Starting my YouTube channel

This is about me starting a youtube channel and after a false start putting out some videos, mainly comedy form 8 seconds to several minutes.
If anybody wants to have a look at my channel and the 24 videos i currently have you can click on this link to get you there and if you do visit i hope you enjoy them and understand the Scottish accent.

Starting my YouTube channel

It is only in the last year or so that i have got involved on internet sites and started leaving comments on different subjects. in October 2010 i joined hubpages and started to write various things and put them on here. A few months before that, though i had joined YouTube and thought i would give it a go and make a couple of videos and put them on. So i joined YouTube and......done nothing. Yes i joined in summer 2010 but it wasn't until May 2011 that i put my first video on. I started slowly, not really sure whether to put videos of myself looking stupid out there!! My first video was of my cat and that got me into the ways of the procedure of putting your videos on and organising my own channel.

Through the years, and when i had been writing funny stories and poems on hubpages i thought i would try and do some funny things in person. So this became the main focus of my videos- trying to be funny! I put on the first video of myself, in a slight disguise ( as Elvis! ) and the video ran for a whole 8 seconds but after putting it on i then felt that i could put more on featuring myself and felt more relaxed about it.

The first video of myself i put on YouTube!!

After this i set about making more videos- the dafter the better.I put up a few videos of just a few seconds in length and tried to be funny in them. Now, i noticed quite a few comparisons with hubpages. You have to go out and look at other people's videos and if you like them you can comment on them. You can become a friend and you can subscribe to their channel. This is all very similar to hubpages. Nobody will just appear as if by magic to read your hubs-you have to be out there commenting and interacting within the community and people will come and read your stuff if they like the look of your writing. The same with YouTube videos. Unless you are particularly lucky or have a large group of people to call on right away then you will have to build from nothing and start interacting.

Another early video.

I didn't have the best of equipment to record anything and i just done some basic editing at the start and end of the videos and for a few i just held the camera until i used a tripod after a few videos. The early videos were quite shaky but it was all a good learning experience. Also i was aware of talking too fast or talking in a strong accent so i tried to make it more understandable. It was strange when i realised my videos had first been watched by someone. Again, similar to hubpages when someone first reads your words it's a strange feeling. Good but strange. This was similar. Knowing there were people in other countries watching me being daft in my own house is quite weird. I remember getting my first comment and then my first subscriber and that was really good. Ideally you could get loads of views from people just tuning into YouTube and finding your own video, but i think the majority of people rely on getting a lot of subscribers from within YouTube as they are then told about your video output and are more likely to watch them.

Another video of me trying to be funny.

I used to watch a lot of videos on YouTube but it was mainly old sport highlights or old songs and these things could have thousands or millions of views, and i am aware of some videos that have many millions of views. It is really only since putting my own videos on that i have had more of a look at other peoples channels and there are quite a lot of them who make really good videos- maybe music or comedy or vlogs and get a handful of views. At the moment i get just a handful of views but they are slowly improving. With each person subscribing to you there is another person who may watch a lot of your videos.
I currently have 40 subscribers and it's good to see them grow and getting another couple of views per video.

Some more nonsense!

At the moment i haven't mentioned to many people that i know that i have a You Tube channel, and i am just gradually dipping my toe in. Those that i have said to have had a look and seemed to quite like them so i'm hoping others will when i tell them. So telling people on hubpages seemed like a good next step. Not people i actually know, but sort of do!

So it's approaching 3 months since i put on my first video and i now have a total of 24 videos, and in that time i would say my channel has changed slightly. At the start i thought i would just try some comedy stuff but as things have went on i have tried a few other things. I have had one or two just talking without trying to be funny. After viewing other peoples videos calling for a video response i have made a few responses trying different accents. I have also tried music. I am not musical apart from singing around the house, but i wrote some things that i thought i would try and sing and so far the comments have been positive!! I have used a couple of ideas from my hubs already and if you see any of my hubs disappear don't be surprised if you see some in their entirety in a video.

If anybody fancies checking out my YouTube channel and a few more of my 24 videos then just click on this link

A musical attempt!

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CarltheCritic1291 profile image

CarltheCritic1291 5 years ago

I recently started a Youtube Channel too, for my new Web Show "Carl the Critic" where I review movies.

