To sub or to Dub? That is the question.

The important question

 There has been a long running debate in the anime world, is it better to watch anime subbed or dubbed? That usually depends on the person and/or the show. These are just my views on some popular animes and what I think about them in sub and dub. Feel free to leave your own imput.



 Alright lets start things off with a big name in the anime world, Bleach. Now to me I like both the sub and dub. The dub is much better for this show though because you wont miss any of the action. The voices also sound pretty good, with the exception of a few. The main character Ichigo has a great voice in both sub and dub. Orihime is kind of annoying in the sub to me. Most of the captains have amazing voices along with the Espadas. Gotta say, they did an amazing job when casting the english voice actors for Bleach, compared to some other animes I've seen.


D.Gray Man

 Another pretty popular anime, D.Gray Man. Honestly, this one sounds better in dub then sub. In the sub, Lavi has such an annoying voice to me. I mean I know he's supposed to be all hyper and happy go lucky but still. Also I've heard so much complaining about Kanda's English voice and how it doesn't fit him. I think it suites him just fine. Kanda is mean and deserves a mean sounding voice. People have also said how Allen and Lavi should of switched voice actors. Not really. Todd Haberkorn as Allen sounds great and Jason Liebrecht as Lavi sounds just right so no complaining there. Tyki sounds amazing in the dub and very creepy in the sub which I have no problems with. The Earl though....I don't like his english voice, the japanese voice sounds much better. Lenalee sounds fine in both, same with Cross. Komuii is an insane but serious guy and I love his english voice more then his japanese. J. Michael Tatum is a great voice actor and played the part of Komuii with flying colors! HE can make him sound serious then crazy.


Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji

 Alright, this one JUST recently came out in dub, and recevied so much criticism about how it sounds. Compared to how it could of sounded, its great. Funimation did an amazing job on the casting. I've heard complaints about Ciel, FInnian, and Undertakers voices not fitting them but I think they sound just fine. Grell's voice actor is a newbie but did an amazing job. Sebastian's voice fits him perfectly both in sub and dub. Madame Red has an amazing voice as well, same with Lau, Elizabeth and the Viscount of Druitt. I haven't watched up to the point that the Prince comes in, but it should be something that everyone looks forward to.


FullMetal Alchemist

 Ok this one is very mixed for me. I love it in dub, sub not so much. Romi Paku does Ed's voice amaizng in Japanese, but other than that its not that great to me. In the English version, the popular lines sound much more amazing then in Japanese. Roy Mustang's tiny mini skirt line just doesn't sound right in japanese, also his I love dogs speech doesn't sound right in japanese and Ed's short rants sound great in both. If anything, I would watch the dub of FMA over the sub any day. I gave the sub a go and it just wasn't my thing. But hey its the watchers choice which one they prefer.


Hetalia Axis Powers

Both the dub and sub sound amazing. Yea they don't have accents in the Japanese version but its still silly. Funimation made it sound amazing by having the voice actors do the accents of their characters. There are plenty of big name voice actors in Hetalia and they did a great job doing the accents. They didn't even censor a lot of the lines from the original either, which makes it even better!


Wolf's Rain

 This is an amazing anime, very beautiful, and great voices. The Japanese doesn't sound right though. Toboe has too much of a girly voice in the Japanese, and a more kid voice in the English. The other 3 main wolves sound the same in Japanese to me as well, but that's just me. Darcia, the main bad guy, also has an amazing english voice. Very creepy and it fits him amazing.

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Gareth101 5 years ago

excellent post :) For me it depends on which onei watch first. Like i started watching Bleach subbed, so i'm used to their voices and the fast pace of their speech. I started watching dragonball dubbed so now i'd never watch them subbed, be too weird for me.

Onlera profile image

Onlera 5 years ago

A little light on explanation of the overall issue, but a good review of those particular anime. It really helps demonstrate that the sub vs dub debate can be an issue of taste, not cultural purity. Also, it's nice to hear that someone else enjoyed the Black Butler dub. i loved watching it and hearing all the different English accents. i also found that more appropriate, since the series IS set in England, not Japan.

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