Song of the Day - 13 July 2013

Relient K - "That's My Jam"

When I first came into my own in terms of music choices, I was in the early years of my high school career. Relient K's new song, "That's My Jam" is definitely reminiscent of those years, since I started high school in 1999. This song is the epitome of chart topping pop music, with it's catchy hook and great lyrics. A lot of bands and their songs are referenced, and you just can't go wrong with some great, "ooh ooh ooh"s!

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sam209 profile image

sam209 3 years ago

different kind of hub. I like this. I wonder what my song of the day is! I got a couple of jams in my head and I think I'm in the mood to pump up the volume this afternoon!

kereeves3 profile image

kereeves3 3 years ago from Salem, OR Author

I've been trying to do a hub a day, showcasing some of my new favorite music. They're simply little blurbs about random music that I wish to share with the Hubpages world - a new song every day!

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