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We all have our favorite cartoons, and ones we really didn't care for. Personally my most liked and hated was Gargoyles. Mainly because it came on at 7 a.m. when I had to leave for school at 7:15 a.m. back in the day. This single cartoon caused me to be late for school on several occasions.

The big question is what was your favorite cartoon. Vote in the poll here, and leave your two cents below as to why. I am sure there will be some great debates as to why one is better than another. The cartoons listed below are not in any specific order, only that they are some of the most popular among the overall general crowd.

Top 25 90's Cartoon Intros

1. Powerpuff Girls

Who would forget Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles of the fictional Townsville city? This trio of superhero girls was not only adorable looking in their colors, which were pink (Blossom), blue (Bubbles) and green (Buttercup), but they could also fight monsters and villains in their home city of Townsville. The cartoon series were a favorite for many. They always had a happy ending with good always triumphing over evil. The Powerpuff girls always save the day time and again by ridding Townsville city off monsters and villains. It is simply one of the Best 90's Cartoons.

2. X-men

This was one fantastic cartoon show that made every kid who watched it then, wish to have some super powers like the mutant characters. The show was simply about the exciting adventures of a super-hero mutant team known as the X-men. Their struggle to fight villains like Magneto and make the world accept them was no mean feat for them and, therefore, made it entertaining to watch. The villains and heroes in this show were quite impressive and worth every moment spent watching. It was without doubt a favorite for many kids and adults alike.

3. The Tiny Toons Adventures

With characters such as Arnold the pit bull, Babs Bunny, Duffy Duck, Buster Bunny, Calamity Coyote, Sweetie Pie, Sylvester the cat and others based on the popular Looney Tunes characters, who would resist the Tiny Toons adventures? They were cute looking since most of them were smaller versions of the original characters. The storyline revolved around these little characters studying at a Looniversity under the tutelage of the original Looney tunes characters. It was one riveting cartoon show and one of the Best 90's Cartoons.

4. Batman

At some point, every kid who watched this show must have fantasized about being some crime-fighting super hero. The exciting adventures of Bruce Wayne, the identity behind Batman, the extremely helpful Alfred who stepped in as father-figure after the death of Bruce's parents and his formidable sidekick Robin who was quite outstanding. Batman and Robin worked on making Gotham City crime -free. They always succeeded in putting criminals at their place and ensured a safe Gotham City. Batman was one of the best super heroes ever, and the majority of kids from the 90's still remember the Dark Knight with fondness.

5. Doug

The cartoon is simply unforgettable. It features an 11 year old boy who tries to look stylish in his new school, in Bluffington. He makes a new friend and falls in love with a girl named Patti Mayonnaise. His adventures in this new town and school are exciting and comical. Featuring Doug Funnie the main character, Skeeter his best buddy and Porkchop Doug's dog, the result was never dull at all. This was one cartoon that would keep people entertained to the fullest with the endless antics that Doug Funnie, the dog and his buddy experienced.

6. Sonic the Hedgehog

Featuring the ultra-fast Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally and a determined team of freedom fighters, the cartoon show is about their efforts to keep the villain Dr. Robotnik and his robots from harming the planet Mobius. It was one show that kept viewers watching glued to their TV screens. Much satisfaction was gained when the villain's plans to create havoc in the planet were thwarted. Sonic was one cartoon that one would watch the whole day, episode after episode without tiring because one never got enough of seeing Robotnik losing.

7. Animaniacs

A highly rated cartoon show in the 90's, and considered one of the Best 90's Cartoons, Animaniacs was a favorite. The three characters Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were cute. The cartoon was about the three characters who escaped from a water tower at Warner Bros in the 1990's after being locked up since the 1930's. We see their interaction with human characters, which is quite exciting to watch. The theme song was also a real mood setter. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are missed by a majority of the 90's kids making this show a must have in the Best 90's Cartoons list.

8. Pinky and the Brain

Originally we saw the characters on Animaniacs, but later the characters became part of an independent cartoon show. The two characters would keep people riveted on TV with their hilarious dialogue and activities. They were simply lab mice in a research facility who made plans to dominate the world which of course never succeeded. It was entertaining to watch and highly rated in top animated series.

9. Daria

It was a cartoon show which featured this hard-to-forget cartoon character of the 90's called Daria. Daria was an intelligent high school girl who faced the daily challenges that only a girl of that age would face. Daria oozes dry humor and sarcasm as part of her character traits, which makes the show quite entertaining to watch. This cartoon show was a success in the 90's and many think it was one of the Best 90's Cartoons, which kept viewers excited every time it was about to be aired.

10. Rugrats

This is simply one of those cartoon shows that make a person wish to turn the clock back and watch it as a kid again. The characters Angelica, Phil, Chuckie, Lil and Tommy Pickles were always ready for exciting adventures, which were quite fascinating to kids at that time. It was a fantastic cartoon show for the little kids and one that should have continued. Kids who watched this cartoon show back in the 90's will feel just one thing, and that is simply, 'complete'.

The 90's were no doubt the best years when it came to cartoon show productions. Many famous cartoon shows were produced, but the above are simply the top ten Best 90's Cartoons, which are bound to elicit waves of nostalgia for the kids, now adults, who watched them then.

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jasoncox83 profile image

jasoncox83 3 years ago from Ohio Author

Yep, some of the best cartoons I think came out of the 90's.

CroftRoan profile image

CroftRoan 3 years ago

I've been getting back into the older cartoons myself. Even the early 2000s ones are pretty decent. Gargoyles is the one I've been watching lately.

jasoncox83 profile image

jasoncox83 3 years ago from Ohio Author

There are still tons of great cartoons from the 90's that I'd personally watch today. Good old classics, not like today's cartoons. Thanks for the comment. :)

CroftRoan profile image

CroftRoan 3 years ago

I was such a Powerpuff Girls fan when I was younger. Still love the show now.

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