Strange Wilderness: Movie Review

The cast posing for just before the box office bomb hit.
The cast posing for just before the box office bomb hit.

Strange Wilderness

Happy Madison Productions

A comedy sans the comedy.

I wasn’t expecting much when I entered the theater to watch Strange Wilderness. Apparently the theater wasn’t either because a week after its release it only had two showings that day. Strange Wilderness stars Steve Zahn (Saving Silverman) as Peter Gaulke; a bumbling wildlife narrator that hosts his failing show called Strange Wilderness. Desperate for ratings; Peter, with his filming crew filled with miscreants, hatch a hair brain scheme to capture Bigfoot on film. Along the way they film wildlife segments and hilarity ensues.

It seems like the movie’s premise sounded better of paper than on film. The plot could have been better and fleshed out more. The characters would every now and than repeat their main goal as if the audience would forget. I don’t blame them because the story gets off the point many times.

The comedy is severely lacking too. The script almost looked like it was written by a perverted, awkward teenage boy. Pot and beer are prevalent in the film with some characters under the influence. Its constant dick and fart jokes make the movie less enjoyable for me. One scene has young blonde girls running around topless and in another scene Peter is running around with a turkey latched onto his nether region.

The narrations for the wildlife pieces were devoid of intelligence. Simple facts mixed with outrageous claims make the narrations extremely unfunny. For example, Peter says that the brown bear borrow their name from the Chicago Bears.

The actors didn’t help liven up the film. Jonah Hill (Superbad) was in it and I hopped we would salvage the film. Loved him in Superbad but his character was super bad. You could barely hear his nonsensical rants underneath the bad ascent he created for his character Cooker.

The rest of the cast seemed lost with the weak script. It would almost seem like they took the worst parts of their improvisation and stuck it in the film. One person out of place was Ashley Scott (The Kingdom) playing Cheryl. Her performance added more weight to this sinking ship.

The thing that made me laugh the most was how much money I spent to see this unfunny comedy. So funny it hurts… my wallet!

I give this movie a 1/2 Star out of Five.


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Adam B 7 years ago

I had a few huge laughs from this movie which is weird because the rest of the movie was pretty uneventful. I mean, usually you don't have fall on the floor laughs and then nothing...odd.

EternalSin profile image

EternalSin 7 years ago from Chicago Author

I was just amazed by the bizarre-ness of the movie itself. It was one of a couple of movies that i saw which made me think "What the hell am i watching!?!" It really made me angry. I mean crap like this had no real value to warrant paying 9.50 to watch. I mean......ughhhhh!!!!

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