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  • Born: 13 December 1989
  • Birthplace: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
  • First Single: Tim McGraw
  • Official Website

Taylor Swift is a country music singer-songwriter from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. At an age when most teenagers are only beginning to find their identity and lay plans for the future, there has never been much doubt in Taylor's mind about her calling. Inspired by her maternal grandmother, a professional opera singer, Taylor took up singing early in life.

At the age of ten she began to perform around her hometown, singing at karaoke contests, festivals, and fairs. When she was eleven she sang the national anthem before a Philadelphia 76ers game. By the time she was 12, she had picked up the guitar and began practicing four hours each day, until her fingers started to bleed. To pursue her career in country music, Swift and her family moved near Nashville, Tennessee when she was 13. A showcase at the Nashville's Bluebird Cafe caught the attention of music-industry veteran Scott Borchetta, who had plans to create a new label and decided Swift was one of the first acts he wanted to sign.

In 2006, she had her first hit at the young age of 16, called "Tim McGraw", about a summer love. Since then, she has risen to fame as a successful teenage star and is also an Internet sensation.

Taylor Swift was nominated in 2007 by the Academy of Country Music as best new female vocalist.

Taylor Swift Photo
Taylor Swift Photo

Favorite Things:

  • Color: White
  • Food: Cheesecake… yum.
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Hobby: Driving … FAST.
  • Season: Summer
  • Thing to do: Write songs
  • Thing to write about: LOVE… of course!
  • Artists: Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw
  • Song: "Can’t Tell Me Nothin’" by Tim McGraw
  • Quality in other people: Honesty and sarcasm
  • Movie: "Love Actually"
  • Memory: Living on a farm.

Teardrops on My Guitar Video

Teardrops on My Guitar Lyrics

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see

That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be

I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about

And she's got everything that I have to live without

Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's so damn funny

That I can't even see anyone when he's with me

He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right,

I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night


He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star

He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?

And there he goes, so perfectly,

The kind of flawless I wish I could be

She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love

Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

[Repeat Chorus]

So I drive home alone, as I turn out the light

I'll put his picture down and maybe

Get some sleep tonight

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart

He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

He's the time taken up, but there's never enough

And he's all that I need to fall into..

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

Did you know: Taylor Swift writes her own lyrics.

Beautifully Elegant:

Tim McGraw Video

Tim McGraw lyrics

He said the way my blue eyes shined

Put those Georgia stars to shame that night

I said: "That's a lie."

Just a boy in a Chevy truck

That had a tendency of gettin' stuck

On backroads at night

And I was right there beside him all summer long

And then the time we woke up to find that summer gone

But when you think Tim McGraw

I hope you think my favorite song

The one we danced to all night long

The moon like a spotlight on the lake

When you think happiness

I hope you think that little black dress

Think of my head on your chest

And my old faded blue jeans

When you think Tim McGraw

I hope you think of me

September saw a month of tears

And thankin' God that you weren't here

To see me like that

But in a box beneath my bed

Is a letter that you never read

From three summers back

It's hard not to find it all a little bitter sweet

And lookin' back on all of that, it's nice to believe

When you think Tim McGraw

I hope you think my favorite song

The one we danced to all night long

The moon like a spotlight on the lake

When you think happiness

I hope you think that little black dress

Think of my head on your chest

And my old faded blue jeans

When you think Tim McGraw

I hope you think of me

And I'm back for the first time since then

I'm standin' on your street

And there's a letter left on your doorstep

And the first thing that you'll read is:

When you think Tim McGraw

I hope you think my favorite song

Someday you'll turn your radio on

I hope it takes you back to that place

When you think happiness

I hope you think that little black dress

Think of my head on your chest

And my old faded blue jeans

When you think Tim McGraw

I hope you think of me

Oh, think of me


He said the way my blues eyes shined

Put those Georgia stars to shame that night

I said: "That's a lie"

Graceful Taylor Swift
Graceful Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Music

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Victoria 9 years ago

Wow, I honestly can't say enough how much this country singer has inspired me.All of her songs I can relate to ... and It amazes me that shes got her life set right in front of her.Such a beautiful wellknown artist like her will be a big hit.Someone to remember for surrre.I'm going to the Brad paisley concert spetember 8th and as soon as i found out Taylor Swift was going to be there...right then and there i knew for sure i had to go.I worked for the money me and my friend and were both loooking forward to seeing her perform live.Tears will definetly stream down my face If and when she plays "Tim McGraw" as thats the first song that triggered me to lovving her.Such an amazing person with the talent shes got is going to take her so far in life.My dream...definetly to meet her.Maybe someday right?haha anyways.. just thought I'd let you knoww what i think of this female country artist.Wish you all the best Taylor.Your all time biggest fan...Victoria

Katie 9 years ago

Hey Taylor, just wanted to tell you that you are an awesome singer at such a young age,an you are so beautiful! an i admire you for thinking that know matter how young you are you should still go after your dreams an yours was to be a singer an we all know you fulfilled that one...=) i also wanted to say that you have awesome hair! i have curly hair to but i can't get mine to look as pretty as yours, what do you do to make yours look so pretty ??? e-mail back please!! bii!

Aubrey 9 years ago

What can I say Taylor? You definetly have tons of talent! I love your music, your everything! I really want to meet you one day and I hope I get that chance cause when I do I'll be in the front row of one of your concerts, no dout! On top of all of your talent, you have got great looks (the amazing eyes, and beautiful hair) I wish I could keep typing forever because there is so much about you that blows me away! The most I could really say is I love you! Haha! Please read this because it would mean a lot to me if you did! Keep singing great! LUVVS!

~Aubrey (your biggest fan no matter what anyone else says!) :)

Little Dingo 9 years ago

Hey Taylor... :) its little dingo. you met me at the big spring jam in huntsville alabama. i just wanted to say thanks 4 bein so nice. you are the prettiest girl i have ever met! I hope i grow up to be just like you. its cool meeting stars but when my dad told me i was meeting you. i just didnt know what to think. i no your busy and im just a little girl but if you ever want to talk 2 me or need anything.just call my dads station and ask for him and he will give you my cell #

-little dingo. i love you taylor

BrookeCastro profile image

BrookeCastro 9 years ago

I love her music.

caylie 9 years ago

heyey taylor you are so good at singing i love all your songs and i really love your song called our song it is the best song ever! i really hope to meet you someday! if you would like you can look up my myspace page i have already looked at yours before it is awesome! well g2g, your biggest fan!,

Kendra Saylor 9 years ago

I love your CD I hope to one day become a singer you have been a big insperation I love your songs. my boyfriend bought me your CD. I know most of your songs by heart. I hope You have fun on the run got to go your biggest fan!!!

Disappointed 9 years ago

I thought you were older, I feel a bit awkward relating to you when your so young. I should have looked at your bio first, but i mean you are a good singer. I just need to go shopping for a new fav.

Misha profile image

Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

nice music, really :)

kayarla kay 9 years ago

hay taylor!!! i love ur music soooooooooooo much. my favorite song is "our song" i have the song memorized!! im gussing ur bf inspires u alot. u r so pretty u have a great voice and i wish i was u!!!!! ? how can you  juggle hamework and shooting music videos and new albams w/out going into a melt down?  im only in 8 and i can barely stand all the homework and babysiting and church and everything else!!! off the topic but do u have to stay up late for ur homework or does ur teachers give u some slack and extra time or r u home schooled? o im doing a project on u 4 ele. music its a rap but im not really 4 raps but teach says so  but i got 2 go look up info. talk 2 u later  oh lovvvv 

cynthia 9 years ago

Hey Taylor,

I love your music especially our song. I have your CD and have the songs all memorized. I wish you could have a concert in Ontario,Canada.I love your voice and I have the same kind of voice.I love your CD. Keep up the good work with all your new songs.

from your #1 fan,


Kelsey 9 years ago

OMG! Taylor Swift has helped me through alot of things like with boys because of every single one of her songs. I can't think of anyone better than Taylor... She inspires me to do alot of things i've never even thought possible and i'm so grateful for her and all that she represents, which is girl power and confidence. So I just want to thank her for everything that she's done and averything that she will do.

Shawnna 9 years ago

Your new song "I'd Lie" is sooooo awesome!! I wish I could write songs like that all on my own. I've tried, and I guess it's a lot harded than you think. I also like " Tim McGraw" I have it on my iTunes and it says I've listened to it 139 times already! :)

Just another girl who wishes to be just like you,


P.S. My desktop on my computer is this huge collage full of pictures of you!!!

Candee 9 years ago

hey hey i have the CD and i love it. i dont have a favorite song but i like Picture To Burn, Our Song, Tear Drops On My Guitar, and many more!!!=) you are a gorgous girl and i think you make a good role model becuase it seems like you got famous just like that and you didn't get out of hand with it either you said you were so happy and thing like that thanks...

Ali  9 years ago

Taylor is the best singer ever. She is my idol and i really want to meet her someday. Our song and tear drops on my guitar are the best songs ever! I LOVE her. You rock Taylor

Amber 9 years ago

Taylor u r so awesome I am having dress as your fav person at school and I'm dressing as u I am only 10 and I now teardrops on my guitar and Our Song by heart those are also my favorite but my favorite is Our song I wish I could got frout roll to one of your conserts that you sing Our song in . You are my favorite singer


profile image

babygirl129876 9 years ago

I LOVE YOUR SONG "OUR SONG" i have it all in my mind i know every word to it

Katie 9 years ago

Hey Taylor!!! I love you so much!!! You are so cool and you are a great singer at such a young age.I am writing a biography for english class on YOU!!! My fave song by you is ''Our Song''!!! I have your new christmas cd. You sang so good!!! You are my inspiration!!!

karlee 9 years ago

Hey taylor, you are sooo pretty i love to write songs and sing you are my inspiration. One of my favorite songs by you is (Tied together with a smile)

My dream is to become a song writer.

If there is one person that i look up to it's you taylor, your my idol 8)

Jazz(Jess) 9 years ago

i LOVE yours music soo much and it enspires me to right my own about love to. Thanks you so much for giving me this enspiration to follow my dream and do whatever i can to become a singer and meet you. I love you taylor swift!

P.S: im not gay

Jule 9 years ago

Congratulations on being such a great role model for girls your age.

Continue the good work.

Kyra 8 years ago

Hi Taylor! I absolutely love your CD! I dont have your CD but I'm dieing to get it! I'm your #3 fan[after my bff's] You Rock!

Love your number 3 fan, Kyra! ps. if you ever get a chance to come to LaPorte Indiana, come visit me!

profile image

wildstuff 8 years ago

Nice info. Some pics here.


Danielle 8 years ago

You are such a talented singer whose voice will inspire many people throughout the united states an many outher counrtries as well. U cannot imagine the pressure of standing up there and to be able sing in front of people and trying not to make a huge mistake in your vocals. WELL NOT 4 Her . she may be nurvous but she does an amazing job. Taylor I wish you all the luck that I could ever give. keep doing what you love best. HAPPY BELATED 18th BIRTHDAY!!!!

laiken 8 years ago

My boyfriend and i love your music.i love your song our song.we meet while listening to your music.everybody says i look just like u and i guess i do.I love u!

Rebecca 8 years ago

Hey Taylor,

What's up? how is it like being a famouse singer? I bet that it is a blast! Everyone in my town loves you! You are a really good singer. I think that is so cool that you had your grandma to help you and show you how fun it is to sing. You are someone that is a very good rolemodel. Very inspiring and influential. Keep up the good work!!! Can't wait til some more awesome songs come out!!!

