Starscream - The Superior Air Decepticon

The Disloyal Decepticon

Although Starscream is Megatron’s main lieutenant, loyalty isn’t a word that either of them would use when describing one another. An intensely scheming and untrustworthy Decepticon, Starscream possesses an extreme degree of self-interest, although he is outwardly subservient to his Decepticon leader; Megatron, however, is not fooled, and only keeps Starscream around due to his superior fighting ability. For his part, Starscream is merely waiting in the wings to take over leadership of the mechanical band of deadly hooligans, in the event that Megatron meets his demise. Not only does he not have the desire to challenge Megatron, but more importantly, he does not have the ability to match Megatron’s unbridled power; thus, Starscream has no recourse but to bide his time for some greater power to fell his gigantic and powerful leader.

Decepticon Dimensions

Starscream is, himself, a huge Transformer, and is actually larger and more massive than even Optimus Prime, although he would never dare challenge the former Gladiator of Iacon to a single battle of any kind. Such a challenge is not his way; Starscream strongly prefers to scheme his way to victory over a physically superior opponent, or to swoop in using his deadly air-superiority fighter-jet form and quickly dispatch with his foe. Truly, when the Decepticon horde is engaged with a worthwhile enemy, Starscream hangs back, allowing his brethren to get dirty in the fight, before rushing in for quick and effective kills, racking up his body count now that others have cleared the scene and are tiring. He is not only above, but actually revels in, finishing off the wounded and flaunting the sheer number of kills he usually has because of this tactic. Taking credit for dubious victories is what Starscream is all about, to the chagrin of many of his brother Decepticons; this despite the fact that he is an extremely formidable opponent in theory, due to his array of weaponry and physical attributes.

The Skies Belong to Starscream

On the planet Earth, Starscream takes the form of the ultimate air-superiority fighter, the F-22 Raptor, developed by the most powerful military machine, the United States. His main battle-tactic is an absolutely formidable one, in which he effortlessly executes mid-air robot-to-alt-mode transformations, to unleash different barrages accessible only in either form. It often has the devastating effect of disorienting an enemy, who’s still trying to deal with the cascade of death raining down on upon him. It is actually a very uncommon ability even amongst the other Decepticons capable of flight, which is one of the many reasons none would dare engage him in battle, often ungraciously giving way in impending combat over a disagreement.

G1 Starscream


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