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Kat Von D, whose real name is Katherine Von Drachenberg, was born in Nueva Leon, Mexico on March 8, 1982 before moving to Colton, California with her family at age four. Her father and mother, Rene Drachenberg and Sylvia Galeano, are both Argentinian, making Kat's nationality is German and Spanish-Italian. Mentored early in her career by Tim Hendricks, Kat began working in her first tattoo shop at age sixteen where she did her first tattoo, a skull from the band the "Misfits". She actually received her first tattoo at age fourteen; the letter J in Old English on her ankle, a memorial to a bygone love.

Although she has been a successful tattoo artist for nearly ten years, Kat Von D (real name Katherine Von Drachenberg) did not become well-known nor widely popular across America until "Miami Ink" premiered on the TLC channel last year. In 2005, Kat joined "Miami Ink" for its first season on the air. The only woman in a shop consisting of all men, Kat relocated from Los Angeles to work side by side along owners Ami James and Chris Nunez, and renowned artists Chris Carver and Darren Brass. However, two years later in 2007 she decided to leave the show due to personal differences between her and Ami. The move back to Los Angeles prompted her to open her own shop, High Voltage, and resulted in TLC deciding to film her on location there in a new show called "L.A. Ink" which premiered August 8, 2007.


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But Kat Von D was a superstar in her own right well before her television notoriety began. She has worked in tattoo parlors throughout California at places like Sin City Tattoo, Blue Bird Tattoo in Pasadena, Red Hot Tattoo in Arcadia and Inflictions in Covina. Her personal website is filled with fanart from those who know and love her, and the Kat Von D fan club boasts over 4,000 members. It's president, Tanya, appeared in an episode of "Miami Ink" when she arrived at the shop to get a tattoo of a pin-up girl which she wanted designed to look like Kat. She is best known for her black-and-white portraits but specializes also in realistic art tattoos, drawing and photography.


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taylorblue profile image

taylorblue 9 years ago from Canada

She was here in Calgary at the beginning of the month...I wanted to get a tat from her. BUt she is charging $300 an hour!! Must be nice eh?

carlos 9 years ago

quiero la foto de un tatoo q era una cruz y un simbolo q significaba solo dios me puede juzgar please.

ivan grozni 8 years ago

u have so good tattoo

tresze13 8 years ago

she's a perfect tattoo artist for whatever

tattoo's people want


i love her so much

hoping someday i will

have her tattoo's

tresze13 8 years ago

she's a perfect tattoo artist for whatever

tattoo's people want


i love her so much

hoping someday i will

have her tattoo's

kaila 8 years ago

She is my ultimate favorite!

keta 8 years ago

hey kat ur my biggest fan i love ya and ur show so wont 2 meet u sum day.....

frito 8 years ago

i like the tattoos she makes

SHEL 8 years ago


mike 8 years ago

I wanna tattoo from her. If she cant do it is there anyone near philly that's almost as good as her? plz contact me

alliee 7 years ago

i want a tatt from you soo bad when im 18 imma hit you up

you freak'n roc my socks...i love your show and your the bst tattoo artist i have even seen. well yea pace and love......

rene doms 7 years ago

hi there i want to send kat a message from me to show my you have a emailadress.greetings from den bosch.the netherlands

aissa 7 years ago

Love the neck and face tatts! :D

Leslie Garza 7 years ago

ms Kat my Husband is Fan of you and you art he is tattoo art he self and i have many love you art and you spirit God bless Garza Family

SaVvy 7 years ago

Kat is uber ahmazing!

I hope to get a tattoo from her one day...


loredana 7 years ago

ooooooooh kat you are amazing,i love everithing you do...kisses from romania

Da Forrestall 7 years ago

I would like Kat to do a tat for me

I am from canada and will go to LA

Not a problem I just need to know Where

when and can she do my tat Mt story to follow with a reply

dan Forrestall

tessa 7 years ago soon as i am eighteen i am gonna get a tat done by her!! i think all that money is well worth it

beth hope 6 years ago

hey cat im beth im 13 and im from stockton in england i watch your shows every day n i love em i hope one day i can be like you because ive only ever wanted to be a tattoo artist.

love ya babe xxx

Katie 6 years ago

I love her style, but the shop is not how it looks on tv. It's more like a set than a tattoo studio. And book well in advance, because Kat doesn't take walk ins that often.