I'll be sure to subscribe to your channel, it really looks interesting :) Voted Up, Useful, and Interesting.

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks for the comment Carl and thanks for subscribing. I'll check out your channels on hubpages and youtube soon.

Cheers. Michael.

CMCastro profile image

CMCastro 5 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

Thanks Michael for inspiring me. I want to make a You Tube of myself now more than ever and I have just to get a tutorial, and someone to reassure me it is not difficult at all. I have a web cam, not hooked up yet. Do I need a microphone? What other equipment do I need to get started? See I am not starting because I am just not sure of myself. So I hope you can give me pointers so I can get started soon.

BTW, I enjoyed your Elvis impersonation the best! Thanks for making me smile. Christina

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Christina, Thanks a lot for reading, commenting and watching! I am not too sure about what is needed regarding webcams, but i just use a small flip video camera at the moment. I possibly might use a digital camera in the future. As long as i can record well enough, and hear it okay then i'm happy for the moment. Then just upload it to youtube.

Signing up is very similar to loads of places-give your details and think up a user name ( try and think up a good one- i just gave mine a random name and now wish i'd thought about it more.) Signing up doesn't take very long. I think just a couple of minutes. Then you will have a channel- you can add a picture and some details of yourself,what your channel is about etc. Once you have a channel you can comment on other videos and subscribe and become friends with other channels. When you have a video to upload to youtube it is quite simple. Just follow the steps on youtube ( some video cameras like the flip i have enable you to transfer it through them.)Then just leave it to transfer. This can be quite time consuming. At first i thought it was just my computer that was having problems but other people say transferring can take quite a while. Some short things i have transferred have maybe taken aout 10 or 20 minutes, and others between an hour or two. But once it's on you are then able to add descriptions and details about the video and it's ready to go. Hopefully i've included everything but if not there are some good helpful tips on the youtube site, and i've also came across some really helpful videos on youtube about starting out.

You can let me know if you join up and i'll check out your channel.

All the best. Michael.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, being nosy I went over to your site! lol and I dinna ken a word you were saying! ha ha (hope thats right!) yes of course I did! Loved the new look one, I will have to try that myself! the first time my son downloaded videos, it seemed to take ages, but we got the idea now, I am trying to decide whether to do it myself, but I doubt it! lol nice to see you!

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Ha. Ha. Thanks a lot Nell. Glad you had a look and liked any of the videos. Much appreciated. If you do any yourself you'll need to let me know!

Thanks. Michael.

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

Well Michael, I stopped over there to take a look and now I'm back to say, Good Luck and you are Funny...And I knew you when...I really liked your Elvis Bit.

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks a lot b.Malin. Much appreciated.


H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 5 years ago from Lone Star State

So it is an Elvis thing... :) Thanks Michael for bringing me to your hub and your videos... I wasnt able to watch them all yet, but from what I saw... you are funny (not just trying)... Takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there for critics...Well done...subscribing to your channel!

hc porter

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks a lot H.C for watching and subscribing and for your kind comments. There's a couple of Elvis things there just for a nonsense factor but not too much of the one thing hopefully!!

Thanks. Michael.

profile image

Marina Lester 5 years ago

Hey Michael! Great to see your still busy and inspired :) I just find you more and more funny. I read your hub profile and gave a good chuckle and your glasses joke hehe ;) I really like your quirky and subtle humor :) Good luck out there!

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks a lot for reading and watching, Marina. Glad you've found some of the things to be funny. I've not been on here too much recently. If anything i am making daft videos at the moment rather then daft rhymes!! In fact sometimes if a daft/funny idea comes into my head i tend to think of it in terms of putting it in a video and before i would have maybe put the same sort of idea into some sort of poem.

All the best to you just now Marina.


Alexander Mark profile image

Alexander Mark 4 years ago from beautiful, rainy, green Portland, Oregon

You got me with the poetry reading - I'll be subscribing. I wish I had time to develop my youtube channel, but I am already 77 emails behind on Hubpages so friend adds on youtube remain largely ignored. I do watch though, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. It really is like Hubpages, I like that format.

michael ely profile image

michael ely 4 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks very much.

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