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Taylor Lautner

So you're one on those girls who prefers a red-blooded man to a cold bloodsucking vampire. Well you're not alone, in fact there literally thousands and thousands of girls who would love to meet Jacob Black,who is the character that Taylor Lautner plays in the Twilight films.

And why wouldn't you love Jacob Black, he's loyal and trust worthy and that's not even mentioning just how hot Taylor Lautner really is. He was always cute but after bulking up for that last Twilight you have to admit that he has a set of incredible abs.  The Situation from the Jersery Shore may have a reputation for having a nice set of abs but he has nothing on Taylor Lautner, in fact I think that the Situation actually looks a little odd, but that's just my opinion.

Taylor Lautner Posters And Autographed Pictures

Decorate your walls and room with some of these gorgeous Taylor Lautner autographed pictures. These pictures make a great gift for any of his fans whether you're buying them for yourself or for someone else.

The Jacob Standup Posters tend to a little more expensive than the pictures but you will find them to be very well worth the price, and what girl wouldn't want her very own life size Jacob Black poster.

Jacob Vs Edward

Who do you think is hotter?

  • Jacob Black
  • Edward Cullen
  • Both
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Jacob Black Book Bags And Key Chains

Any of these book bags would make the perfect gift for any Jacob Black fan and while you're at it don't forget to add a Jacob Black key chain. A new book bag with a key chain would make a nice Christmas or birthday present for a Jacob Black fan.

Jacob Black Jewelry And Jewelry Boxes

You have to check out these Jacob Black metal jewelry boxes that are for sale online. They make great collectibles and if kept in good condition are sure to increase in value over the years. Be sure to check out some of the gorgeous pieces of Jacob Black jewelry to go in your new jewelry box. I've only listed a small sample of the many pieces of jewelry that you can find for sale online. But just a quick check on eBay shows listings for earrings, necklaces, watches, and pins as well as several different metal jewelry boxes all featuring Jacob Black.

Taylor Lautner T-Shirts

You can find a large selection of Taylor Lautner t-shirts for sale on Amazon and eBay. Both sites are easy to buy from so it's really your choice as to which one that you prefer to shop from, Amazon is usually the fastest shipper. So if you need your item in a hurry you may want to consider this.


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