Sincerely, Rebecca : )

Tori 8 years ago

Taylor, i can sing my own (made-up) songs pretty well, and was wondering, do you base your songs on your life? If i ever become famous, i hope i sing like you!

miley cyrus 8 years ago

hey talor i'll just answer some of your questions 4 you. the music industry is a lot of work but sometimes pays off.

megan  8 years ago

hey taylor i hope you read most of these. i would just like to say you are such a good singer.!!!!! are you ever going to come to dayton ohio i have already been to a carrie underwood concert i want to go to ne of yours. at my school my english teachers says we are doing a newspaper type thing and i get to pick an artist ( singer) so i picked you!!!!!!! do you answer some of these? do you actually see these? well im a fan i love the song picture to burn me and my sister made a dance out of it the dance is kinda wierd but if you asked any of my friends they would tell you that i am wierd and loopy!!! well you rock and you are such a good singer.

remember come to dayton ohio!!!!!


leanka  8 years ago

hi taylor, i'm your num. 1 fan. i love your style my friend and i don't stop talking about you.i live in quebec canada. i love your music.and i dress up like you with dresses and cowboy boots. i love your hair.and would like to live on a farm when i will be older. i love horses and have a pink cowboy hat like you. hope you will write back to me and come and sing at quebec. and if you come in the winter don't forget to dress warmly. bye have a nice day taylor.


Sarahb 8 years ago

Your music is so good! I CANT STOP LISTENING TO IT! lol! My 2 favorite songs are Teardrops On mY guitar and Our Song! I bought both of them on my phone! Ok well I Love You! Keep writing your AWSUM songs! LOL

Haley  8 years ago

Hey Taylor you are so pretty i wish i could meet you!!!!! by the way at Jubilee i held the sighn up and i was going to give it to you but i couldn't please have another concert close to Alabama!!!! Please e-mail me at hayhay@elmore.rr.com ill look forward to talking to you i also love all of your songs i know them all i am your biggest fan ever!!!!!! you are so nice please e-mail me and i also have Should've said No as my ringtone!!!! i am a huge fan ill talk with you later!!!!!

Your biggest number 1 fan ever

Alanna Christine Holland 8 years ago

hey taylor!! my name is Alanna Holland. i am 12 years old and am thinking of getting a record deal at the age of 14 or 15. i havehad a hard life and still am having one. i have to choose between my mom and dad and my mom has been hurting me mentally and when i get with my dad for good i am going to try and get a record deal. i am going to start going to kareoke contests and going to try to get noticed. please write back at wildchild96@bellouth.net by

Alanna Holland 8 years ago

me again i have talent shows at my school and i won all of them by your songs thanks again

profile image

Your Fan 8 years ago from Copper Harbor, MI

HI Taylor Swift!

I absoluty adore you! I am moved by your songs. I can't tell you how much your songs have helped me through my life. I am wanting to start an organization called Music For Kids (or something like that). and I am useing your music to help me start. What i am doing is getting in contact with a town in africa and so far it going pretty good. I haven't really started getting music from people but i will be shortly. I just wanted to tell you that your songs are helping make this organization possible!

Thanks a billion!

Ashley 8 years ago

Hi Taylor my name is Ashley and I love your songs you are a really good singer and you are really pretty I think you are the best female country singer and you also have the cutest voice well gotta go tootles

Imani 8 years ago

I just wanna tell u i don't lik people just cause their famous n i wanna show them off it's because i lik them cause their my friends.and all u hve 2 do 2 b my friend is listen 2 my problems and like me.i really wanna meet u.e-mail me @ lightprincess10@aol.com so we can meet. *peace,love,and hairgrease

RyanRE profile image

RyanRE 8 years ago from Bellingham, WA

I had to listen to Taylor Swift for the 1st time this weekend, when a 7 year old got a hold of our CD player. I have to say that I was not very impressed. However, you did write publish a nice Hub, so I will give you the thumbs up :D

Taylorfan102 8 years ago

Taylor i am a huge fan of you the song i love the most you have written is "our song" i think your pretteist picture is the one with the blue dress. you are awesome i have a hole file full of 506 pictures of you! keep up writting songs my radio stations plays your songs all the time but i turned it off

and one of your songs is playing 24/7 on my computer you should write another song each and every one of them are awesome i know you probally dont have enough time to check this message with your singing and stuff but i absolutley LOVE your music and your hair is so pretty! when i grow up i want to be exactly like you famous pretty nice thinks about fans How awesome would that be thanks for veiwing this message and good luck on your next performance!

Samantha 8 years ago

I love your music! Im 16 and i love singing to your songs! When i was trying to learn the lyrics i noticed that you have little messages in the lyrics! I noticed that and was like Wow...that freakin cool! Haha

Your definatly my inspiration to keep trying to get where your at!

McKenzie 8 years ago

Girl you are awsome Ilove your your songs.My couin broke up with her boyfriend but when herd Picturer to Burn she said that wuz a life saver.I cant belive that you are comeing to Kenturkey September 18th that is my birthday so when your up their singing think of me.

Bradley 8 years ago

hey tay! omg where do i start? ok well first with the publicity/reputation thing. You are an awesomely awesome rolemodel for all girls teens and women. Your songs reachout to others and convince them to look for just a little bit more in life even if they think there isn't. You have clear talent which I'm sure you already know but its so true! How do you put so much feeling into a song just to express true feelings that come out in such an amazing presence? It must be pretty cooleeo to work with the music buisness and with cmt. I think you should totally star in a movie someday. (And no I'm not talking about Hannah Montana :) I love to sing and I try my best to write lyrics that come out in a understandable way but it is pretty complicated. I also have crazy stage fright but I dont let that stop me from doing my best. I hope this comment has moved you in a way to realize what really matters most in life. Singing, performing, and following your dreams. Keep taking the blessings cuz you know their just firsts.

Love with all my heart,




sara 8 years ago

Hi Taylor you are so awsome I love all your songs! I have a karioke in my room and I sing your songs eveyday! You are my favorite singer out of all of them you rock! And you are so pretty! I wish one day i can come see you in concert i dont even care if im in the very back row! You are my rolemodel. I look up to you!LOVE YOU! love sara in louisiana

Brandy 8 years ago

Taylor you have a great voice and I think you are going to be a great hit. In music class we had to do a favorite song. And bring it in for our class and I chose Picture to Burn. I LOVE that song and the video is kind of funny when you and your friend are looking through the bonoculurs <I think I spelled that wrong< I laughed out loud. Awesome work Taylor. I wish you could email us back but you'd probaly have thousands of work to do then. Anyway if you ever get bored my email is hillsk8ter@yahoo.com please don't ask why it is spelled that way. It's a long story. You're doing great Taylor keep it up.

Claire 8 years ago

Hey Taylor, I have been to one of your concerts at Wal-Mart and you signed my phone. I love you soo much and i can't wait to see you again in concerts! I am 12 years ols and i live in Lexington, Ky. Can't wait to see you again!

~Claire McCarthy

Brittaney 8 years ago

Taylor Swift is just the best I can't get enough! I can't wait for your new songs! My favorite song is our song and teardrops on my guitar! I know them by heart and sing them both every morning and after noon!

Jesseca  8 years ago

Omg!!!!!! Ilove your music, Im one of your biggest fans!!!! AND i REALLY WANT MY HAIR TO BE LIKE YOURS!!!! yOU ARE EXTREMLEY pretty! my dream is to meet you and I can't wait until your new cd comes out I love your first one and I really am gonna love your sedond!!!! please email me back or write me! Love Ya!

From, Jesseca

Becky 8 years ago

Hi Taylor I'm absolutely positivly your BIGGEST fan I love your songs and I want to come to one of your concerts . My favorite songs are Hey Stehen and Love Song and from the first CD is Picture To Burn and Our Song . I'm 9 years old and I know all of the words to Our Song and Iknow I'm your BIGGEST fan because I ONLY ........ liten to your SONGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a copy of your CD to play on my radio and listen to it EVERY DAY ALL DAY!!!!!

Sydney 8 years ago

Taylor, you are a amazing singer and are so pretty. It would be so cool to meet you. My favriot song by you would have to be Our Song or Pichture To Burn. I also think that Love Story is really great. Have a good birthday.

Ashley  8 years ago

OMG Taylor you are my biggest fan i love your music and i luvv you too i love singing i have been singing ever since i was a little girl like when you started my biggest dream would be to see you in person you are soooo cool you have inspired me alot .your best fan Ashley

jordan 8 years ago

hey taylor my name is jordan. i love your music, i love to sing too. ive made a cd in 8th grade but i thought it was bad so i did nothing with it, but im in 10th grade now im 16 i live in a small town i just started writting songs because so much has happened ive been betrayed by a best friend and dump by a guy i was with for 1 year and 2 months 4 my bff>>>>but ive wrote 27 songs and still writting ive sung the national antheme at my high school in front of 600 ppl that was my first big thing now im starting another cd its gonna b alot better im chasing my dreams im sending in my songs well 3 of them to nashville.. i sing at church alot thats sorta where i started to sing aloud to people all my friends are so happy for me they call me the strongest girl they know bc they couldnt do what i did i stood tall while i felt like everything i had was gone but i took out paper and wrote my feelings out on a sheet of paper..they say well not just my friends but anyone that reads my songs say i remind them of you i was a blonde but now im a brown gal and everyone said me and you favor well your my idol maybe one day we will sing i want to be famous im ready to be me im ready to break out of my shell im ready to be me and let everyone know they cant run me over im ready to be fearless like you said but im sendign my cd to nville so hopefully ill get there im ready to let everyone know who i am and not what the world wants me to b.

Emily 8 years ago

Taylor: Omg I love you music soo much, you have inspired so many people especially me! Wow you are soo not like all the celebs at all in a good way! I love how you use all your life experiences to go into your music. You are soo talented. Whenever ever i am having a tough time i always listen to one of your songs. We have so much in common like we are both blondes lol, we have the same birthdate, and my bestest friend is name Abbigale and i have some similar problems that i can relate to yours. I just wanted to tell you that i admire you and your music so much!

hannah rachel karbula williams 8 years ago

hey hey taylor swift i am ur biggest fan i love u i listen 2 ur songs everyday and listen 2 all of them i am getting ur cds 4 xmas from my sister hilary marie williams i hope u now that i am ur biggest fan and i hope we will meet someday somewhere i love u so much but dont worry i am not a lesbow like some other people well u can call me anytime my number is 515-832-8995

p.s. please do call me

love, hannah rachel karbula williams

chloe green 8 years ago

Hi Taylor my favourite songs of yours are Our Song and Love Story! I love youuuu please email me ASAP Please I believe in you and if you dont I will stop believing in you and i will know u dont care. :'( . Anyway I am a great singer myself at my old school I took part in an expert singing class, we had a contest and I won first prize. I could hear everybody clapping and cheering as loud as they could, I coldnt hear a single boo. I knew I was ontop of the world that day and when our class went into concert I gad to be lead singer it was so hard! I had to sing infront of thousands of people and I would love the chance to do it again but this time with you watching annd believeing me every step of the way Taylor. My email is: Chloegreen2008@hotmail.com xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jordyn 8 years ago

Hi taylor my named is Jordyn and i started singing when was 8 and im now 11 and i just wandered if you could give me some advice or tips on singing i love to write songs and i have wrote quite a few i memorized a lot of your songs from both cds ha ha! I just wandered if you could give me some advice im actually singing tommorow at church so thanks so much taylor! my email adress is jordyn_gray_2hot4u@yahoo.com

dont worry if you dont reply i know you dont know me or anything but if you can thanks sooo much and also i wishh you as much luck as i can give in your singing carreer and once again thanks sooo much i appreciate it

Gerry 8 years ago

hey, heard your wisdom teeth got pulled out. Chill and watch some greys anatomy. Love the music. White horse made me cry this morning when i awoke. Guess i have dreams to. But rather than sining id love to produce some fine music. Maybe wheel meet someday when i overcome my shyness. Get well meryy christmas you and your family, wish everyone well. See ya latr.

