TV Recap (1/20-1/26)


Warning: There are some spoilers ahead.


FBI agent Ryan Hardy is tasked with recapturing serial killer Joe Carroll. his tasked is made much harder by the fact that Carroll has assembled a cult like following while in prison and his followers will do anything to keep Carroll free.


The Following S02E01-1/20

Last year the following started off strong and quickly fell of the cliff of absurdity. This season has also started off with a bang and hopefully it doesn’t turn into a mess like last season. The show really isn’t all that bad there are just a lot of bad choices made by the writers who seem to have forgot what logic is. Hopefully that also changes this season.

The first episode was very entertaining and didn’t waste time getting things rolling. Hardy has been on a secret mission since the incidents of last season to find the remaining followers. After everything that he has been through I don’t really see this as being farfetched. This time around though he doesn’t have to worry about one group but two.

I like that there are two groups now and neither seem to know where Carroll is at. Carroll not dying isn’t a big surprise as it wouldn’t really make since for him to die off camera. Not sure what was going on toward the end but I did like his cliché beard. All in all I’m interested in what happens next week. 8 out of 10.

Helix S01E04-1/24

This week’s episode continued to show promise. I like the fact that the infected didn’t just stand around and wait things out. Lowering the Oxygen levels was smart and I also appreciate that they explained why it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for them, less people bigger room, more oxygen. Hatake taking them out wasn’t a surprise but the way he did it seemed forced. I think it would have been better if he did it right away without all the back and forth with the survivors.

The new development with Julia is interested. I assume the reason he brought Peter in was to get intel on Julia. Not sure what he wants with her though. Are we to assume that she was at one point living in the research facility when she was younger based on her drawing? I like where this show is going but I do hope that it has a bit more blood in it next episode. The bald infected man with the broken wrist was creepy. 8 out of 10.

Banshee S02E03-1/24

After spending what I would assume to be a few days in jail, Carrie has finally understood what Hood went through. It was nice that she kind of admitted to that when Hood came to visit her. These show has never been about shoving murders but the young Indian girl case was a great way to introduce a new character that’s tough as hell and widen the rivalry between the Indians and the Amish.

I exceed more from the confrontation between Hood and the real Hood’s son, Jason Hood but nothing really came out of it. I guess he would just really complicate things more since there is a ton already going on with this show. I did enjoy the fact that Sugar threatened Jason if he tried anything fishy, Hood can be too trusting sometimes.

I enjoyed the fight scene between Hood and the Red Bones Leader (missed his name). I always loved the fact that Hood is always getting his ass kicked but keeps on coming back. He’s not a professional fighter and shows it every time he fight by being sloppy and slugging it out and that has always impressed me. Final note I’m not sure how I fell about Hood sleeping with Siobhan. I don’t’ see them together in the long run but I guess we will see. 8 out of 10.


During the height of Piracy, a grand captain by the name of Flint is on a mission to steal one of the largest amounts of treasure of his time.


Black Sails S01E01-1/25

This is another show that I didn’t really have much hope for. After all Starz isn’t really known for their shows on top of that you got Michael Bay as producer and I was completely going to skip this show over. I’m really glad that I didn’t though. Turns out that this has, not only potential but could make Stars a big time player if they get everything right. The first thing that caught my eye was who directed this episode. The always amazing Neil Marshall. With that I was all in.

Pirates aren’t really portrayed very well, in fact I can’t think of a single film or show that has anything to do with pirates that I would consider great. So it’s nice to see that this show not only has a gritty fell to it as it should but it also has a hint of humor that makes it unique.

The story is set on taking us on a grand adventure and there doesn’t seem to be anything currently stopping this show from doing that. All of the actors play their roles well and nobody seems miscast which happens so often in these kinds of shows. We’ll have to wait until the second episode to really get a feel for the show but so far so good. 8 out of 10.

True Detectives S01E03-1/26

Things are starting to heat up as Cohle and Marty get closer and closer to solving the case. That last image of the man in his underwear with a machete was made all the more freighting by the fact that Marty has mentioned that they found kids in the compound. I presume that they will wrap up with the retelling after next week’s episode and focus on the new case.

This week also showed Marty act more psychotic then Cohle which was odd to see yet fitting. His take on life might be odder then Cohle’s. I don’t necessarily blame him for getting mad at Cohle for cutting his grass but he went overboard with. I like the fact that this show has done a great job not only developing the case but also the characters. Most cop shows go through season before the try and tackle traits and flaws for their characters but True Detectives has managed to do it in 3 episodes which is impressive. 8 out of 10


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