Stripped Down to Their Fat Suits With Nary a Toe in Sight

The Lyon Opera Ballet is the second ballet corps from France. It performs around the world including 20 to the United States, the most recent in October 2006.

One of the troupe's performances on its recent U.S. tour was "Groosland" which was commissioned by the Dutch National Ballet for 18 dancers dressed in fat suits, dancing to Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, 2 and 3.

Fat Suit Ballet

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wajay_47 10 years ago

I won't even try to guess what inspired this, but it sure is funny!! GREAT hub!

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IĆ°unn 10 years ago

I have to admit, I think this is the cutest thing. It's not just the suits - I think it's the Geisha masks that really add that je ne sais quoi.

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