Claire 8 years ago

OMG taylor you are the bestest sing i here.you are so pretty.i went to your concert when you were hardly as popular as you are now you were invited by faith hill and tim mcgraw.you inspire me to keep fighting for my dream.i love your curly hair i have hair like that and i get made fun of becuz of it sometimes so i understand how it felt in jr.high.taylor i swear we could be like best friends im sorry about you and jo but i got broken up over phone actually over txt and becuz he said he wasnt as much into the relaitionship as much as i was.so i wrote a song its called heart break.we can be best friends and compare wat we've been through with guys and life.but theres WAY better guys in the world for you than JOE.it great that you can use music to let go of your feelings.your are like my rolemodel.even for the talent show im singing your song but i cant choose which one cuz you have so many great ones.speeking of school it would be so cool if you can come to timber stone jr.high im claire gembolis and if you came to at least toledo it would be great cuz for my birthday all i want is for you to come here to toledo so i can go to one of your concerts."stay beautiful"and sing your heart out.your fan Claire

courtney 8 years ago

Dear Taylor,

I just wanted to say a few words, you are a awsome person me and my younger sister Chloe LOVE you .Your songs have such great meaning , It would be a great honor and dream to meet you i know you will probobly never read this but i care enofe to write you are a very talented person ,caring ,and loving like i said it would be a dream come true

love always your biggest fans,

Courtney(16) and Chloe(6)Charlton

hannah z. 8 years ago

hey taylor yur the bestest person alive i have the same b-day as you only i was born in '96 and you werent...............i love your music and my little sister likes "TIm McGraw " and "Love Story" i love those songs too but i love all your songs i live in normal, illinois so of your ever there see if you can find me! love your songs and everything about you -hannah(12) and abby(6)

ps my email is hczisme@yahoo.com

pss anyone who sees this yes there is a place in illinois called normal (its not normal at all)................................

Brittany 8 years ago

OMG! Taylor u rock. i wish i could sing as good as u, im very young, and i dont know much about singing, but i think i can do something like you one day.....well i hope so. I LUV THE SONG"HEYY STEPHEN" well gtg bii

drew 8 years ago

taylor i love you ! it would be great to have a cocert in vermont. i hope to be a singer but i like my dad says "one in a million"

taytayfan 8 years ago

I think that you are a really amazing person and you are such an insperation to me. I absolutly love your music! I wish you the best of luck in the music business. oh, and I love "Love story". It's really a great song.Luv ya! Megan from Illinois

Bailey W. 8 years ago

Hi Taylor!!!I am your biggest fan!We have a lot in common.Your hair is naturally curly so is mine!I love singing songs and making them up.I love Tim Mcgraw and so do you.I have an orange and white cat and so do you.[He is sooo adorable!]I'll identify my self.I have brown eyes and red hair.I live in Wisconsin.I love your CDs.YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah lindsay ramos 8 years ago

hey i love you! i love what your music say to me!it shows me how to live life!(happy)

lori 8 years ago

taylor i am your # 1 fan no doubt about it!!!! ive been 2 six of your concerts i have all your cd's my fave song is love story your the theme 4 my bedroom!! taylor u really r my role model! your music is a message 2 my heart!

taylor 8 years ago

hey Taylor wow it feels funny having the same name and almost the same last name my name is taylor lee swif. haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u taylor why not think bout havin a concert in jackson,mississippi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope u


byeeeeeeeeeeee! taylor

lindsey 8 years ago

i love ur music im doing a project on u and ur carrier

BIG FAN OF YOU!!! 8 years ago

Taylor swift you are my role modle I sign your songs everyday and I am in fifth grade and I sing them for like an hour!!!I watch your videos everyday and everybody in my family said that I am obsessed with you!!!!

katherine 8 years ago

i love you taylor swift!!!!! you are my idol.

alyssa 8 years ago

I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER I HAVE EVERY TING OF YOU igustrealy realy realy realy realy realy realy want to come to one of your concerts but you cant allwas get whate you want

Kaitlyn Wright 8 years ago

Hey Taylor,

If you ever come to Port Hood visit me!!!!

Kaitlyn W

#1 fan 8 years ago

hey taylor i think you are amazing honestly i think that i am alot like you and i am not just saying that i love your songs like all of them and i am you #1 fan!!!!

Love ya, #1 fan

Jose Antonio Menendez 8 years ago

I want to tell you in spanish,

Todos los dias escucho tu musica en mi auto, aqui en NY. No escucha mas musica que la tuya, y se que DIOS te dio el talento de hacernos sentir vivos, eres una inspiracion de vida, amo tu musica, tu talento, eres divina,

ashlyn 8 years ago

hey taylor i love your music i now every lyric to your song my user is full of pics of you i love tear trops on my guitar and tim mcgraw love story to and white horse my family is going to nashvile this i hope will see you there because your so preety and great siner i think you are the best female singer and i love you saying if you mess with me or break my heart i am going to write a song about you can't wait to the other songs bye

Jaycee Agnew 8 years ago

Hey Taylor i love ur song Picture to Burn and i love ur voice

Taylor Swift 8 years ago

Hi everyone thankyou so much for the comments you said about me, I especially like Chloe Greens comment and I will meet up with her again sometime like back in california. Anyway I would like to say thankyou to everyone for being such great fans x x x x hope to see you all soon xxxxxxxx

Rachael 8 years ago

Hey Taylor, you are the best singer ever! I love the words in your songs, they mean so much,you don't even know how they relate to my life.Your songs will always move me and you will always be my faveorite singer.

P.s. come and visit me in Nebraska sometime!

chelsea:) 8 years ago

OMG..its taylor!!lol i flippin love you gurl!!:)im actually writing a essay on you like now..its due tommorrow!!:) lol love you

xo chelsea

Ryan 8 years ago

Hi, Taylor!!!! Yes, I'm a girl! I am honestly your BIGGEST FAN EVER! In my school, we have to write a story about someone who we think should have been "Person of the Year" for 2008 and I chose you! I need to write a bio on you now and I'm so excited! If you could email me or do a concert in Chicago, I'd be the happiest person on earth! You are my FAVORITE singer ever! I have to go get more facts about you now! Bye!!!!!! :)

jessica 8 years ago

I love you!!! you are so pretty and nice and you have the most beautiful voice in the world!!! yyour are the best song writer in the galaxy!! Please listen carefully at every concert to here me yell,

I LOVE YOU!!!!! ps joe jonas is a meannnnnnie for doing that to ya



Morgan P. 8 years ago

Taylor U R Awesome. I Love Your Song Only Me WHEN I'm With You. It Reminds Me Of How I FelT Before I Broke Up With My BF. Hoping You Keep Going !!!!!!!!!!( :

#1 fan 8 years ago

hey taylor i love your music and i am your #1 fan forever

Jurain Lafayette 8 years ago

Hey Taylor,

You are an inspiration to me!!!!!!!!!! i am 11 years old and i would like to be a singer when i grow up!!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me!!!!!!!!!!!! my email address is: jurain97@yahoo.com. I am a real big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every time you win an award i am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE COULD REPLACE MY ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!! it's YOU!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOOXOXOXO please emil me very soon.

love & hugs,


P.S. if you don't email me i won't stop liking you. You would still be my role model, but i would be disapointed and sad. You see, if you did email me that would be one of of the greatest things that would ever hapen to me in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makina 8 years ago

you are my hero taylor. i love you're music. i have a t-shirt of you. you rock. i want to be like you when i grow up.( a singer)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Erika 8 years ago

Hi Taylor! I just wanted o say that you are very pretty and have an interesting life

STEPHANIE 8 years ago

Dear Talor Swift,

I Just Won't To Know tthat Do you Have a Boyfriend and Do you Have a Hotmail Because I Have Have An E-mail too My is Stephanie1344@hotmail.com AND What is Yours.

From:Stephanie Lloyd.

sierra 8 years ago

omg i love u taylor swift u r my ulitimate fav singer some day i hope t be a singer like u my fave. song is white horse. luv ya!

ana 8 years ago

you are beautiful i dont know if you know that. but you are preety and cute. you sing amazing. and a great personality. keep rockin too it.

McKenna 8 years ago

OMG!!! I love you taylor!!!! You are my role model, my favorite singer, and just the person that I want to meet! Okay you can e-mail me at froggy@jalanconstruction.com. Love ya!!!!!

PS I hate joe jonas don't worry I am mad at him for breaking up with you on the phone in just 27 seconds!!!!!!

paige 8 years ago


Paige 8 years ago

Hey Taylor, It's me again! I just wanted to say that a talent show is coming up for my school and i am gonna sing one of your songs. It would be totally awasome if you were there but that probly isn't happening. YOU TOTALLY ROCK GIRL!! My three favorite songs of yours are Love Story, Teardrops on my guitar, White Horse. I can really relate to almost all of your songs like for teardrops on my guitar, i have a HUGE crush, the biggest crush ever on this guy named Drew and your lyrics really relate to what im feeling. I LOVE YOU!! (it would be SOOO Kool if you had a concert in Clevland)

sara 8 years ago

omigod you are the best singer i eva heard. i listen to ur songs everyday!!!!!!!!!!!u rock adn u are sooooooo pretty! I hope to see u in a concert and I LOVE UR MUSIC!!!!!! i can't stop listening to them. Its really hard to tell u my fav. ( cause they are all my favorite) when i'm sad ur music cheers me up the most. Hope u write more!

Rock On!!!!!!!!

Sara from MA

micah 8 years ago

i love you taylor.i live in texas and i love your music.most the songs are true in my life it is sooo,,, cool love, micah

julia 8 years ago

hi tay, i hope for your next consert you do vary well and good luck!

Taylor Swift 8 years ago

Hi guys! By The Way any questions send to this email address and they will be answered: Chloegreen2008@hotmail.com please. Anyway For those of you asking yes i do have a boyfriend. Anyway I love all you girls and boys that support me and i love all my fans! I'll check back in soon x

lovestory 8 years ago

hey i just love your songs my personal fav has to be love story or our song i cant choose their both so good. I listen to you all day long your my roll model i plan to live in your foot step


morgan 8 years ago

taylor you are so koool.

Shayra G. 8 years ago

Hey Taylor I am 11 years old well I will be 12 on April 4th. Anyways I know a lot of people might say this but I truly mean it you rock no lie I love the songs fearless and you belong with me. You have inspired me since I was born to write my own music, I also play guitar (not very good but I do). My grand ma who is now dead wanted me to be a actress witch I will one day be hopefully I will be in a movie with you. One day I would love to be a sepreme actress I take classes but one day I wanna reach the top.

I do have one question and that is I know a lot about you but I would like to know more for a biograghy fair at school I wanna be you so I need to put together a presentation.

I know a lot of people might ask you to do this stuff but if you get to that one in a million chance my e-mail is shay97ra@yahoo.com

Taylor Swift 8 years ago

I am so glad to be on this website and I am so glad everyone loves my music! By the way I hope everyone reaches their goals and becomes stars!

allison 8 years ago

taylor swift is my insperation and she has the best voice!

Sarah 8 years ago

I love u Taylor, I think that your hair is so awsome and I wish that I had the same hair as u because I want my hair to be all blonde and curly like yours

Aqua 8 years ago

Taylor was the most talented country singer i have ever known. Your music were very nice and i like when i read her lyrics. It's like the most beautiful poetry ever! You're a great star, Taylor Swift. You have inspired me a lot! Thank you.

anna 8 years ago

hey taylor, i cant believe you read this. i have heard all your songs. i have our fearless album. i found out the secret messages to your capital letter thing. my friend i borrowing it right now, so i dont know what the messages are. you are my dream maker. i right songs, just im nervous to singin front of people. how did you come over that? by the way, do you ever go to hollywood? ps: you are my FAVORITE singer. great work! keep it up! love yaso much. love, anna.

jessica 8 years ago

hey taylor your awsome (:i used to hate country music now i love it thanks your so great!

