Silent Night (2012)

I knew nothing about Silent Night going into it other than it was a loose remake of the 1984 horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night. It seemed as it would be a relatively fun and gory horror slasher from the few comments I saw on various forums and that's exactly what it turned out to be.

The plot is simple, a maniac dressed as Santa Claus is going around killing people who he believes to be naughty. It’s up to a small town sheriff (Malcolm Mcdowell) and his deputy (Jaime King) to put a stop to his murderous rampage.

Steven C. Miller has been making a name for himself in the horror genre since his debut in 2006 with Automated Transfusion. He continues his climb this year with Silent Night and shows that he has what it takes to become an excellent director.

Miller shows off his chops for creative kills and for creating a vicious killer. The wood chopper scene is a great example of that, a truly gut wrenching moment. Miller does a good job with the writing but there are a few plot holes which is okay and easy to forgive for a movie of this caliber. The film clearly has a message to tell and that’s basically that most people have a delusional outlook for the holidays and should be more grateful for what they have.

The acting is for the most part okay, it won't win any awards but that's not really the reason you should be watching for. As a low budget slasher film I didn’t have much expectation for the acting but it did have a few noticeable lines. The cheesy dialogue can be humorous especially when delivered by Mcdowell as he always has such a serious look on his face. Other than that there is not much wrong with the movie.

Silent Night is exactly what you should expect it to be a low budget slasher movie with a simple plot and over the top kills. It’s a fun and gory film with a nice and satisfying ending that should keep you warm for the holidays. Overall I recommend this to people who are fans of theme slashers, 3 out of 5.

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FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 3 years ago from The Garden State

I thought this movie was silly fun. Malcolm McDowell was hilarious and as you said, that wood chipper scene - yeeeeesh!

Unfortunately it felt like they had no idea how to end the movie properly, after what should've been the climactic scene (the big fight in the police station) it just kept sputtering along until the end credits. The last scene felt tacked on just to pad out the running time.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

It was a fun movie; I enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked the ending it had that classic slasher ending, what I didn’t like was the pointless connection to the deputy. I think that is what ruined the ending and made it fell so dragged out. Thanks for reading.

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