Speed Dial

Speed Dial


Speed Dial

by: Chuck RitenouR

verse 1
The dinner was delicious,we made the movie just in time
then out for a little dancing, I know its been a long, long time.
I've never been much of a playboy, its just never been my style.
so girl I need to know, can I put you on speed dial?

verse 2
I never dreamed that I'd be dating when I reached my middle age
yeah my kids bought me this cell phone, I still don't know how to page.
Most times I have it with me and we could talk once in a while.
so girl won't you let me, let me put you on speed dial.

yeah I'll add a romantic ring tone something with a 2 step beat.
cause I know how to 2 step without tripping over my own feet.
I'll have to get my kids to show me to tell the truth I don't know how
but you'll be at the touch of a finger when I have you on speed dial

verse 3
so now we're standing on your door step and I'm nervous as can be
and I almost fainted when you reached up and kissed me
sure I'd love a cup of coffee and I sure could use a cup right now
but before we go much further, let me put you on speed dial.

before you take me any further, let me put you on speed dial


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