Alyssa 8 years ago

Taylor, you have the best music.I admire you soooo much.I wish I could get tickets to one of your comments, but I couldn't.All of my family tried on defferent computers.But, we couldn't get them.Anyway, love your music and hope to see you in your next concert.

Alisa 8 years ago

U rock girl! ;-)

becky & sarah 8 years ago

you rock.my favorite. song is fearless. Right this moment my sister is doing her speech on you and i am helping her.You are my favorite singer in the world.

vince luvs taylor 4evr 8 years ago

taylor you are my hero and iv been trying to communicate with you every way i can.I live in tulsa oklahoma and i came to ur BOK proformance in tulsa oklahoma it was awsome.so plz mention me in the next blog that would be the coolest thing ever I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCOTT BEHM 8 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I bought your first cd last week. And have listened to it a couple times I really like the songs you have on there. I'm hoping to get your recent cd sometime soon here. We've been so busy here in Devils Lake with the curling championships here and all. Well just wanted ya to know I like your music and all. Hop to hear from ya soon. My birthday was sunday and i'm 34


Scott Behm

vince hawley fearless 8 years ago

hello,you are the coolest teen idol ever.you do something you love every day and get paid to do it.that would be awsome and good luck to you with your new bf but you call if things dont work out 918 367 2478.. please

Leah 8 years ago

Hey Taylor....

so i'm doing a report on you for English Class. We had to pick a famous person born after 1945, so i picked you!! you truely are an amazing person and your not like all stuck up and snobby just because you're famous you are a down to earth person and that's great! I am in Highschool and live in Bellevue Ohio. you are an awesome singer and i love your song "White Horse" Congrats on everything and hopefully i will get to see your Fearless tour. i did see you in concert in July of '07 in Colombus OH. You were the opening act for Faith Hill andd Tim McGraw.. haha you were great ;)

thnx, i don't expect you to respond back like some of the ppl... i mean that would be great andd all but yeahh

ohh andd PS i love your Hair!!

Leah 8 years ago

Hey taylor it's Leah again.. i just sent a message but i decided that i should throw out the fact that you should e-mail me tho i doubt it ha kay:


deft. should email me tho ;)

Scott Behm 8 years ago

Hi Taylor,

IJust wanted to say I got both of your cds. Let me tell you both albums have very great songs and you sing all of them very good. I really enjoy listening to them. keep up the goood work and when your next album comes out let me know.

Scott Behm

Taylor Swift 8 years ago

Hi all my fans! I havnt been on this site for a while but i am glad i got the chance to have a look. XXX

Flawless 8 years ago

i love taylor good songs

Taylor Swift 8 years ago

Hey guys Just want you to check out some people I think are some awesome singers. Forever the Sickest kids(http://www.myspace.com/foreverthesickestkids) , Janna Bridges (http://www.myspace.com/jannabridges), and Brandon Beverly (http://www.myspace.com/rawr_b). Go check them out, add them as friends on myspcae and Give them commments. The More comments and stuff they recieve the more people that will hear from me. give them commpliments on their myspace, music and looks. How their writing and things make you feel. Be real about ho you feel towards their work and appearances. They'll be letting me know how nice you are to them. I'll be in touch soon. Thanks for all the support once again. Lots of Love, xoxo

jillian  8 years ago

heey taylor whatz upp i'm not ur biggest fan but i still love ur music my friends give me some of ur music i loved it the best song that i liked well all of them its really hard to pick so i will say i'd lie and tears drops on my gartar i like to write songs my friends say that there good but i don't think so. i'm 11 years old i live in marystown newfoundland and i was wondering if u ever have a change to read this may u come to marystown i was never to a concert be4 if u have a change please gome and please add me at jillianhutchings@hotmail.com

love u jillian

Danielle 8 years ago

hey taylor i know that you will probably not read this but i just wanna say some things about you...well first off is that i think you are so awesome!to be honest i have always loved music and my dream is to be a singer i actually write songs myself!i am taking singing lessons even though i really dont thik i need them.LoL...i really listen to anything!pop, r&b, country.you name it all!but to be honest ....the kind that i have been less interested in is country.....but as soon i heard you on the radio....the first thiing that hit my mind was "man,this girl really is somethng!"i have all of your CD's and make sure to listen to them everyday!my facvorite song of yours is (LOVESTORY)and to be honest i know all of the words to every one of your songs!haha no kidding!ohh yeah and i have to mention (HEY STEPHEN) is pretty awesome too.i love you so much ...and i have to say rock on maybe one day i will turn out to be just like you!i will follow my dreams!well...rock hard taylor swift!one of you alltime biggest fans!

Misty and Alyssa 8 years ago

Hey Taylor,

We're doing a music project on you. We think you totally rock!!!! Misty's favorite song is "I'd Lie", and Alyssa's favorite song is "You're Not Sorry." We love all your music. Keep singing

KATLYN FOWLER 8 years ago



bob 8 years ago

hey taylor your like the best country singer ever and I love love story

bubbles 8 years ago

hey taylor omg i got your newest album "fearless" and i love it i have recognized like all the songs and i love you so much id love to have somethin autographed be you. im tryin to firure out how i can get backround music wen i first turn on the computer on but im not that smart if i could figure it out i would put you belong with me on it or love story or hey stephen those are my fav. songs

love bubbles

Montanna 8 years ago

HEY! My name is Montanna. I like to rife horses and I run barrels and learning how to rope. I love to sing. I have written 2 songs. I met Nan Kelley at Rayners one night because my daddy and her daddy know each other. I would like to become a singer one day. OH YEAH by the way ur AWESOME!!!!!:)

baylee  8 years ago

dear, taylor i am like your #1 fan YOU ROCK MY WORLD


SCOTT BEHM 8 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I really have been enjoying listening to your music. I try to picture in my mind what you're doing as you sing your songs. I guess it's easy to picture you that way. trying to picture you and seeing myself in those visions. But anyway keep up the good singing. and talk to you soon.

Scott Behm

Viannca 8 years ago

heeeyy taylor i love you and the songs you made ur very pretty gud luck wit every thing =)

:v-ka <3 (nickname)

Jodie Elmer 7 years ago

heyy taylorr. i'm jodie elmer. i doubt you remember me, but our parents played tennis together and were good friends. my moms name is mary jo, i'm sure your mom remembers her. haha. when we were little we went water skiing together. that was realllyyy funn! then we went to this one park and saw you perform when you weren't as popular. you gave us your very first cd. i think it had like 3 songs on it. haha. that was a really fun timee. well looks like you've been real successful. your an amazing singer. hope we can meet again for another water skiing trip sometime when you guys aren't touring the world. :)

kayy. byeee. :)

emily ward 7 years ago

i love you

makayla 7 years ago

i love u!!!!!!!!! ur on my myspace!!!!!!!!! i want ur phone # sooo bad a boy named lance is in love wit u he's in my class. ttly love ya

Alyssa Crivello 7 years ago

Hi Taylor! I'm your biggest fan!

Canny 7 years ago

Hey Taylor email me at crivelloalyssa@yahoo.com

You are my favorite country music singer! Please email me!

Jill 7 years ago

OMG!!!Hi Taylor! I have to be your biggest fan!! I was you for Halloween! I LOVE all of your songs! I really wish I could meet you someday!


Abby 7 years ago

Hi Taylor! Love Love Story!!!! It remaindes me of how I feel about this guy I like!!

Bye Taylor!!!


# 1 fan!!! 7 years ago

I am definetly ur #1 fan!! I have all ur cds! They rock just like u! My fav song is White Horse!!

Abby 7 years ago


Could you possible have another cocert in Savannah,Georgia? My sis and i wanna go to one of your concerts! When my sis found out she couldn't go she cried!PLEASE!

luv ya XOXOXO =]

Me  7 years ago

Hey i love your songs i think you a great singer and ur really pretty

my cousin looks just like and hopes to be just like you

shes a really great singer but not as good as you

anyways just letting u know im a big fan.........yea

Mackenzie 7 years ago

dear Taylor Swift,I love u andi hope u have a good time preforming tonight ok Taylor and can u do me a favor and see i f on e of your tour dates and are here so i can come see you at whatever place u tour at ok Taylor love you. I am a big fan of u and i vhope u get my message at http;//hubpages.com/hub/Taylor-Swift. I am going to snmed u a letter sometime this week ok Taylor.


jordan janzen 7 years ago

taylor stay true to everything your sopposed to be. don't get caught up in fame and fortune! you seem really awsome and you are drop dead gorgeous.

oh and from my own experiences

don't let guys get the best of you. you are so much more and deserve more too!

-love one of your biggest fanssssssss


Scott Behm 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I'm still listening to your music and I have been loooking at some of your pictures on the other sites your on and from what I see you seem like a nice person and dress nice and smile nice it would be neat to see you in concert once. I'll be watching for sometime when you are in North Dakota. Talk to you soon.

Scott Behm

Allison 7 years ago

I love you and your music! You are my role-model and my favorite song is Change. Change is a GREAT song with alot of emotion and insperation for me! I am 11 years old and I wish I could just meet you once but me and my mom are in a tight money jam and my dad doesn't live with me and i havn't seen him for a long,long time. I think it's really cool that your middle name is my first name! bye and Taylor I wish you the best!

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

Hows the inging going. I'm doing o.k myself. My friend Jim and I goofed on goofed on the height of the new fire truck it's 110 feet not 100 feet but it still reaches 94 feet across. I lost a close friend of mine, Clarence Peterson, He was a good pool player and nice man. I went to his funeral yesterday. And I bought a thermometer for my fridge and strangely enough it has your name on it. Cool huh? Take care hope to hear from ya soon.

Scott Behm

Kristy 7 years ago

i could be like the same as all other people but that's not who i am. and you taught me to be who i am.. you probably have alot of hate going your way ( no idea why, buut you know ). but you just gotta take it, you gotta stay true to yoruself. your beautiful, amazing voice and i am completely behind you in the Shooting of lawrence king incident.. everyhting you said about hate and how to use your enrgy for good.. i belive was compeltely true..

just stay true to yrouself, dont let rude ocmments get you down

( if yodsu otn got ntohign ncie to sya, dont say anything at all ;) )

taylor #1 fan 7 years ago

your such a cool person. I love your singing, but, I judge people by what's on the inside, as I told you before I love you singing, I truly do, but on the inside I'm postive you have a heart of gold. I sometimes pretend that your my sister and your standing next 2 me. L.O.L. BYE, TAYLOR

P.S. my friend Emily and I are doing a biography in music about you so if you can send me stuff on my e-mail miranda.woolard@yahoo.com and mabey you can give me your e-mail address. SEE YA!

Addie 7 years ago

Hey Taylor you are such and amazing,talented country singer. I can honestly say your my inspiration and no one in the world has ever impressed me with a talented voice and such a honest truthful girl. I,m proud of you so keep working hard! Rock on! Love.Peace.Taylor xoxoxoxo Love' your truest fan Addie

Dawn 7 years ago

Hey Taylor.... um i like your music....but my boyfriend likes it better. He told me that if you walked by, he would leave me for you!!!! What's up with that? But i think he likes your blue eyes and curley blonde hair. But its what ever.... BYE BYE!!!:P

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I think spring is finally here in Devils Lake. The snow is finally starting to disappear. We had another fire last week. This time it was Grace Baptist Church. Just a block or so away from here. Jim says it was bad wiring that did it. The pastor there said they've had problems with it before. and The New Fire truck was called in for it and they got it out. the outside of the church is fine the inside got it. The pastor says they do plan to rebuild once the insurance goes through.

