Should Beyonce's Commercial be Banned from Television

Sexy Sells

Everyone in America knows that the fastest way to get someone's attention about any product is to have a sexy man or woman advertise the product. In this case Beyonce is doing a commercial to sell her Parfum. The television commercial features Beyonce' walking toward the camera in a very sexy red dress. The dress is a little revealing but no more so than some of the costumes worn on dancing with the stars or some of the movies that are shown in primetime television.

Too Sexy for Television

If something is really too sexy for television then it should be banned from being sold to the general public. I thought America was about the freedom to choose what we watch as long as there is no nudity which can be seen by people under the age of 18. Beyonce is definitely fully clothed. She has more clothes on than the women in commercials modeling lingerie. These commercials are not banned because frankly the women are not as sexy as Beyonce. I think it is very unfair to ban her commercial unless we also ban any type of commercials advertising underwear or swimsuits. The whole idea of this 30 second to 1 minute TV commercial is to sell the perfume. What are we afraid is going to happen if someone sees this commercial on television. I personally do not think that any child or adult will be affected in a negative way because of this commercial. Since there is really no nudity in this commercial I think it is much to do about nothing.

Time to Show Commercial

Rather than ban the commercial from television all together, why not just decide what hours the commercial can be shown.  For example, the commercial can only be shown between the hours of 9:00pm and 5:00am so that children under the age of 14 probably will not ever see the commercial 

If a channel is specifically geared to children's programming, the companies advertising Beyonce's perfume and other "sexy" commercials cannot purchase ads on these channels.  This seems to be the only fair thing to do.

It think that Beyonce is a great person who is just trying to sell a product.  We should just let her sell her product as we would anyone else.

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mateen 5 years ago

should't be banned

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