Singer Throat Strain

What Causes Throat Strain in Singers?

What causes that throat strain in the back of your throat when you're trying to sound good? Well, there are a number of things that can be causing it. You just need to know what to be aware of....

Now I've talked about relaxation a lot as a singer and once again this is crucial when it comes to throat strain. Your tongue is one part of the body to be aware of when it comes to throat strain. If your tongue isn't relaxed, then guess what?; you're cutting off the space in your throat when you want that area to open up for singing.  It's not a pleasant feeling if you pay attention.

Fickr: Ctd 2005
Fickr: Ctd 2005

What Position is Your Tongue In?

Just try to start noticing what position your tongue is in right now? Is it relaxed? More often than not, it may be tensed up and blocking part of your airway.  So this is just another area that comes down to relaxation.

The soft palate raised in the back of your throat takes certain relaxation too.  If we can achieve a comfortable raised palate, we will also increase our range naturally.  What happens when our palate is hanging and partially blocking the throat? We get throat strain when singing.

What about the larynx?  Well, if we can hold the larynx in place, perfectly still, we utilize the vocal chords more efficiently and don't strain them.  Typically, the larynx will move up and down when people are speaking or singing.  This blocks some of the vocal chords.  It doesn't matter if we are singing high or low; the larynx should stay in the same position.

Breathing Correctly to Prevent Throat Strain

Why Do I Get Throat Strain When Singing Live?

I know that I sing some songs great at home feeling totally comfortable with a relaxed throat.  Why would that change so drastically when I sing at a gig?  There's a number of reasons people sometimes get throat strain when sing live. 

First, you could be nervous, which naturally tenses up the throat.  The good thing is that awareness can be developed.  Just being more aware of your weaknesses changes everything in life.  It's no different with singing. 

Next time you're on stage in front of people singing, just be conscious of your throat and whether or not you're tense.  In the moment while singing, you can concentrate a little on relaxing the throat because you're aware of yourself tensing up.  Just be kind to yourself, it's not berating yourself, you're just helping yourself out while on stage in front of people.

How About Those Monitors?

How many times have you heard guitarists complain they can't hear themselves while on stage?  Well, it's kind of easy for them to just walk up to their monitors and hear themselves better.

Tell all of your band mates the same thing!  Don't take no for an answer.  It is essential you have quality monitors set up so you can hear yourself singing on stage. If not, you will definitely start trying to sing louder and thereby straining yourself. 

It's a frustrating position to be in when you don't think you're loud enough on stage.  Many singers struggle with this and end up with a strained throat.  If you have good monitors, you won't have this problem because you can hear yourself clearly.  Make sure your band understands the vocalist needs this just as much as the other musicians.

Don't Sing From the Throat

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leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Useful hub, actually I have found that a little nervousness helps me to concentrate, I sing much better when I concentrate, its worry that causes tension in my throat. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Camara profile image

Kelly Camara 5 years ago from Fall River, MA

AWESOME Hub! I am a fellow singer and musician and I love discovering new resources and ideas, like what you write about here...thank you!

Jim Farguson profile image

Jim Farguson 2 years ago Author

thank you Kelly. How is the singing going?

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