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Sexy TV ads

Let's face it America, in the United States sex sells. Advertisers know this and consequently we get bombarded with sexy tv ads.

Some of the current advertisers include GoDaddy, who has taken advantage of sex by sponsoring Danica Patrick, they not only get a quality race car driver but also a sexy woman as a spokesperson. Danica has appeared in several ads by herself and also with other sexy women.

Hardees also has had some sexy women in their ads. Their most recent commercial feature as sexy woman in barn wearing tight jeans, a tight top, a cowboy hat and boots promoting a new burger.

Of course Victoria's Secret always has sexy women in their ads. You also see sexy women in ads for hair care. Whether it be shampoo or hair coloring.

In the 1970's Nair came out with some ads featuring sexy women in hot pants. Another obvious use of sexy women in tv ads is for men's grooming products. Men's cologne and after shave are popular products to use sexy women. Who can forget the Hi Karate ads?

Then there are ads for men's hair coloring and hair growth. Who is going to believe that a bald headed man is going to be with a sexy woman? But if he grows hair, he will find a sexy woman. Who can forget about the ad where the professional athletes are commentators about a man with a greying beard? He strikes out trying to pick up a sexy woman. Then he uses a hair coloring product and magically he picks up the sexy woman.

As you can see, there are and have been many sexy tv ads. As long as sex sells in America, you can expect to see sexy tv ads, which means there will most likely be many more sexy tv ads in the future.

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bruzzbuzz profile image

bruzzbuzz 6 years ago from Texas , USA

Danica Patrick is one of a few celebrities who can make me not fast forward my DVR player. She is so damn sexy.

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