Song of the Day - 15 & 16 Aug. 2013

The Naked & Famous - "Hearts Like Ours"

When I first heard The Naked & Famous back in 2010, I was really drawn to their electronic beats and catchy rhythms. The group comes from New Zealand, so when their songs were played on the American airwaves, I was instantly impressed. This new album (In Rolling Waves) is due out in mid-September, and the first single is "Hearts Like Ours." When I hear this tune, I can't help but imagine a movie sequence in which two young lovers are hoping to find each other. It has a certain airy feel to it, but also a sense of hopefulness that makes me feel like these people will find each other in the end. The song may be a little more low-key and slower than The Naked & Famous' other popular singles, but is still very enjoyable.

Where To Get The Single

Kings of Leon - "Wait For Me"

Kings of Leon will also be releasing their new studio album in September, and we have been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of two tracks so far. "Wait For Me" is the stand-out single in my opinion because it stays true to the soul and raw power that we so loved in their older music. The opening guitar is hauntingly awesome, and I can't help but play this tune more than once whenever I hear it (it might have to do with the fact that I LOVE Anthony Followill's voice). These boys from Oklahoma have sure made a name for themselves in the Alternative Rock scene over the course of their careers, and I am very excited to hear the remainder of Mechanical Bull. It just goes to show that working with family can sometimes produce irresistible results.

Where To Get The Single

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