Keep up the singing Taylor, I look forward to your next album.

Scott Behm

abby upchurch 7 years ago

hey taylor swift i relly love you and can me and my 2 cuzins and perants come to your concert in Evansville and we thank you for enspiering me to not let boys ruine your life and if you let us come to your concert it will be my first time going to a concert oh by the way can we also have back stage passes to PLEASE i relly relly want to meet you in person

love abby upchurch

kimberly G. 7 years ago

hi.im having a probem with my dad. an i dont think i should tell him that now i have my 1st bf/boy friend.kind of like ur song love story.please help.by the way its r song :> <3'z MARTIN

ps:ur a graet singer/write bake

Taylor Martin ( real name!) 7 years ago

hey taylor swift ur an awesome country song writer and it makes it better that you write ur own songs. My friend her name is Lisa Carstensen she no lie looks exacly like you she is adopted and she sounds just like you. singing wise she is also a huge fan. I was wondering if there is any chance that ur related? I know that sounds super crazy but its something I have been wondering about it for a while. e-mail me at temartin1996@hotmail.com

katie evans 7 years ago

you are beautiful no matter what they say. no words can bring you down.

when you think tim mcgraw i hope you think my favortie song, someday youll the radio on and hope it takes you back to that place. and you think hapiness i hope you think that little black dress and hope it takes you back to that place....


SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How's the singing going? Have you got a new album out yet? I'm still listening to your music and all. I'm sure you've heard about all the flooding in Fargo, North Dakota. I ask that you keep the people of Fargo in your thights and prayers. Keep up on the singing. Talk to you soon.

Scott Behm

claire 7 years ago


Taylor i am ur #1 fan and i was wondering if you could e-mail me the story of how u became know or reconized(daddiesgirl19965@live.com).Ohhh and i live in louisisana and i love to sing. I absolutely love ur songs. I think u r beautiful no matter wat people tell u. By the way i write songs all the time and i loved it when u and miley cyrus preformed on the grammy's i think it was (u sang "15"). Well g2g but please e-mail me asap.


Emily Ward 7 years ago

Hey taylor im 9 years old may i have your number love your number1 fan I LOVE YOU.

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How's your singing going? I'm doing o.k myself. Not much going on here have a happy easter and talk to you again soon.

Scott Behm

Monica 7 years ago

I am Taylors#1 fan. Ilove her music. I've got most of her songs on my ipod. I cant wait to go to one of Taylors concerts. My favorte song by Taylor is Love Story. It is absaloutley awesome. My cousin and I want to be a band when we grow up and we want to sing songs about love like Taylor does.(My cousins name is Taylor) TTYL.Monica.

Lucy 7 years ago

Hey Taylor!

Just wanted to say i am your bigest fan ever and i LOVE all of your songs, I love your hair, your voice, eveything about you is amazing!

I cant wait for your new songs!

Love your biggest fan Lucy P xxx

Lucy 7 years ago

Hey again!

I just wanted to say that my dream is to get your autograph and get a chance to talk to u. You are my role model and i want to go to ur concert soooo badly!

Love you! Lucy p

Rebecca 7 years ago

Hey Taylor,

I just want to say that your my favorite singer I've ever known..

I'm 12 and i love singing..

I keep dreaming me singing with you.

Your my role model number 1 and i'm your biggest fan!

Your Number 1 fan,


Bailee 7 years ago

Shes an inspiration and her music keeps me happy!

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

Hows the singing going? do you have a new album in the works yet. Hope it will be as good as the last two.

Keep up with your career,

Scott Behm

Sierra 7 years ago

Hi my name is Sierra Gump and i just wanna say how much you in spire me to sing.Because of your bravery Im who i am today im only 11 and ive been listening to you for 2 years.And i love you!

flapers12 7 years ago

hey taylor i love your music and i think you are awesome but there is one thing i really need an answer on do you ever get privacy because i am thinking about going on american idol and just in case i want to know just because i might win or some thing well i hope there is some way you sould tell me well bye bye

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How's the singing going? I heard one of your songs "The Best Day" on the bus ride to work. I think it is nice that you write your own songs and that the song "The Best Day" is a special song for you and I do enjoy listening to your music. Keep up with your singing and your career, and talk to you next time.

Scott Behm

rebecca 7 years ago

Taylor my name is rebecca i'm 15 years old and this friday my school is having a talent show and i'm going to sing love story to everyone. I was hoping you'd em about what to do? my email address is rebecca.fultz1@gmail.com

wishmeluck ;->

RhoanOwen-xo 7 years ago

Taylor, i love you i think your music is amazing and your my number one roll model!!!

love your no' i fan

Morgan P. 7 years ago

Hi Taylor! Love the new album. I'm kind of nervous b/c I'm performing 1 of ur song 0n the 20'th(you're not sorry) ,and Ithink no one can sing them as good as you. Hope 2 see you in Little Rock, Arkansas soon. Please remember that I'm praying for you and that I totally suppot you and you're music. Keep goin girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going? I heard another one of your songs in a store on my trip yesterday. The song was "you Belong with me" I guess your "fearless" cd is doing well and you're getting more songs off of that one and as you're getting more popular, Your music is getting noticed more of your songs as well as yourself are getting more popular. That is good, Keep up the singing you do have a great voice. and talk to you again soon.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor, This weekend we have the Devils Run Car Show and there will be a lot old cars here and a lot of fun. Well keep up with your singing. And I hope to see you in concert one day Scott Behm

kassandra 7 years ago

hi taylor! I really love your songs they rock!!! My cousin and I always listen to your songs. I hope you have written a new song so that all your fans can listen to it and I hope it will be another big hit! I hope my cousin and I can see you personally in your concert.

Lily 7 years ago

tylor i think your awsome i love your songs they have absolute true meaning i love u taylor

Bill Caruso 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I would just like you to know how much I love your music. I really

wasnt into country a lot until I heard and saw you on You Tube.

All great things about you. Young, Beautiful, Talented. Hope you

never stop singing. Sincerely, Bill

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I saw a t.v show the other day "Dateline N.B,C" and they did a special show about you and your tour you have coming up this year. I thought it was great that you are headlining your own tour and that you are in control of what you want for your stage and how you want your band to play to your songs and all the other preps you have to make so your tour willl go on without a hitch. And it was also great to listen to your interview and everything you spoke about. I think you are a great person and a great singer. You have a great voice and I congradulate you on your tour and hope to see you in concert if you are ever in North Dakota. Once again congradulations on your tour and Hope to see you in concert.

Scott Behm

makayla burling 7 years ago

taylor your beautiful and wondeful i love ur music i have your folling albums fearless,tim mcgraw and beatufil eyes your a role model and you inspire me its great to have a artist like you in this world im going to your concert in aburn hills keith urban guest starring its going to be awesome on JUNE 6 SATURDAY 09 AT PALACE OF AUBURN HILLS from twilight1

Bobbie 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

you are sucha good singer and you are so pretty i really hope to be a singer and song writier like you. Next year i really want to take guitar lessons then maybe practice singing and then go in some singing contests and stuff...but i havea long way to go. :) i have SO many of your songs!!! i listen to them all the time and like everyday!! :) i wsh i could see you in person. You are my Fav. singer!!!!!!!

your fan______

mariz deveza 7 years ago

hi!! taylor you are my favorite singer and im from the phillipines and i luv all ur songs and i brought ur album fearless its really beautiful....

...I LUV U...

Kylee 7 years ago

Hey,Taylor I am your biggest fan! My name is Kylee. I look up to you and I want to be just like you! You are the best singer I've ever heard. I hope that maked your day!!!!!!!!

Rebecca 7 years ago

Hey, Taylor, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! Everybody says it just to get your attention but i really mean..My biggest wish in my life write now is to be just like you and sing with you someday!

john.. 17.. 7 years ago

i love you taylor... you are so beautiful ... if i'm in your country i'm going to ask for your hand right now... i wish some day i will see you in personal..

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How are you doing? How is the tour work coming along? I understand you will be playing here at the North Dakota State Fair on Saturday, July, 15 at 8 P.M I hope I find someway to get there. I'd like to see you in concert it would be something. Well have fun on your tour hope to see you in concert.

Scott Behm

Eric Beaudoin 7 years ago

Dear Taylor Swift,

My name is Eric Beaudoin I live in Plainville, CT I hope you visit me sometime and your my #1 FAN, I really like all of your music videos and you look very pretty in them. P.S. I get made fun of in school too because of my speech impediment, so you and me have the same problem getting picked in school. Call me sometime when you get a chance.

Eric Beaudoin 7 years ago

Dear Taylor Swift,

You Are the bestest singer in the whole world, 'cause I like to sing too. If you have any comments call my cell-phone @ 860-221-9628!!! P.S. You are very Smart and very special. I think you and me should sing together because I like too sing, you like too sing, we should be singing partners.

Shyla 7 years ago

Taylor Swift you are awesome, i love you my whole family loves you! I love all of your songes and that cool new rap song that you did with someone was off the hook! Well have a good day love ya!! xoxoxox

Love: Shyla AGE_10

Tilly Deitz 7 years ago

i love taylor and i would really love you if you got me some tickets to youre concert because we cant afford it and i really love you taylor please email me at uradmins@hotmail.com

ok i love you bye taylor

ps. youre the best love you bye taylor swift please email me as soon as possible like today right now ok i love you taylor swift i love you so much i have to go print out some picture of you bye.

i love you

love: Tilly Deitz email me ok bye

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I was on a trip last week and I heard a remixed version of your song "Love Story" I didn't know you had a remixed version of "Love Story". I knew you had a remixed version of "Teardrops On My Guitar." Anyway it is cool that you are getting popular and all. You are a great performer and a greatpeerson both on and off stage. Keep up the good work, Taylor. Hope to hear from you soon.

Scott Behm

caitlin mcmahan 7 years ago

Taylor your a awsome singer my favorite song is 'STAY BEAUTIFUL' it a pretty song and im lisining to it on youtube now my dream is you coming to my house and teaching me guitar but that dream is over beacause your busy and i wish you came to fort myers florida and i so by tickets i love you byebye

ps. were you 15 when you wrote fifffteen?



profile image

Future Singer 7 years ago

Hi, Taylor! I put my username as Future Singer because I really, really, really want to Be a country singer When I grow up JUST LIKE YOU. I've even written a few songs. And, you grew up in Pennsylvania, and I live in Maryland. There's not even a state in between those two! You're my favorite singer. I really hope someday I'll be just as good a singer as you.

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is your tour going? It is so good to hear your music and listen to you sing. You are a great singer Taylor, and you are a great person and have a great voice. Hope to see you in concert one day talk to you again soon, Taylor.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I was listening to music at work to a rock station and they played a remix version of "You Belong With Me." I know I told you that a while ago that I heard a remix of "Love Story" and I know that you have a remix of "Teardrops On My Guitar." I think it is kind of great that your songs are being played on both country and rock stations. I'm sure that you'll do more of that when you make a new cd. I really enjoy hoe popular your songs are becoming popular as well as yourself. I really enjoyed watching that t.v special a while back also. It is great that you are being honored for your poularity among those who look to you as a role model and want to be a singer like you. Keep up the good work, Taylor. I think your popular and you are a great singer. hope to talk to you soon.

Scott Behm

Victoria 7 years ago

I just wanted to say that Taylor you are my true inspiration. I am 16 years old and as we are speaking I am trying to pursue my own career in Country music. I've studied music since I was young but you are truely what keeps my head heald high.

