore naprawde wyjebane w huj,nie lubie emo,ale sa tutaj z 3 laski wyjebane takie ze ooooooooo,ja pierdole

christian 6 years ago

hump???nice emo..!!!!!hey!!!whaaa..

christian 6 years ago

i like the girl...!!!!i love it..!!!

roselinda 6 years ago

love the pics

nick 6 years ago

if i got black hair and black pants and black T-shert and lisent to (BMTH)/Bring Me The Horizon and got a belt with small pikes on. I'm an emo?

scene=sexxy 6 years ago

people are complaining that there too yourng ha most of them look older then me :p and there super hott

emo 6 years ago


jimz  6 years ago

i like all girls sexy i love

Beyonca 6 years ago

hey, btw to be emo, you just become it :/ idk how to say it... People call me emo but im not... I just like the style, and i see no point in cutting yourself.

some guy 6 years ago

pic numbers 5,6,9,15 have got to be the cutest ones

graffiti 6 years ago

yh ummm some of those pics where lame and demeaning. but i really loved some of them. oohhhhh and for the pervert who commented (you know who you are) i think you need to get a bloody life you wanker

BRANCH66 profile image

BRANCH66 6 years ago from Pittsburgh

Nicely done! Pleasing read. Keep It 100! After reading a previous comment I've come back to update mine. Yea I passed that photo over It just didn't fit but after reading the comment that pointed to this photo, and sure enough, Its not a female, That's for certain!

maria_i6 6 years ago

overx!!! i lab emo ever!!! gosh! i lyk ti be one of them!dats my wish!sana. haha..


Rawr 6 years ago

I like these pics. And the girls are my age, so I don't feel guilty :D

zius 6 years ago

So Sexy....

Hunk Switzerland 6 years ago

Some are cute. Some are scary.

oana  6 years ago

Emo este o prostie !!!

ronel 6 years ago


Kayla Gomezz 6 years ago

wow i like these pics and what r there names?

pollyprescription profile image

pollyprescription 6 years ago

Nice, they are lovely (¡

evill  6 years ago

i like them i don't about u but i thine they r sexy and cute

blaze 6 years ago

lol i would not want to imagine the amount of boys that have viewed my pics. slightly embarrasing

Zack 6 years ago

Dang girl you somkin Hubahuba :)

JACK 6 years ago


DC 6 years ago

What a bunch of little slags you've collected.


Granted, they're a paedophiles dream and a young guys fantasy. But come on, they'll leave you for the guy down the street when they're drunk, txt your ex to stir shit for fun and they quite clearly think they're it by that bitchy looking attitude pose.

You might as well just decide to sod trusting them and have a one night stand (if you're into such a thing, wear a condom please.)

Bunch of slags.

Punk Rock 6 years ago

Why are you going that way? Is it porn your after? I think the bunch of hags are still in school banging their throats for a good evening. Is that punk rock or what? The final edge is final fantasy

jayy 6 years ago

were can i meet these girls

xsykesx 6 years ago

@jayy: youtube or something... i guess? :D

Crept Shadows 6 years ago

what the... the so called "chick" in the full white getup with the ninja turtle short shorts... is a guy x.x that's disgusting !!, although the truth with it is these chicks are abit young to be posing in a sexual tease way... it's no wonder we have like 43 yr old pedo's finding chicks like these and yea... it's disguisting if you ask me.

Bocaj V 6 years ago

I think Scene girls are, by far, the sexiest girls in history. I think the style is unmatched and more beautiful than it is given credit for. I think all of you girls are so hot in your confidence. Keep the SCENE alive. I LOVE all of you, and wish that there were more of you in Aiken, SC.

Corey 6 years ago

The one with blonde hair wearing all white, skinny as hell, deffinetly a dude, sorry guys, but he deffinetly has some hardware under those clothes

crimers 6 years ago

i love the emo look much better then the goth but i don't care for how the emo's act all sad all the time ect but the emo girls look pretty cute

lilz 6 years ago

i have some of these girls as friends on tagged and one on facebook

luis 5 years ago

yo si se las chupo..................XD

Lea Lynn ask for my fb link ! 5 years ago

Im related 2 the 2 gurl her name is Gracie

Ly gracie

Vera 5 years ago

hawt!! and i can say that cuz im their age.. and a girl :) and probably some sort of scemo myself as im bi.. oh dear

g-ha 5 years ago

hmm... best kan menjadi seperti emo girl? i like emo girl... my favourite...

Elias 5 years ago

U people r retarded scene girls r hot

emo 5 years ago

its beautiful

Justin 5 years ago

hot 0--------) 0=

Evan Emo 5 years ago

I sware if some one tells me the name of the 2nd girl with red and black hair i willl give you twenty bucks on paypal

SomewhatSceneChick 5 years ago

I've been called "emo" and "scene". These days, people think emo is a sense of style, but it's really emotional. I've known people who slice all across their wrists, but didn't look like this, yet still called emo. I've known "emos" who didn't cut at all, but were stills called emo. It's not a fashion statement.

