Stoker (2013)

Few modern day directors excite me as much as Chan-wook Park. That's because few directors have such a successful filmography with so many innovative films in such a sort time. Park has yet to direct a dull film, each one holding something to behold. With that said, it shouldn't surprise me that he has managed to direct another great work of art but it does. That's because Stoker is Park's first English language film. Only a handful of foreign directors ever successfully transition over to American cinema and even fewer on there first try.

When India's (Mia Wasikowska) dad dies unexpectedly on her 18th birthday, her world is shaken. It strikes her hard because of there close bond. Yet his presence is soon taken over by his younger brother who India never even knew existed until now. He soon finds his place among her home and the longer he stays the more evident it is that something's not totally right with him.

Park has ensembles a great cast of actors who both deliverer to there fullest potential. Wasikowska is the stand out of the crowd as she puts on an Oscar winning performance as a young girl who is confused about her future and how to proceed after her fathers death. Matthew Goode plays his role to a T inciting a feeling of malice and mystic. His interactions with Wasikowska bring the film an uncomfortable height of tension.


Like always Parks directorial skills are on full display. Each scene is expertly shot and is another example of how well Park uses every second of screen time to immerse the audience into his films. From the very first scene you know you are in for something special. The beautiful cinematography is accommodated nicely by the score which makes everything flow a lot more another and natural.

Stoker is a highly stylized, tension filled, sexually awkward film with a lot to admire and enjoy. It hosts a cast of great actors who deliver on every single one of there lines. If you have never watched a Park film before this isn't a bad place to start and for those who have you definitely want to give this one a try. 4 out of 5.


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