Suraj aka Nagesh Fake statements on MTV roadies 8

Nagesh on the left side of the pic, drinking
Nagesh on the left side of the pic, drinking
Proof showing Dirt on Nagesh
Proof showing Dirt on Nagesh

MTV Roadies 8 Publicity Stunt, Suraj aka Nagesh was the student of the Indian Institute of Bartending (IIB) but what we see on the Videos was completely framed and was a publicity stunt for Roadies to just attract Viewer to increase their TRP. Were you sorry about the poor guy (Suraj aka Nagesh) that he lost his mother, don’t have family and friends, sleeps on train stations, common buddies open your mind and eyes and see the truth. I was watching the Video and I felt strange why the hell they are even listening the shit (judges). I mean they are cruel (Judges), don’t Value anyone and they are called themselves the Hell Raisers. Why the hell raisers need to hear the shit about his story, they asked him a question and he started narrating his whole life story. Moreover, they were hearing him quietly and peacefully. Suraj Stated that when he reached Mumbai, he was alone, hungry, don’t have money and then he try to sleep on railway station but Police ruined his night and kicked him out and after that he told in the video that in Mumbai he got a sweeping job 3 days later from his arrival at Mumbai Station.

I have a question, Very interesting one, is he superhuman? I mean how the hell did he survived for almost 3 days. He was out of money, shelter, food; did he stole from someone or begged in front of Mumbai Railway station like other baggers. But the man says he is a proud man, he doesn’t want fame he wants to win fair and square, no cheating, no riots and no Politics. A proud person like him can’t beg for money in front of station will he? The next thing he told us that on the day of audition for Roadies 8 he found that the date for audition is delayed then he stayed on Railway Station that night and other night too. Looks like Mumbai Police was fan of Suraj now as they didn’t kick out him this time as they did it with him first time. If I have to give points to Suraj for acting I would say he did his job superbly but script didn’t support him that well. The script was full of flaws and mistakes that can be guess out easily. He told us that he don’t use mobile then how the hell people were communicating with him, I mean he was switching his job from here and there at least he should be in contact with one person at least.


Next thing was he was looking quite healthy, he told in the videos that he was thin don’t have fat in this body then he told us that he joined the Gym and work out regularly, a person who don’t have sufficient money to buy a 1000/- rupee cell phone how the hell did he paid for the gym and food. I mean you don’t believe that he got all that fat from just working out. He was looking quite healthy and he doesn’t appear to me a person who can skip a meal.

I m really very sad what MTV pulled out for their publicity stunt, I don’t mind you can go to any depth, but at least don’t kill anyone. It really hurts when people pull stunt like that. May be Indians are too sentimental and the only thing by which you can control Indian is just play with their sentiments and believes, that’s all to it buddies.

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kuckoo profile image

kuckoo 6 years ago from Your Heart Author

Swapnil 6 years ago

I praise ur post telling truth... i heard about this incident and started searching internet... yeah! this is really fake of MTV... kewl! keep it up!

kuckoo profile image

kuckoo 6 years ago from Your Heart Author

thanks.. but this thing only shows that there is no standards in reality shows. the channel can go at any depth to get a high TRP.

I think our laws should be a bit more strict atleast to control over the communication media, about what to show and what not.

sumit 6 years ago

i was also having a doubt wen he told raghu nd rajiv dat "hum vapas aaye to hum ne dekha k hum barbad ho gaye.." filmy kind of dialouge... nd dan ranvijay askd hium to giv his mobile how does rannvijay knows dat suraj's mobile is empty..? nd last bt d main thing on which i was hving doubt dat aftr audition wen d host announce d results at dat time suraj wearin sports shoues which usally use college student nd d guys who r frm stable family... if he was nt having money for slpeeeing in atleast a " dharamshala " frm wer he got d shoues..?

Kapil Sharma 6 years ago

Judges should not listen all the bull-shit stories about the candidates becoz a roady belongs to him/herself not from these emotional drama n all.

Sandy 6 years ago

even u can check out the piercing mark on his left eyebrow....

veddY 5 years ago

Guess what??? my intuitions were telling me that he was fake as i was watching him in the auditions.....

Beelogger 5 years ago

I do agree, if you notice, he has responses ready for all the possible questions that the judges may ask, wasn't nervous at all...which I hadn't seen before.

Check out this more information on this guy @

mohit bajaj 5 years ago

sab chutiyapa hai sab...50 50rs deke ye log audition dene aate hai aur kuch bhi bol jate hai dono ganjo ke kehne par...g..d me lelo apna reality show raghu rajiv ranvijay...

Sumit 5 years ago

Sb t.r.p ka khel ha.

sheeba 5 years ago

its all trp game .played by raghu and suraj with the audiance

ROHIT. 4 years ago

mast drama hai yaarrrr ye to ....

abhi 4 years ago

dis al is stil cntinue in season 9 . . . Jab worms khane vala task hua to unhone worms hath mein pakde hue dikhae bt khate hue nhi . . . Fake participants ne bs muh hilaya . . . Vo sare koi adimanav to hai nhi jo bina vomit k hi kha jaenge . . .

Fake fake fake . . . Al bulshit

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