Strange Real Laws

It is illegal in Salem WV to leave home without knowing where you are going.

In California you can own one bear gallbladder but no more.

It's against the law to put coins in your ears in Hawaii.

It is illegal for politicians to give away free booze on election day in Kentucky.

It is illegal to catch a lobster with your bare hands in Maine.

It's illegal to let your horse ride in the back seat of your car in Hillsboro OR.

Funeral directors can be arrested for swearing in front of a dead body in Neveda.

It's against the law to marry your mother-in-law in Washington DC.

You can't draw funny faces on window shades in Garfield county Montana.

In a business office it's against the law for a women to take a bath in Carmel CA.

In Las Vegas, pawning your dentures is illegal.

You need a permit to legally wear high heeled shoes in Carmel CA.

In Minnesota, it's illegal to sleep naked.

It's illegal to throw knives at men wearing striped suits in Natoma KS.

A man must remove his hat if he comes face to face with a cow in Fruithill KY.

It's against the law for a man in Detroit to scowl at his wife on Sunday.

In Tulsa OK, it's illegal to sleep with your boots on.

Funeral Directors in Shreveport LA are prohibitied from giving away matchbooks.

In Lubbock TX, it's illegal to sleep in a garbage can.

If you're older then 88, it's illegal to ride a motorcycle in Idaho Falls ID.

In Michigan it is illegal to tie a crocodile to a fire hydrant.

It is illegal to dry men's and women's underwear on the same clothesline in Minnesota.

In Vermont, it's against the law to whistle underwater.

It's illegal to fall alsleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

You have to be a licensed electrician to change a light bulb in Victoria Australia.

Advertising on tombstones is illegal in Roanoke VA.

Playing dominoes is illegal on Sunday in Alabama.

It's against the law to say "Oh Boy" in Jonesboro GA.

Children that have unusual haircuts can be arrested in Mesquite TX.

It's a $500 fine to explode an atomic bomb in Chico CA.

Eating snakes is illegal in Kansas.

It's against the law to fish for trout from the back of a giraffe in Idaho.

It's unlawful for elephants to drink beer in Natchez MS.

By law, donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs in Arizona.

It's illegal for dogs and cats to fight in Barber NC.

It's against the law to drive a car while sleeping in Tennessee.

It's legal for a cop to bite a dog in Paulding OH.

It is illegal for barbers to eat onions between 7am and 7 pm in Waterloo NE.

In Chicago, it's against the law for exceedingly ugly people to appear in public.

You cannot move your bed in Huntsville AL without a permit.

It's illegal to walk your elephant without a leash in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, it's against the law to feed prisoners margerine instead of butter.

It's illegal to wiggle while you dance in Stockton CA.

In Clawson City MI, it's illegal to sleep with chickens.

It is illegal for a patient to pull a dentists tooth in Yukon OK.

It's illegal to cross the street on your hands in Hartford CT.

The law in Omaha NE prohibits barbers from shaving the chests of customers.

It's illegal to put a skunk in your bosses desk in Michigan.

It's illegal to drive while blindfolded in Birmingham AL.

It's illegal to hunt whales from your car in California.

Butchers cannot serve on a murder jury trial in South Carolina.

A women may not strip in front of a picture of a man in Oxford OH.

It's illegal for more then 8 rabbits to live on the same block in Tuscumbia AL.

It's against the law to use dirty underwear as a dust rag in California.

It's against the law to shoot or hunt a camel in Arizona.

It's illegal to shake a feather duster in someone's face in Portland OR.

It's illegal to cook more then 100 donuts a day in Oak Park IL.

It's illegal to drink beer from a bucket while sitting on a curb in St Louis.

It's against the law to make faces at school children while they are studying in Atlanta GA.

It's illegal to lasso a fish in Knoxville TN.

Law forbids cows and horses from sleeping in a bakery in Cotton Valley LA.

In South Bend IN., it's against the law to make a monkey smoke a cigarette.

Unless you're in church, tightrope walking is illegal in Winchester MA.

In Minnesota, the maximum penalty for double parking is working on a chain gang with nothing to eat but bread and water.

You can't whistle in a bar in Hawaii.

A law prohibits teaching pets to smoke cigars in Zion IL.

It's against the law to bathe 2 babies in the same tub in Los Angeles.

In California it's illegal to peel an orange in your hotel room.

Woman cannot be on a highway in a bathing suit unless they are carrying a club in Kentucky.

Any fire company responding to a fire in Marblehead MA must be provided a 3-gallon jug of rum.

It's illegal to surf nude or with a sock over a mans manhood in Margate City NJ.

In Ohio it's illegal to fish for whales in lakes, streams, or rivers.

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bob 7 years ago

what the hell....

bill 7 years ago

I'm with bob on this one. What the hell ....

Kit-Kat 7 years ago

This is really weird of i actually heard some of these laws in a book called CHICKENS MAY NOT CROSS THE ROAD AND OTHER CRAZY (BUT TRUE) LAWS, Read the book it's pretty funny!

Hodge 6 years ago

In my state it is illegal to cross state lines with a duck atop your head. Gotta wonder what event made these laws necessary.

John Galt 6 years ago

Neveda ?

rebecca marie 6 years ago

my best friend says "OH BOY!" all the time. i called her to tell her the one about "oh boy" and i was like

"chelsea, i have to tell you something!"

"oh boy."


she has perfect timing! hahahah!!!

lord voldemort 6 years ago

avadakadavera! *zap* your dead.

harry potter 6 years ago

my name is harry potter

tom riddle 6 years ago

hello harry potter my name is tom riddle

harry potter 6 years ago

do you know anything about the chamber of secrets?

Amy 6 years ago

A lot of these are not true. There are sooo many of these laws posted online but no one ever checks to see if they are real. There is a book with real info about this stuff

Even ~ 5 years ago

Most of these laws are not even true, don't believe them.

Even ~ 5 years ago

Most of these laws are not even true, don't believe them.

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