Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Candice Woodcock

A beautiful 28 year old from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Candice is one of the lesser-known choices for the 20th season of Survivor.  Best known for her decision to Mutiny during her run on Survivor: Cook Islands, Candice was the first person in the history of the game to step forward and say, "hey, I want to be on that other tribe.  Those are the people I want to play with.".  

An undeniable hero, Candice has always been an overachiever.  In High School, she was class president and scored a perfect score on her math SAT's.  She's generally well-liked and pleasant.  She's the type of girl who volunteers and gives of herself to help others. The question this season is going to be whether she really has what it takes to be the ultimate Survivor.  After all, no one ever wins without stabbing people in the back and breaking alliances.  Sure, she can mutiny, but does she really have the ability to sneak around and turn the game in her favor?

Cook Islands

For most of the season in the Cook Islands, Candice seemed to blend in to the crowd - usually a great strategy in this game.  Coincidentally, her boldest move also became her downfall.  When Jeff gave the castaways a unique choice - if anyone wants to switch tribes, step out onto the mat right now.  In a moment of surprise, Candice stepped forward.  She felt that she was on the wrong tribe and she took a public risk by stepping out onto the mat.  She was joined by Jonathan Penner, a key player all through the games.

In the end, the tribe that she left felt betrayed by her.  They didn't realize that she was so unhappy with their tribe, and they all were very angry at her.  Her mutiny painted a giant target on her back, and when the time came, the people she left behind made sure that she was voted out of the game.

In the eyes of the producers, Candice's ability to step forward and bravely say what she wanted makes her a hero.  Even though her move could be interpreted either way, there is no doubt that Candice truly belongs on the Hero tribe.

Lay Low

As one of the most obscure members of the 20th season's cast, Candice's smartest strategy might just be to lay low.  It's a good strategy in this game.  If people don't see you as a threat, often they will ignore you, believing that they can get rid of you at a later date in the game.  Also, when some people see that you are not a strong, outspoken player, they will consider you a sheep that they can manipulate when they need to. 

Candice's greatest strength in the game might just be her obscurity.  People will remember her face, but they might not remember her game.  As a beautiful girl who is actually pretty strong in challenges, if she makes the right alliances, she just might go far in this game. 

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