She Don't Know She's Dying


She Don't Know She's Dying
By Chuck RitenouR

verse 1:
Now, Jack, he was a friend of mine and one day he said to me,
I got a plan to live my life in the lap of luxury.
I'm gonna marry that rich old wider woman y'all been seein' me with
I'm young and strong it shouldn't take too long for me to love her to death.

verse 2:
When I saw him ten months later, looked like he was at death's door.
He said we make love all night long and in the morning make love some more.
I said, Jack you sure look like hell, is your health declinin' ?
He said save your worry for that woman of mine, she don't know she's dyin'

She don't know she's dyin', I guess its best that she don't know.
She's here and there, running everywhere, yeah she's always on the go.
No, she hasn't met her maker yet, but He knows I'm still tryin'
And that great big smile on her face says she don't know she's dyin'

verse 3:
The other day I was thinkin' as we laid ole Jack to rest.
His plan was still a good one, and I could take it where he left.
Last night as I held her in my arms, her eyes sparkled just like diamonds.
And that great big smile on her face told me she don't know she's dyin'

The End


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