Skype vs Google Voice and Yahoo Messenger

Skype Voice

When comparing Skype with Yahoomessenger Skype is better.

The above  condition applies only if you have decent internet connection. Say you have broaband Connectivity with Upto 1MBPS Data transfer (actually it was arrount 300 kbpsc Download and Upload), then Skype is more voice clarity than Yahoo messenger

Yahoo Voice

The Yahoomessenger is classic version of voice chat , even more peoples love to use it because of its performance. Yahoo is not more clarity in Voice. Because skype is using some advanced voice coding techniques to code the voice data. But yahoo is still in classical ideas.

But Advantage of yahoo messenger, why More peoples still loveyahoo voice is its transfer rate even if u are using some cheaper network speed. (Say 12 Kb - 50Kb) transfer per second

Google voice vs Skype

Google voice is better than Yahoo messenger if u have good internet connectivity with higher speed. But it doesn't have Webcam chat built with GTalk Software app. But you can get it from Web chat.

But the summarised results prove as follows

If u have Fast Internet Connection (Say BroadBand) then

1. Skype

2. Google Talk

3.Yahoo messenger

If U Have slower connection

1. Yahoo messenger

2. Gtalk


(Actual Reverse order)

Video Calling Comparison between Skype Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger

skype's Advanced streaming technology make the video calling the more clarity and better look.

Even google is working to enhance the quality of the video. But still they need to improve. Their video streaming is based on HTTP Protocol using flash player.

yahoo messenger is also best for video chat.

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