Taken 2 (2012)

When Taken first came out I don’t think anyone thought that it would be much of a success. Turns out it did very well mostly in part of Liam Neeson acting and cheesy one liners. Still I don’t think anyone expected to have part 2 but yet again here we are and Taken 2 is out and it turns out to not be all that bad.

The movie follows the Bryan Mills (Neeson), his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) as they go vacationing in Istanbul, Turkey. There vacation quickly takes a turn for the worse as the family members of the men who Mills killed in the first movie set out seeking revenge. Mills has to use all his resources to save his family and make sure they are never put in danger again.

Much like the first film, Taken 2 revolves around Neeson fighting to save his family the only different this time is that his ex-wife is involved. The plot is simple yet decent. The action scenes are okay for what they are and the directing is spot on for this type of film. The movie was a fun time waster but the one thing that kept me from enjoying the movie a whole lot more was the editing.

Most modern day’s action movies have horrendous editing when it comes to the action scenes and Taken 2 is no different. I can’t recall how the first movie’s editing was but I can remember that it didn’t bother as much. I could never understand the reasoning for have an actor train and learn the techniques only to butcher the whole scene with bad editing.

Other than the bad editing, Taken 2 is a fun and action packed movie that should hold your attention till the credits roll. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who like Neeson’s work or who liked the first movie, 3 out of 5.

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Miller2232 profile image

Miller2232 3 years ago from Florida

All I can say is this: "They are going to take you"

Richard Perazzo profile image

Richard Perazzo 3 years ago from Shirley, NY

Great review. Can't wait to check it out when it hits DVD. Liam Neeson is always awesome.

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