I like her artwork and she is good, but the best? Check out Mike Devries or Nikko Hurtado. They do mind blowing colour portraits!

mario 6 years ago

all i know is that look good oooooooh yeah n your tatts they great!!!

BetoMun 6 years ago

See more pics of Kat Von D showing off her tattoos and make up line on holamun2.

Check it out: [url=]Kat Von D pictures [/url}


hahaha 6 years ago

shes a very good artist

*nini* 6 years ago

:. wow this girl is cold man like dang i really like want her to tattoo me like damn this hot joe on s0me real shit d0e:.*

sid 6 years ago

hey kat crazy by you...

lovd to get a tattoo from ur hand...

lovd to even get a reply on ur end...

SICK FLAKA 6 years ago


sarai tovar 6 years ago

eres la mejor kat tu equipoy tu saben lo qe es bueno.

es un buen arte :)

neelima srujan 6 years ago

Hi kat, first of all you are really beautiful. I see your program almost every day. I just love your team work. very professional and very protective. Take care bye

jessica 6 years ago

hy kat ia a big fan of your's hope one i can get tatt for you and i witch yor show all the time and i love you and your show and the ppls that work for you man i have one tatt. and i love it

PATRIOT 6 years ago


Georgina 6 years ago

I live in London England and I really want to get tattooed by Kat In LA.. Can any body help me in how I can arrange for this to happen so I can book a flight and hotel to LA.... I think she is amazing and she is my Idol... If so please email me at

starkid09 6 years ago

Kat van D is se best.

nicolelynndevi 5 years ago

Kat Von D is so sweet and amazing,she's my idol, I got to meet her in october for her book signing :] best day of my life

chris lear 5 years ago

kat you have the best tattoos ive seen so far i would like for you to give me a good tattoo

yogs yoggy 5 years ago

i like her tattoo

kim leamy 5 years ago

dear kat von d you are my hero cause my mom died from cari enr you make me want to get a tattoo in meroy of my mom i would love you to give me a tattoo love your bigest fan kim leamy


hey ms. kat you rock . you brought the art of tatto from the back alley to the front line of art .

scotty 5 years ago

coffee sounds good

Ji 5 years ago

Hey Kat,

I love watching you on TV. Your tatoo are great.I lost a daughter to cancer 7 yrs ago and would to get a tatoo by you.I just can find anyone with your talent.My oldest daughter has thyroid cancer.What a trip. 2 out of 3 children with cancer.Ya sometimes I feel I'm triping.She's has many treatments and surgery. She doesn't even want to think she still has cancer and has to get another treatment,because of her sister passing on.Love to meet ya someday.

Your the best.......

janice westlake 5 years ago

love the show kat, fantastic tattoos,briliant keep it up xx

Anthony DiPadova 5 years ago

Ms. Kat I am a huge fan of your work and would give anything for you to do a portrait of my mother. I wish it could be. I have nothing but the world of respect for what you have done for you and also the tattoo world..

vlatka 5 years ago

come to croatia

myak 4 years ago

hey kat i love your portraits my mam said if she could she would get a portrait of you

Maxi Gernamy 4 years ago

hey Kat i Like you're Tattos

Taylor Nortth 4 years ago

Kat Von d you are amazing I love your work please can you send me some tattoos to draw and I will send you some of mine If you can can you send them to ( I am your bigest fan and am only 12.I wished I could carry on talking but I have to go.bye Kat Von d

Kat Ferguson 4 years ago

hey Kat, just a few words from your 'wannabe' across the pond. love your tatts and the work you do, your an inspiration to me! i hope to be a tattoo artist someday just like you (obviously not as good) and will deffos be coming over from britain to get some tattoos :D much love, Kat xxxx

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