Sleep Tight (2011)

In 2007 Rec, directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza took the horror community by storm with it’s relentless on slaughter and claustrophobic close quarters action. Unlike most found footage horror movies, the shaky camera didn’t distract from the action but added to the tension. The plot was also believable and surprising simply enough to make a viewer believe that the events could be plausible. Yet Balaguero’s newest film just might surpass that horror. It’s not about the reanimated dead and there’s no shaky camera. In fact there’s hardly any blood in it at all. Sleep Tight is a movie along the lines of Psycho in that it shows how sometimes man can be the cruelest monsters of all.

Cesar (Luis Tosar) is a seemingly normal man with a normal job as a concierge in a normal apartment. He seems well liked by most and does his job for the most part, he comes in late now and then but still gets his job done. Cesar has a strange belief though. He believes that he was born without the ability to be happy and so his goal in life is to make everyone around him miserable. He pesters some people easily enough but it’s not until he comes across Clara (Marta Etura) that things not only get out of hand, they get downright creepy and unnerving.

Balaguero has outdone himself this time around. He has brought together an incredible cast that puts on a hell of a show. He works them through an incredible screenplay and films it all masterfully. The tension that builds up toward the end is amazing. He has not only managed to make a movie that is probably superior then Rec but also superior then 80% of the movies that have come out in the last 5 years.


Tosar and Etura pull out great performances that captivate you until the end credits roll. Etura plays a happy go lucky gal that has almost everything going for her. Tosar is the complete opposite in that he is a miserable old man with nothing to live for. What’s so great about his portrayal is that his misery is never shown to the people his is around. He truly is one of the most unsettling villains in recent memories who will have you checking under you bed at night.

Sleep Tight is a modern day classic. It’s a tension packed, incredibly creepy horror thriller that will leave you thinking about it long after it is done. Unlike Rec Balaguero is not relying on camera tricks or gore to portray how depraved his monster is but on simple fears that most of us have. Balagero has shown with this movie that he is truly one of the masters of horror and can stand next to the best of them. I highly recommend this movie. Sleep Tight should be watched by all who truly enough an amazing horror thriller with a great cast of actors, 4 ½ out of 5.


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