Some Home Improvement "Famous Last Words"

Moments Frozen in Time

Behold man! When he has tools in hand, he feels he can change the world. Then he takes his paint and paintbrushes and often times, he paints himself right into a corner. Here are some examples:

  1.  “Just hold that nail for me will ya?”
  2. “Be careful now, that roofing tar is really sticky!”
  3. “What is this button for?”
  4. Wife, (mocking husband), “I measured everything and it will just fit through the doorway!”
  5. “Trust me; I know what I am doing!”
  6.  “It’s fine, nobody will notice the difference!”
  7. “I don’t need to check it. I am absolutely certain that the power is off!”
  8. “That’s just the instructions, we don’t need them.”
  9. “Hmmmm, I’m going to need a bigger hammer!”
  10. “Maybe I should have put up a ‘wet paint’ sign?”


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