Taz (tariya) 7 years ago

Taylor you are my dream i would love to meet ya your the best singer i know no one is a betta singer than you i would love to meet you and your sooooo pretty 2


kaylee :D 7 years ago

hey taylor im 10:).abd i gust wanted to say that i love your songs and your outfits that your where :).i realy want to go to one of your conserts but i have never gotten to ):....so yea well i gust wanted to say hi!!!! :P lol well by :)

Natalie x 7 years ago

U are a great singer and a perfect rollmodel for all the young kids out there who want to full fill the dream and become a singer just lyk you. At school were doing magazienes and im doing a music 1. We had to interview one person 2 do with music, so of corse it had to be youu. I love your album fearless and don't have a favourite song. Rhere all graet. Keep Rocking!!!!!!

All the best Natalie xx

Alexis suzanne Wharton 7 years ago

I am your biggest fan and I am 9 years old.My father can play the guitar. He is teaching me how to play guitar.I do'nt live on a farm but I live in the country. I have a golf cart me and my grandma drive on the dirt road.I want to be just like you! your fan,Alexis

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I read the article in the paper here about what happened to you on that award show over the weekend. And I was very displeased with what that guy did to you. That was clearly your award. You won it fair and square. Your music is good and you are a good person and all. This didn't need to happen to you. He should've never took that award away from you and then said whatever he said to you. As I read it, I could just imagine what was going through your mind when he did that. You won that award and it should have been left at that. But anyway I hope you feel better knowing you are a good singer your music is good no matter what he says. I know if I were in your position I'd shove the award trophy up his behind and then tell him to go straight to hades. You are a good singer and don't deserve to have a pin taken to your balloon. Your career for sure won't be the same after all of this. I wish I could just put my arm around you and say everything will be o.k. I'm just as shocked about this as you are and I just can't put into context why this had to happen to you. But you are in my prayers and I hope that you can bounce back form this. Your a great person Taylor, and a great singer and no one can take that away from you. Trust me Taylor, Everything will be o.k. I'll talk to you again soon. Take care, Taylor.

Scott Behm

Marissa Rocha 7 years ago

Hello I just want to say you are a great role model and you are so awesome hope to get your autogragh i know how to play the guitar and you inspire the songs i write thank you

Marissa (10)

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How are ya holding up after what happened last week. I hope you're doing o.k. Jim and I hava been busy at the fire department polishing up the new fire truck for Fire Prevention week in october. This weekend we have the Roughrider Rodeo Finals here in Devils Lake ao lots of fun here. Anyway keep up with your singing and all talk to you again soon.

Scott Behm

Nikki  7 years ago

OMG!!!!!Taylor I LOVVVEEEE UUUUU!!!!!in my vocal music class, i asked my teacher, Mrs. B, when we are guna sing actual songs from OUR generation(hahahah loll)sooo, our assignment is to choose a vocalist we like(Taylor Swift), pick a song from that vocalist(Taylor Swift), write a 2 paragrah essay on why u like that vocalist(DUHHH TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!)and give specific examples on why u like tht vocalist(do i really have to say it again???LOLLL)then we have to give an oral report to the class and play the song for the class!!!!!annnnnddd.... OBVIOUSLY.... i chose TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!i chose the song u belong with me because 1st of all that song is UH-MAY-ZINNNGGG!!!!!and 2nd because i, along with every single other taylor swift fan, believe that YOU deserve the moonman for You Belong With Me. kanye was absolutely positively RUUDDE and it was wrong of him to run up on the stage and snatch the mic frome u!!!!!i mean i think beyonce is a very good singer and all but the people voted for YOU and YOU won. i just watched the music vid for you belong with me!!!i've watched it like a GAZILLLIIIOOOONNNN times(never gets old. loll)sooo... i will be back(hehehehe loll)to post more comments about how UHH-MAYY-ZINNGG Taylor Swift is!!!!TTYLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How are ya holding up. I've been thinking alot about what happened to you and all. I hope you'll bounce back and move on from this incident. You are a great singer and a great person and all and you can get through this. You are a great singer and I am a real fan of your music and all. Hope to hear from you soon.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I read a story about what Kayne did to you and why he did it. I am still very upset about it and why it had to happen to you. I like your music and you are a good singer and a good person and all. I just hope that this incident hasn't tarnished your career. To see your rise and then your fall after this incident is sort of depressing to me. You deserve that award. I say you won it fair and square and you did not need this to happen. I hope you can find a way to bounce back from this, Taylor. Well I'll talk to you again soon. Take care Taylor.

Scott Behm

Tayla 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

You inspire me with your music writing anad the age that you do it at. I love your voice. My favourite song at the monemt is 'you belong with me'. I can't stop listening to it. i have being begging my mum to get me your concert tickets but she keeps on saying no. Thats because she says that she does not know who you are. I an your #1 fan. i have got all of your songs on my Ipod. I think you should keep writing songs. I love your hair as well. i tell my mum that i want your hair. She just says you can have it like that just curl it. I love your songs and you!!!

From your #1 FAN Tayla!

kaisa 7 years ago

Taylor Swift...I just can't stand the fact that you are so much like me. I mean, your songs are like my life being told, and I'm so serious about that. It's like you're inside my mind, watching my life as it rolls along and putting it all into a song. Anytime I hear a song played by you, i hesitate in what I'm doing--every single time. Taylor, you inspire me to become, not only a singer and dreamer, a full of hope...but to be a better person and believe in myself. I know you did when you got up there at just 10 years old and sang in front of a lot of people. I know you believed in yourself and that it took all the courage in the world to do that. Luv ya, Tay!


Taylor's #1 fan 7 years ago

You rock. Your my fav. artist!!!!!!!!!

**sophie** 7 years ago

Taylo Swift,

you are my idol i love your voice and i hope to meet you someday.When i am older i want to sing like you , i am only 11 so i have still got a few year yet!!!!!!!!

love soph

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How's your singing going. I've been studying up on a structure we have here in North Dakota known as Garrison Dam

I have been learning a lot about it. and it has been fun to look up stuff on it. Hope to share some of the stuff about Garrison Dam. Anyway keep up with your career. hope to talk to you again soon.

Scott Behm

cerys 7 years ago


your so cool you are my favourite singer of all time and i love you not cause your pop but country and your music means loads and tells storys! i`d love to be a singer and im 11 please help me ! cerysbaines@yahoo.co.uk

love cerys xxx

macey 7 years ago

I am in 6th grade and i have loved your music since i was in 3rd or 4th grade. i never new any one could sing as good as you can.i have all your cd's and i even got my hair permed to look like yours. my hair is completely strait and over 2.5 ft. long so it took alot of money. i would love to meet you. i listen to the radio waiting for one of your songs to come on, every time they auction stuff that has any thing to do with you i try to get it. i know your just a regular person like me with a huge talent, but i would love to meet. i look up to you and so do many other young girls like me!!!!!!!!!!! keep doing what you do best!!!

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How's your singning going. I heard your song "Fifteen" again tonight. I'm assuming by your age you must still be in school as well as juggling your music career. and I'm wondering how do you get your school work while you are out on tour? Do you have some way of getting your school work as far as asignments online or how does that work and how about handing in your work to the teachers when it is complete. And How often are you sctually in school when you are not out there on the road? I'm just curious about that. But anyway I hope everything is going good with you, Taylor.

I'm doing o.k myself. Talk to you next week, Taylor. You are my favorite singer and I like that. Hope to hear from you Talk to you next week.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going? I have a question to ask you if you don't mind. With Veterans Day coming up tomarrow, is that in the future do you have plans to go entertain the troops overseas? I'm sure you see how they sacrifice themselves for our nation's freedom. I am just curious. Any way keep up the singing and I'll talk to you again soon.

Scott Behm

Destiny 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I'm 10, turning 11 in 14 days. My parents are giving my the BEST birthday present in thw whole world... they are takeing me to the Blue Bierd Cafe` in Tennessee :-). I'm actully from a small town. Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I live on a farm and I have never had voice lessons before. I have been singing ever sence I was three. It was a song from my favorite back then, Beauty ans the Beast! I have bolonde curly hair, bright blue eyes and I'm really tall compared to all my friends. I'm 5 ft. 2 inches. I have seen you in concery before and hope to meet you someday. BTW, my dream has been to make it into The Grand Ole Opry and you have inprired me to follow my dreams.

Meg F 7 years ago

Hey Taylor. ITs even a plesure making a comment to you because 1, You got the Album of the year award,2,you inspire everyone that has listened to you,even a word,And three, You are the youngest female artist to ever win one. Please,for me, play the Song "best day" from fearless. it is an outstanding song, so outstanding that every word that you say, it should have a report. You would think that anyone would do any thing to see your concerts but I can only go to one of them when you have your own concert. Your very honoring typing to you.I won't give you my E-mail,but I will say Bye.BYE!

Morgan(-= 7 years ago

Hi Taylor!

I just wanted too say that I think you are AMAZING!

You inspire me so much. Your a VERY good singer and I can connect with all of your songs. My dream is too be a singer/actress. I think it would be amazing if I could be on Broadway!! But anyway,in April me and my best friend went too your concert in Jonesboro,AR and you did FANTASTIC!

I love your style, your voice, EVERYTHING. Your SOO TOTALLY AWESOME!! =P I hope I can meet you one day!

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How are you doing with your career and all? hope all is going well. I got a magazine today and I see you've got a boyfriend there and all. Well I hope you both are happy together. I know you had said earlier on here that you had a boyfriend then. Is this the same guy that you had then or is this one different. Either way I hope you two will be happy together. Still like your music and all hope to hear from you soon. Talk to you next time.

Scott Behm

Taylor Martin 7 years ago

Taylor swift is my all time favorite singer and my dream is to meet her in person.

Love you Taylor!

Christine 7 years ago

Hi Taylor Swift I'm your biggest fan!

I love all your songs specially "Fifteen and fearless"

My biggest wish is to see you in real life!

I Love you Taylor Swift. By the way I'm just 12 years old and at school I talk a lot about you and when we had a project called "Multi-text" and we have to choose a topic for it, and I choose you because your my Favourite singer, and I listen to your songs everyday!!!!!

I LOVE YOU TAYLO SWIFT!!!!!! I want to see you in person

kay kay (nick name) 7 years ago

i just love your songs so does my friend jay jay (nick name) can you please write to me my message thing is kscudie@msn.com

love you

kay kay 7 years ago

hey my mom says if i sing any better ill be as good as you cool huh oh whats up NICK RAY AND JAY JAY

best singer in the world

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I understand you have a birthday coming up. Well happy birthday to you incase I don't talk to you until then. I also understand you are going to be in a movie and I bet that is going to be fun. Well I wish you good luck on the whole movie thing. Our senior center here in Devils Lake got a new bus. It is a nice bus and I got to ride in it already it is a nice bus. Well congradulations on everything going on with you, Taylor. Hope all goes well and happy holidays to you. Talk to you again next week.

Scott Behm

Shayla 7 years ago

Dear Taylor Swift, You are the person I look up to when I am sad. I just put in one of your C.D's, and it automaticly cheers me up. I live in Salem, Oregon and I hope you decide to write to me some time.

Luv, Shayla

Madison 7 years ago

Taylor swift you are my favorite country singer. i love all of your songs my two favorite are "love story" and "white horse" i really hope i can someday see you in concert.

Katie 7 years ago

Hey Taylor!

I just wanted to say you are the best singer ever! I had this singing competition at my school a whiles back and sung one of your songs, "Jump then Fall". Unfortunately I didn't win but all of my friends said I sounded amazing. I love you and your songs. You are my inspiration. Currently, my favorite songs of yours is Mary's Song, Untouchable, and Forever and Always (the piano version). I can't WAIT until you make another album (please do!)

