TV Show Review: An Elf on the Shelf "An Elf's Story"

A New Christmas Tradition?

An Elf's Story is a new Christmas animation with a story based on the book, An Elf on the Shelf: a Christmas Tradition, and it feels like one long commercial for the book, actually I think it anchors an entire marketing program around the book. I have never heard of An Elf on the Shelf, growing up. In fact I didn't know that children have to "adopt" an elf in order to help Santa find out who's naughty or nice. The criticism I have on this story is that the plot is very thin. There is a little boy who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, an elf goes to Santa and volunteers to go down and help the little boy through his disbelief. The elf doesn't actually do anything to help the boy except sit on the shelf then discuss his problem with other elves when he reports in at the North Pole. In fact, the elf gets depressed, so depressed that other elves had to rescue him because he's too weak to fly up to the North Pole where he was hospitalized.

Enjoy These Classics Instead

Yes, Virginia
Yes, Virginia

This more recent retelling of the story is amazing.

Elf (Infinifilm Edition)
Elf (Infinifilm Edition)

Now this is a great elf story


While he's in the hospital he learns that the little boy wrote a letter to Santa Claus telling him how much he misses the elf. The elf gets happy, returns to the human family and keeps sitting on the shelf until after Christmas Day whereupon he goes home to the North Pole until the next Christmas Season where he will sit on the shelf of another family. As I said, the plot is thin but there is plenty of sizzle through this 30-minute episode. You have elves dancing, and what a dance it is filled with choreography, tandem formations, etc. and all computer animated, of course. Then you have the obligatory cute song about Christmas being a time for forgiveness and being kind. As this was being sung, I was wondering if a kid would ask why it was a time for kindness and forgiveness, because Santa said so? But why? It is odd to me that a Christmas show has no reference about Christ in it and so much of Santa. There was not one passing mention about the true reason for the occasion. The show is so secular that it reduces the entire point of Christmas to being nice and forgiving and believing about Santa Claus to get a present. Blecch! Call me Scrooge but this show is a pointless exercise and only exists to sell Elf on a Shelf merchandise.

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