Some Flaws in Indian War Movies

Aakraman: War movie or love story?
Aakraman: War movie or love story?

Directors of Indian war movies are not serious about showing realities in their films. They spoil a good story with adding songs, comedy, love stories and other things in it.There are few exceptions, but just exceptions.

I have watched lot of war movies from Bollywood and Hollywood. There is a big difference between the war films from these two places. We can not compare a Bollywood war movie with a Hollywood war movie on any front... story, direction, actions, war shots, photography.

Generally, you will not find a Hindi war movie without love story and the songs by the hero and heroine. So the movie becomes a love story of a soldier. War becomes just a situation between the love story.

Further, there is extreme exhibition of patriotism in Bollywood war movies. Almost every war movie from Bollywood have a patriotic song. The soldiers in the movies show extreme love for nation, by vigorous dialogues. Many times the dialogues are with abusive language for the enemy. Such dialogues make the viewers hysteric.

On technical scenario, the war shots in Bollywood movies are very poor. They are far away from the war in reality, and war shots in Hollywood films.

The masses in India are not mature enough. Most of the movie makers produce movies for such viewers. Further, the movie makers themselves are not matured.

In recent days, this situation is changing. I hope to watch realistic war movies in near future.

This multi star film wastes half of its length in introducing characters.
This multi star film wastes half of its length in introducing characters.

However, there are few good war movies from Bollywood and also from South India. I would like to refer some of them:

Haqueekat: A multi star film by Chetan Anand, based on 1962 Indo-China war.

Hindustan Ki Kasam: Another multi star film by same director, based on India-Pakistan war of 1971

Vijeta: A Govind Nihlani film, on the life of a fighter pilot

Border: A block buster war movie based on a battle at Longowal during Indo-Pak war 1971.

Tango Charlie: A story of two soldiers of Border Security Force

Lakshya: A nice film on Kargil war of 1999, starring Rhitik Roshan

Kurukshetra: A Malayalam film on Kargil war of 1999

Madras Cafe: A spy and war movie based on the war of Shrilanka.

A Scene from Hindi War Movie Border

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Abhi 4 years ago

Yes,you are right,Indian people are very soft minded,Indian war films are unrealistic completely,only I can say the movie "1971" is excellent and realistic.

jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author

Ya, your are right.

varshamaniar profile image

varshamaniar 4 years ago from Mumbai, India

Sadly, Indian audience is immature compared to western peers, may be this will change with new generation who are open to new ideas, this is evident from success of Indian authors.

jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author

You are right Varsha. The producer have to make movies according to demand from public, and most of the movie wathchers in India are not matured. So making a good war film without masala is a risky thing.

varshamaniar profile image

varshamaniar 4 years ago from Mumbai, India

Border by J.P.Dutta deserves a mention, though it was melodramatic yet it brought forward one aspect that other movies have ignored: the plight of soldiers, they too are humans and not just fighting machines. India is not producing great war movies because the audience response towards them is pathetic.

Ashish 4 years ago

Though I admit that its very unfortunate and sad that we treat our forces badly and Indian War movies are very low on both quality and quantity,despite our glorious history,but a subtle point I want to make on is about depicted patriotism.You provide soldiers with substandard weaponry and equipments like the WW2 era Bren LMG and the sten gun,put them against insurmountable odds,from personal memory the case in point being Kargil War, and yet they win. And soldiers are not robot but humans beings like us,so why is it surprising that his love life is depicted?I understand,its hard to feel that while in the comfort of AC and slamming other's efforts.

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 5 years ago from USA

I prefer the music and love story - I don't think I could watch a movie about war without it - it would be too sad and depressing.

Major Ajit Raka [Retd.] 5 years ago

There are few points missed. Soldier also is a human being so naturally he has feelings which predominantly shown in hindi movies. Considering our culture, we still love our families. As a soldier myslef, I feel there is nothing wrong if you show some emotions WHICH, SADLY, HOOLUWWOD MOVIES MISS.

rohit 5 years ago

it's all about money honey!!

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