Come visit the New York State Fair this summer! I've always wanted to see you live!

Thanks for reading!

Sharnie 7 years ago

Hi Taylor Swift

My name is Sharnie and i am 11 years old

i think you are the bestest singer in the world!

I am so excited about going to your concert on Monday 8th Febuary 2010.

and if i got to meet you it would be the bestest bestest day ever! I don't know what is my favourite song out of your songs but i really like Tim McGraw and The best day!

Thankyou for reading

from Sharnie

Leah Clark 7 years ago

Taylor. You are amazing to have been 16 and have your first single. i have to say you were absolutely FEARLESS. You have the same sense of humor and me. and we both like sarcastic people. l0l. LOVE iT!! You are so brave and confident i's not even funny. oh and i only live like 2 hours away from your house. i hear your moving out? I wanna say good luck. Every body says i look dead up like you. My hair, shape of my face, nose, and mouth, plus i'm tall and thin like you. with long legs. l0l. That's a great thing to hear though. you're amazingly amazing.

Hope to see you at a concert.

Your look a-like, LEAH CLARK

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brought you everything you wanted. And I hope your career goes as well for you as it did this year. You are still my favorite singer and always will be. Hope to hear More news about you in 2010. Happy New Year, Taylor. talk to you next week.

Scott Behm

Maggie 7 years ago

Hi, Taylor if you ever read this then I just want you to know that I love thug story and you belong with me and love story. I am your #1 fan and believe me. I'm only 9 but I still love your music! Can You come to Cleveland,Ohio sometime? I know you just turned 20! My sister is the same height as you. She's 5" 11 and she's only 19. Her name is Katie. I also have 2 brothers and a cat! My cat is 14 and her name is Sassy. My brother is 15 and his name is Rob. And my other brother is 22 and his name is Jim. I'm the youngest I'm even younger than my cat!!! My best friend's name is Payton and she loves you. My other friend's name is Madison and she likes you. Can you believe it's almost 2010? Today is December 31st!! These are the people that would love to meet you sometime: me(of course),KT, Payton, and Madison. Both of us (me and u) love cheesecake and summer. And you and my sister love "love actually"! I hope you have a wonderful 2010.

Love, Maggie S.

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor

How's the singing going? I just hope that 2010 goes better for you like 2009 did. You are a great singer and I enjoy listening to you now and I will forever you are my favorite singer, Taylor. You are number 1 in my book have a good 2010, Taylor. Talk to you again soon

Scott Behm

Erynn 7 years ago

Hey Taylor!

I can't tell you what my favorite song of yours is, because I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!! Keep up the good work! You are my biggest inspiration, and I hope someday I will have the opportunity to meet you! Everytime I hear that a new Taylor Swift song is out, I can't wait to hear it because I know I'm going to love it!!! I admire you for your dedication, perserverance, intelligence, strength, honesty,

and confidence. I think your beautiful inside and out; and you deserve every award handed to you! I can't wait until you release another cd! I love the variety of relateable songs you have, and I know they all come from the heart! "Picture To Burn", helped me when I was having a bad break-up...I just sang along, and I felt alot better! Also, when things were going great, I could sing along to "I'm only me when I'm with you", "Love Story", and others! Thank you so much for being YOU!!! And I love the fact that your different than other stars, and so down to earth. I know everyone says this, but I will always be your #1 FAN! LOVE YOU!!!! ,Erynn (Reno,NV)

Jenna  7 years ago

Hi taylor i love you and all your music! ive been to one of your concerts and i wish i couldve hugged you whenever i was there but you didnt come to my side. your songs help get throw rough times sometimes and you are sooo pretty! i wish i was like you but im not!haha love you Jenna

7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

Today I heard "Fearless" off of your "Fearless" album. I see that songs are coming off your "Fearless" album and still keeping you in popoularity in 2010. I say that you're still my favorite singer and you always will be. Hope 2010 will ba as good for you and your career as last year was. Talk to you again soon.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I found some stuff about you in a couple magazines here. I thought that the articles were very interesting. I can already see that this year will be as great for you as last year was. And I also understand that you are going to be at the Grammy Awards in a couple weeks. I just want to wish you luck at the Grammys and I hope you win one yourself. I bet you have a room at home just full of all your awards that you have ever won. You are my favorite singer and always will be. Talk to you next week.

Scott Behm

Rialda 7 years ago

...well,Taylor...I could only say that I like your songs,because you write them on your own,and that says that you are very talented.I would like to know you,as the real Taylor,not the one you are on TV...I think you are great singer,and the way you followed your dream inspireds millions of girls in the whole world.

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going. I see you participated in the benefit concert for the people in Haiti. We both know judging by the news how bad everything has been over there. I sure hope they can recover over there. Have fun at the Grammys, Taylor. I hope you win one I'm sure you will. We have a big fishing tournement being put on by the fire department. Jim and I were talking about it alll last week. Well Take care Taylor, and have fun at the Grammys. Hope you win one. Talk to you next week.

Scott Behm

meyafiQa profile image

meyafiQa 7 years ago from Gadong, Brunei Darussalam

Hey Taylor, i'm your fan from Brunei(somewhere on earth) and i'm really interested in doing project about you as a songwriter for which i have used your 'The Best Day' lyric for my art piece. And currently I'm still searching for some lyrics that suit for my artwork. I like you and I have all your albums.

Love you!, all way from Brunei.

Savannah 7 years ago

You're amazing taylor, you really make me think about life, and how amazing it is. everytime i listen to one of your songs i turn out the lights, light candles, relax, and think. your lyrics are so moving. you are truely one of the most greatest singers to ever walk the planet in my opinion. i hope you never stop writing songs because i dont know what i would do!! if im ever feeling sad or alone, your songs always comfort me :)

Taylor Swify 7 years ago

Heyy guys thanks for all the comments

-Taylor Swift

SCOTT BEHM 7 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I saw previews of a movie you are in. I bet you'd make a great actress. Do you have any plans for a new album any time soon? Let me know when you do. You are a great singer.

talk to you next week.

Scott Behm

mason bostic 6 years ago

Hey Taylor,

I have to say you are a great singer! I think your music has a bunch to tell young people about life. The one that makes me think most about friends and love is Tim McGarw. The reason i like it is because this on girl i dated she had a smile that could light up a sad room. Now that she is gone life just does not seem the same with out her and when i hear your song Tim McGraw it takes me back to when she was here!

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I heard your song "Love Story" last night and tonight I heard "Fearless". And I know you have a boyfriend and all. Well I have a girlfriend myself and we both love each other deeply. I guess that's all that counts. anyway hope your singing and all goes well.

Scott Behm

Emma 6 years ago

Im Emma .Im years old. Im Taylors BIGGEST FAN!!!! Im going to youre concert.it will be awsome no matter what.

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

Tonight at work I heard an accustic version of "Teardrops On My Guitar" I was unaware that you had an accustic version of that song. I know you have a regular version and a remixed version but I didn't know you had an accustic version. but wither way it is sung by you and I do love your music, Taylor. hope you get a new album out soon as well as I hope to see you in concert soon also. Take care, Taylor.

Scott Behm

toni :) 6 years ago

I LOVE U! lol ur so pretty and im so jealouse. and u have the prettiest voice! and i agree that ur hair is awsome lol.... ur my favorite artist so keep singing taylor! :)

Toni Black

Madison 6 years ago

Hey Taylor!

I LOVE your music! I went to your 2010 Fearless tour in Philedelphia, PA March 19! It was AWESOME! I'm a huge fan of yours. Hopefully there's going to be another albumn coming out soon!! Take care!



Caitlin 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

you are so good, and i am doing a school project on you and i cant wait to show everyone!! My friend is also doing it but she only did it coz she had nothing else to do, im not trying to be mean or anything but its the truth. Guess wat i went online and i made a -tshirt with a pic of u on the froent. One day i hope my parents let me go to ur concert, i will make a poster and wear my taylor swift t-shirt.

FROM Caitlin p.s u are the best singer ever no lie

Haley 6 years ago

Hey Taylor, I went to your concert 2 days ago! And it was one of the coolest things i have ever been to! You are so amazing and talented! Your such a good exaple of how a good celeb should act! Keep doing what your doing!

Ann Lee profile image

Ann Lee 6 years ago

Good article on Taylor. I published a hub on "Why Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood Became Top Country Music Performers," which expresses many of the same things you state. Check it out if you wish. Thanks.

carley 6 years ago

hi Taylor, if your reading this I just want to tell you that your amazing!, im a member of taylor connect and i recived a newsletter in my email saying that we should vote for you for entertainer of the year and right as soon as i got that email i went to that website and voted "Taylor Swift" for entertainer of the year and i have been doing that everyday because I truly think you can do it! I also love all of you songs and my biggest dream would be to meet you, you are my idol and because of you in the future I plan to take up a career in music like writting my own songs, and My whole family plays guitar so my dad has been begining to teach me so I can do well in the future! I'd love love love love love love love love love love to meet you , get something signed by you or even go to one of your concerts but my family is kinda running low on money right now so I wish i could go but we cannot afford too, but stay strong and keep being the best person ever!:)

Ey_08 6 years ago

Hi Taylor, I love your music.. Sometimes I can relate to it.. You have beautiful voice. Just keep rocking!..

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is your singing going. Last night at work I heard your very first song "Tim Mcgraw." It is amazing to me that your career has blossomed so much since then. You were a great singing then and you are still that great singer now. That is great and you should be proud of yourself, Taylor. Thanks for being a great singer You are great.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is your singing going? Monday night my favorite baseball team, The Minnesota Twins played their very first game this season in their new ball park called Target Field. It is a nice ball park. I hope to go there and see them play in Target Field someday. Anyway keep up with your career. You are a great singer and all.

Scott Behm

taylor painter 6 years ago

Hi taylor,

me and my best friend kaitlin m. have a taylor swift folder with more then 550 pictures of u serosuly i counted and we have 18 bioagrphys and my favorite color is white and my birthday is also december 13 th isn't that acward. i am in 5th grade and when i found out u wrote a 13 on ur hand i started doing that everyday. we love u sooo much. we were at ur concert in frisco tx. u were so awesome. we have like more than 100 magzines of u. WE LOVE U TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are ur #1 fans. if i ever get backstage passes we should have a sleepover some day. please please write something back to me i love so much. my fv song by u would be everyone because ur the best artist in the world. fav picture also cant choice ur so beatuiful in all of them. is taylor launter ur boy friend if he is then i am going to say good choice he is cute. i could go on for ever talking to u but i have to do dumb hw. we need to get in touch love u bye love kaitlin and taylor

ZyAyre Bowens 6 years ago

I love your music that my mom cant stand it.I might be your biggest fan ever.I have all your CDs,posters,and jewelrey.I am a 11-year-old fan and would LOVE to meet you!!! (3 E)

Katrena 6 years ago

Hi , Taylor I just wanted to say I love your music. And I am doing a project in school about my favorite singer and I picked you because you have such Talent! I also wanted to say I Really like you hair!!!!!

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going? I haven't wrote in a while. I just found out last week that I am Diabetic I am dealing with the changes but it has been hard. Anyway keep up with your singing you are a great singer and you sing well no matter which of your songs you sing. Talk to you next week.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going I haven't heard much of your singing on the radio I hope you are getting a new album out. If you are when will it be out I'd like to know. I'm sure this album will be just as good as the others. Your music is great. Keep up the good work.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

Last night I heard your song "Picture To Burn" I like that you sing soft songs and songs that make people pay attention to your spicy side, Taylor. You are a good singer and I like that. All of your songs are good and that is what counts.