Scene chicks are gorgeous, yes, but they can really take it too far. As you said, some of these girls are probably 13ish, but they dress and look like this because it's usually all they see these days. It's crazy. All I love about "Scene" is the hair and the skinny jeans. it's really a phase, though; you don't go around seeing chicks with big teased hair and skin tight jeggings working at an office or teaching, or whatever. It's a teen phase. I know I'll grow out of it! Haha. Peace out

zana mhamad 5 years ago


kennnn 5 years ago

wow that one in the white is def a dude, but yeah scene chicks are some of the hottest out there, they are like emo but without the depression and cutting

Dimas Pratama Putra 5 years ago

NICE... ^_^

Jynxxi 5 years ago

Not all scene girls (or girls who like this style) Are jail bait. I'm 19. And i love this style. Weither its the more inappropriate side or the fully clothed side. Yes these girls want attention but that isn't a bad thing. I think that expressing themselves like this is a lot better then going out and having a bunch of sex or cutting themselves. I used to be a cutter and now i have stopped because i found an outlet that makes me feel better about myself and my looks. Just look at this picture of me. [IMG][/IMG]

Jon dison 5 years ago

I wanna eat them out

Big E 5 years ago

Emo girls are the sh.t

Katie D 5 years ago

Weird but okay then

Katie D 5 years ago

Weird but okay then

Katie D 5 years ago

I'm sorry it's just weird that y'all girls look disgusting in some of these pics . I mean seriously it's not a girl scout convention =)

this is an emo scene 5 years ago

hey im scene. my sister is one of those pics. back off ppl! do you evan know what scene means? or what it is? its being emo (cuttting) except you try to be happier. theres alot i can complane about and i don't wanna add the internet to that long list.

sexysceneJessica 5 years ago

picture 2and13 are sexy no homo ima girl and i really like those scene girls that i said were sexy i wish i looked like the girl number 13 shes really pretty and the girl number 2 is pretty also i wanna be a scene im not a poser but like i just like there style ima be myself i wont change to being mean or nice or cool which i am already im just gunna be myself with the sexy scene style and for emo girls athat cutt them selves shouldn't do that cuz its like your destroying g-ds creation and plus if ur sad or deppressed just tlk to g-d in private tell him to help you and guess WHAT HE WILL JUST KNOW GD LOVES YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HANNUKA TO EVERYBODY I LOVE YOU ALL ENJOY YOUR LIFE LIVE DREAM IT ROCK IT PEACE,LOVE,AND JOY

Sleazy 5 years ago

picture 10 looks exactly like my ex lol

niggajoe 5 years ago

what the hell what the hey they ain't naked!

tams 5 years ago

i luv emo grl

Rajendr thakur 5 years ago

Its realy hot and i like all thease cute girls. Its not tradition but realy awesome trend emo.

baris 5 years ago

sikim haminizin varini

gg girl 5 years ago

I luv the 4th its sexy

gg girl 5 years ago

I luv the 4th its sexy

nub 5 years ago

I Love every each of it

be naked

Kayleigh 5 years ago

That was the funniest and most stupid story I've ever heard! Lmfao! Omg, I'm a really gorgeous emo girl and I ONLY date nerds. Most of the girls shown above are ugly as sin with horrible bodies to boot, so I don't understand how they are supposedly out of the ordinary guy's league? Unless a hot emo girl is really messed up or stuck up, most any guy can date one. There are no such things a leagues, some people only think that they are too good for someone and spend too much time pretending to be superior, me on the other hand, I enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy just being me; a hot emo girl who dates a regular guy, who is considered a nerd. :)

sina 5 years ago

very good.i am emo

joe 5 years ago

Whos #15 haha

Dion 5 years ago

Love. Them. All

andres favila fraire 5 years ago

so biutiful very hooootttt

ALEX 4 years ago


tharr cho 4 years ago

i like emo

Yea 4 years ago

One is a dude

profile image

bit ya self XD 4 years ago

Wow. Im emo and im a girl. Im bi :P but some of this girls are showing wayyy too much! (//.-) and they bout my age. Uh blah! Put some of these girls are cute :D

ariel 4 years ago

ok so this site is like number one for the cutest hottest most amazing scene emo chicks ive ever scene in my life.are these girls like hiding away from the world cuz aint seeing shit where i live. oh im a guy bi the way and bi. these photos are freaken awsome and there all my age!

Ramirez 4 years ago

Really like the one in the 9th pic she looks like she would be up for anything... =p

Shiina 4 years ago

I saw these photos and I have to say, not all emo girls look like this. People see me and they call me a nerd. I'm kinda like a nerd, but I used to be emo, I don't cut myself anymore. These pictures want people to think that I'm a whore and what not. I'm not, I'm that chick all by herself reading a book or drawing. These girls are begging for attention, they are not real emos, they are what you call "posers". But what do I know? Some emo people might cry for attention, but they should. Because, if they're like me, they have been beaten most of they're lives. But I don't cry for attention, I hate attention. I hate people that laugh at me. But I don't cry about it, I stay strong. People are gonna troll me for this but, I don't care. Do what you please. You can't change me.


Chris Tesa 4 years ago

Can somebody pleaseeeeeee tell me the name of the girl giving the middle finger? The one with the two lip piercings

chris enos 4 years ago

u all looks young sometime but the way ur pretty, that hair it looks a shape of hearts it looks nice on u. if u want a chat on me, see me on myspace sometime but hey nice hair on u ladies. : )

zack 4 years ago

ihr seid alle echt süß

3 years ago

17th big picture is a dude. Just thought you'd like to know.

ktnptl profile image

ktnptl 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA

Aha nice article, Here is an article on Female body types

ihsan 2 years ago

inet hepsi

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