Redneck Tale Featuring Cousin Bobby and Cousin Bo


Move from AL to AR

The move from Piedmont, Alabama to Clarksville, Arkansaw was tuff. We was able to get dam near most things in the Storm. The hach back helped. Ed had some duck tape that worked to hold stuff down on top the car. Not sure what part of the duck the tape comes from.

Cousin Bobby and Staci
Cousin Bobby and Staci

Cousin Bobby

Cousin Bobby thot of hisself as a player. Here he is with Staci. Staci is nown for skinny dipping at Lake Ludwig. Cousin Bobby also think he a trendsitter. He often times try new idears. One day he turned his britches into a tank top. He full of ideals and shood be on that show with Donold Thump.

Cousin Bobby tank top
Cousin Bobby tank top
Cousin Bo Malebox
Cousin Bo Malebox

Cousin Bo

Bo was a rebel. Here a pixure of he's malebox. Bo thot if he raised it hi enuff, the maleman woodn't be able to deeliver the bills. Bo the smart one. He and Bobby don't see eye to eye thoe.

Cousin Bo also cut grass for money. He never had a trailer for his mower, but he got by.

Cousin Bo's Mower
Cousin Bo's Mower

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Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania

Lmao!...what a great hub to wake up too ,ola la la tankshirt ,Im too sexy for my shirt ,too sexy for my witty, writin thur sir.

kea profile image

kea 7 years ago Author

Hi Eaglekiwi! Thanks for the cool comment. I used to live in Arkansas so I have first and experience with rednecks!

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