Snooki And Jwow

Do you love Jersey Shore? If you do then you definitly should watch the spin off which is called Snooki and Jwow.

Snooki and Jwow is a spinoff of the hit television series Jersey Shore. It follows the life of Snooki and Jwow living together in Jersey City. It is a drama but there is also humor in it too. It is a reality show and if you love Snooki and know about her pregnancy then this is the show for you.

Snooki is pregnant and engaged and Jwow is her roomate and has to live with all the drama. Jwow is also in a relationship with her boyfriend Roger. On the show she has is going through relationship drama.

Snooki and Jwow airs every Thursday night at 10pm on MTV. Once again if you love hearing all about Snooki this is the show for you. You will experience laughs and the drama will make you want to watch it more and more.

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