Steve Jobs And Alan Moore

We all know who Steve Jobs is (or was), how many of us on HubPages and elsewhere is he responsible for?

As Rush Limbaugh said just moments ago, "This guy changed the world."

So many people are weighing in on Jobs' passing, that there is really nothing I can add.

But, how many of you know who Alan Moore is?

At age 61, Faulkner University placekicker Alan Moore is the oldest player in college football...and the oldest ever to score in a game.

I gotta tell ya folks: I love this guy's story. He was a 4-sport letterman in high school and later a kicker for a junior college when he was sent to Vietnam in 1968. After his 1972 discharge, rather than go back to school he went to work to support his growing family.

In 2009, he lost his job and decided go back to school and- despite his age- play college football.

Now, Steve Jobs probably had no idea who Alan Moore is, but Alan Moore most likely knows quite a bit about Steve Jobs.

So what do the two have in common?

Answer: American Exceptionalism- that unique blend of character, drive, determination, creativity, courage, self-confidence, intelligence and freedom that sets us apart from so much of the rest of the world.

Each man, in his own right, is a true American hero:

Steve Jobs for his accomplishments in business and technology, for the courage with which he faced the pancreatic cancer that ultimately claimed him.

Alan Moore for courage on the battlefield and for showing what an old guy (or anyone else for that matter) can do once he sets his mind to it.

Both are men to be admired, they are examples of how far anyone can go, what anyone can become through hard work, skill, determination...and yes, even a little luck. In the dictionary, beside the word achieve should be photos of Steve Jobs and Alan Moore.

If I could say anything to these men, I would say to Steve, "Great job, man. Rest in peace, you've earned it."

To Alan, what else but, "GO MAN, GO!!!

Faulkner University Eagles 61 yr old placekicker Alan Moore
Faulkner University Eagles 61 yr old placekicker Alan Moore | Source
Apple founder Steve Jobs, who passed away Oct. 5th.
Apple founder Steve Jobs, who passed away Oct. 5th. | Source

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tamron profile image

tamron 5 years ago

Great tribute to Steve Jobs and great hub! Welcome to hubpages vote up!

Kris Heeter profile image

Kris Heeter 5 years ago from Indiana

Great review - and so easy to follow. Welcome to hubpages!

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