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Internet TV via Sky Television
Internet TV via Sky Television | Source

Sky Anytime Plus has been getting bigger over recent months and is now rolling out the updated software to more of its customers.

Sky Anytime Plus is an additional service to Sky Anytime which just recorded programmes from your viewing packs onto the hard drive of the Sky+ box ready for you to view. With Sky Anytime Plus you choose which shows you want to download from Sky’s servers via the internet onto your hard drive.

How to access

To get access to this new service, you need to activate it either via the Sky Accounts page of your online account or by calling their customer services. Once the service is ready, you can either connect your Sky+ box to the router via an ethernet cable, or buy a WiFi dongle from Sky to be able to do this wirelessly.
The menu system to use Sky Anytime is virtually identical to what you are used to, and you scroll through the subject categories (for example Movies or Sky Sports) and then go into a further set of categories. Once you have selected a show to download, you can start viewing it just after a few minutes while it continues to finish the downloading.

What kind of programmes can you download?

The simple answer is whichever viewing pack you already have. For example you will not be able to download Sky Sports programmes unless you already have an existing Sky Sports pack as part of your subscription.

The choice of programmes to download is increasing every month and at the moment there are over 600 movies available for download as well as hundreds of documentaries, children’s shows, drama and comedy. For a free service on top of your subscription, it’s an excellent addition giving extra value for money.

What are the drawbacks?

Sky Anytime Plus is good because of the extra selection available making a night of nothing to watch almost impossible, but it is only available to viewers who also take Sky Talk and Sky Broadband. Sky Broadband customers will also need to change over to the Unlimited package due to the amount of data you will be using.
There is a lack of HD programming at the moment, but as the service matures this should improve in the future

There’s very little for free when it comes to subscription TV, but at least this will enhance your TV viewing for very little effort.

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andrebreynolds profile image

andrebreynolds 5 years ago

Wonderful article. Thanks for the tips.

eddie 4 years ago

its good, worth having wish i had got a intruction book with the box. but am enjoying it thank you.

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