She Should Have Been A Boy

She Should Have Been A Boy

 She Should Have Been A Boy
by Chuck RitenouR 6-7-2010

verse 1:
Next month my baby will girl turns twenty-0ne years old
and it sure has been a trill watchin' her life unfold.
She's always rough and ready, she's never demure nor coy.
Most of my friends laugh and say, "she should have been a boy".

verse 2:
I've watched all them silly boys tryin' to compete
fall just like a rain drops in the mud at Megan's feet.
and when she's acting foolish, you can bet its just a ploy
I've heard a lot of people say, "she should have been a boy".

One minute she'll be in your face and the next she'll be in tears
She's told me all her hopes and dreams, she's confessed all her fears.
she's the mighty mystery that always brings me joy
so don't stand there and tell me.... "she should have been a boy".

verse 3:

One minute she's loud and rowdy and the next she's quiet and calm.
and I know she'll wanna kick my ass if she doesn't like this song
half full or half empty, we all know she'll drain the glass
and if you think"she should have been a boy"....well you can kiss my ass!


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markminer profile image

markminer 6 years ago from Albany, Oregon

Love are very creative in your writing.

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