Scott Behm

mariah 6 years ago

hey ,

I'm doing a biography and i'm doing you .I love your music. I'm in gr.5 at st.paul scool in timmins. My name is mariah cyr . and i am 10 years old . I need to go love ya bye


Mariah Cyr

Devanie Jade 6 years ago

Hey I'm a super big fan. I completely look up to you as a role model. You inspired me to express myself in music instead of inflicting pain upon myself and writing has helped me as an outlet so much. I love you and your music. Your my favorite artist because you have an amazing voice and you set a good example to kids my age and a good example for young kids too. My song with my old best guy friend was "I'm Only Me When I'm With You". I've never been to one of your concerts but its my biggest, wildest dream in the world to go to one. On my bucket list is go to a Taylor Swift concert and meet Taylor. Please email me devjade@sbcglobal.net . I'm like your biggest fan please email me! I completely look up to you

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going? I have been listening to quite a bit of your songs again I also heard you did sing a bit for that special show for Brooks and Dunn a while back. I hope you have a new album in the works. And I am looking forward to hearing if you will be performing in North Dakota anytime soon. I love your music Taylor, and I like how pretty of a person you are and how people look up to you as a role model. You are number 1. I look forward to hearing from you. You are a great singer, Taylor.

Scott Behm

Shaelyn Kelly 6 years ago

Hey Taylor,

I love to sing and hope to be as good as you someday.Singing is my passion and even though I am only 11 years old I hope to be a singer soon.I've had lots of practice.Since I was 4!


Shaelyn Kelly

Jennifer (New Zealand) 6 years ago

Taylor should come to NZ she is so awesome she might actually be reading about what you say because she googles herself when i grow up i definitely want to be a country artist. Taylor you rock!!! Ive got both your albums they are awesome my favourite song is Superstar and Tim McGraw its totally awesome!!! Go Taylor you inspire me

Katie 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I love your music it is like the best music i have ever heard in my whole entire life. My birthday is coming up and I asked my parents if they could get me tickets to one of your concerts so I hope I will get that. One question do you have a sister because on your music video "You belond with Me" The girl with the brown hair looks a lot like you. Keep up the awesome music!:)

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going? I heard your new song on the radio. It is vintage Taylor Swift your voice is so good on all your songs and I like it. I had some disturbing news this afternoon my cousin Dale Hanssen past away I don't know when the funeral is I know I'll see him again someday. Well I enjoy your new song and hope to get your new album when it comes out. Take care, Taylor.

Scott Behm

profile image

devilash 6 years ago

Hey Taylor ,i wish you may read this beacuse this is my first time to send i-mail for you me and my mate are really good fans of yours we have been fans since we were 5 and we would love to meet you !! We wish you would come into the uk England Stoke because my mum and my mates wont travel we wish we could we would do ANYTHING to meet you and you have really inspired us. we love you i hope you read this with all the other people writing to you i have watched all your vidieos on youtube and LOVE'D evrey one well thanks for reading xx love ash and lydd xx

Jessica; ilovetaylorswift♥ 6 years ago

i hope you read this!

your my faveourite singer; and songwriter.

i'd do anything to meet you in person!

on your birthday you'll be same age as my sister!:)

she likes you aswell, her favourite song ever is untouchable.

Mines a place in this world because i can relate to it sooo much!

me and my friend are going on britains got talent 2011, and we're singing change because we can relate to it.

i hope you see it, because i like to sing your songs; i can do the high notes that you sing aswell! And low notes, i really hope you see this. Some of my friends had never even heard of you but when i started singing your songs they got obsessed, but not as much as me!!

i love you so much taylor swift! your the most AMAZING singer EVER. And your absolutely gorgeous! Im English,and im 12, im turning 13 in march, i would love if you wrote a song about a girl who likes a guy who doesn't even though she thinks he likes her but shes not sure

lots and lots of love?

Jessica. 12 from England?

Lauren Johnson 6 years ago

Hay Taylor I love your music I went to your concert It was the best concert I have ever been to. It was in Charelette NC!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya ,


Laiba 6 years ago

hi taylor!

i luv your songs you write , i love their themes , you r so beautiful .I LOVE you and singing your songs at my every movement when i am sad or happy. i also luv your dressing style also and your nice hairstyles!!! in india also you are tooooo much famous!!!!! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!.........

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi, Taylor

How is your singing going. I heard your song "mine" this morning. And let me say I like all of your songs you sing the are real Taylor Swift style and I like that. You are a great singer. And all of your songs show that and that is good. You are my favorite singer Taylor, you do a good job and that will never change.

Scott Behm

Rachel (LilSwift) :D 6 years ago

Hey taylor,

I love you SOOOOO much. I am litterally ur #1 fan no offense people but if u have ever seen me talk about taytay u would kno that im her BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!! OMG u rock sooo much. I have 2 of ur CD's and im waiting to get"Speak Now" i hope i get it for christmas this year. U r my idol for singing and i wanna be just like u. When i sing to my friends they say i sound EXACTLY like u. I guess its because i listen to u so mcuh. Lol!! But anyways...im in chorus and i made it to all city last year when i was in 5th grade it was a TOTALLY awesome experiance. Also i went to one of my best friends family reunion and they had karaoke and i chose to sing ur song White Horse. After i was done I got STANDING OVATION!!!! I also got a card that a producer gave me but unfortunatly i lost it....): -cries- Anyways... I love all of ur songs ALL OF THEM remember that... I cant pick a favorite but if i had too i would pick ur new song BETTER THAN REVENGE. I know why u wrote it too LOL and honey there is NO reason to cry over Joe he is a back stabbing filthy scum bag. I was about to say some words but i chose not too.

Love, Rachel AKA LILSWIFT!!

P.S. Email me back at: racrlc2006@yahoo.com PLZZZZ I am dying 2 talk 2 u!!!! LOVE YOU BYEEE!!!!!! :D

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I must say I love your music. I have all 3 of your cds. And I have just about every magazine that has you on the front. I have a new job now and enjoy the boss I work for now. You are a great singer Taylor, as well as a great person. It is g reat to listen to your msic and hear all types of information about you. I like you Taylor and you are one of my best singers ever.

Scott Behm

felicity 6 years ago

hi taylor ( :

my name is felicity & i am 12,you have inspired me a lot ! i love your songs! i would love to meet you one day * in a couple of years i will be coming to one of your concerts(: i normally wouldnt like country music,but if its sung by you i love it

b1 6 years ago

i love this website because i have to do a biographry on a famous person and i chose taylor swift so this website has given me good ideas.

my fave t.s song is better then revenge

dear taylor, keep rocking!!!

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy new year. And I hope your country music continues to shine in 2011 as it did in the years past you are a good singer and always will be.

Scott Behm

Layne 6 years ago

Wow... what to say about Taylor Swift then besides the obeious. That she is an amazing singer and a talented and beautiful young woman. I love each and everyone of her songs! I am a huge fan of hers and I go through alot of the same things she goes through. So every time im in a really good mood or I am really sad, I listen to her songs because i can always relate to them. Taylor is an increadable girl who has a very bright fucher. And I hope that everything goes well for her in this new year of 2011. She deserves so much. I love you Taylor! Good luck and happy new year!

SCOTT BEHM 6 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is your singing going? I like your new album "Speak Now" I like your songs most on there "Mine" and Never Grow Up" but all the songs on it are vintage Taylor Swift and you do a great job on your songs and your career. Keep up the good work, Taylor. You are a great singer in my book.

Scott Behm

Madison McCollum 6 years ago

Dear Taylor Swift I know it is hard to read all of these but Please reply to this one I love singing and I write songs but I can't sing in front of anyone exept for my music teacher HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marie s 6 years ago

Taylor i love your music.I am your biggest fan.Your lyrics are a little quote to me.Your music tells me that there can be hard times in a relationship and there can be good times.I also think that your music tells me there is a guy out there for mean and i should keep on looking for him.I may only be 10 years old but 10 year old girls get crushes and sometimes they make music to deal with those situations n thats what i do.Here is one of my songs , i dont know what do knowing that your never there to help me through i cry myself to sleep not knowing what to do.My friends say your not the one but to me you are .You tell me not to pay attention to what my friends got to say and i should just pay attention to our love love love.When im with you my heart beats and it cant stop.People ask me if it aint suspious how you always seem to dissapear but i dont care because your the gut i want so lets live together forever because were meant to be lets not worry about what people got to say because were meant to be together that is your sneak peek .If you will like to contact me you can 3478477725. Sometimes get scared to sing in front of people i ned your help please call this number thank you.

Brooke Reichart 6 years ago

Taylor I think you are amazing and you made it really cool to have naturally curly hair :) So thank you soooo much for that and I love your music!!

Phoebe 6 years ago

Wow. I am not the type of girl who goes crazy about celebrities because they are just ordinary people with extraordinary talents but I don't want to say that Taylor Swift has so much talent and is a role model because she has stayed an innocent girl despite her fame and fortune. She is an amazing singer and she has so much to offer. I hope she reads this and if you do Taylor I want you to know that I really look up to you and I think you are a very accomplished young woman. Love from Phoebe in little new Zealand ps you should totally come to nz :)

Andre 6 years ago

Hi Taylor , I am your biggest fan , even I am a boy , I think your song is ver very touching . I had a lot of problems in my teenager's life but you're helped me with your song . I come from Indonesia and I want someday we'll meet , sorry if my english not good as a student , thanks a lot :D

SCOTT BEHM 5 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is the singing going? It has been a while since I talked to you. Jim had the fishing tournemant in january and made another payment on the new fire truck. He said one more and it will be all paid for. My birthday was last month and I am 36. I have been listening to your music quite a bit and like all of your songs. You are still my favorite singer and that will never change. Keep up the good work, Taylor.

Scott Behm

Mukheled Al Mukhtar 5 years ago

To the most beautiful things in life

Taylor Swift

You are nectar of life

You Lily Spring

You smell a smell of Summer

Sea calm ...Innocence

I love You to sing...I love You in silence

I love You to smile and grief

Always love You hot

Yours faithfully

Univ.Prof Mukheled Al Mukhtar



With my best regards

sarah :) 5 years ago

Hey Taylor I just wanted to say that I am one of your biggest fans I have all your CD's and have memorized all your songs by heart. I am really hopeing to get to see one of your concerts soon. You're the best!!

Luv ya,

Sarah R.

Cassandra M.R.  5 years ago

Wow! Taylor Swift is amazing!!! She is my favorite artist. Its incredible how she started singing, writing her own songs, trying to get signed to a record deal and playin guitar when she was extreamly young. She knew who she was and who she wanted to be at such a young age. She is an exelent role modle and a good person to look up to.

Exmoor 5 years ago

I doubt this will ever be read, considering the circumstances, but here goes.

I have all the songs memorized. I'm glad to find a celebrity who actually has morals! Besides that, I can relate so much to the songs. I always feel a sense of 'I'm not alone' when I listen to the songs. I love the humour in some of them. It has inspired me to go for my dreams, like that novel I want to write! My only regret is that there aren't concert tours any further north than Vancouver.

If, by some weird chance, this is read by Taylor Swift, KEEP ON ROCKING THE WORLD! :D

Hey 5 years ago

Great and all of the lyrics are right I know this because I know all of her songs off by hear

Hope she keeps singing because in few more years she will be even greater with even greate songs

SCOTT BEHM 5 years ago

Hi Taylor,

I heard your song "Mine" at work the other day. It is one of my favorite songs. But of course I like all of your songs You are a great singer, Taylor. You are number 1 in my book.

Scott Behm

SCOTT BEHM 5 years ago

Hi Taylor,

How is your singing going Do you have any tours planned to North Dakota this year. If you do when are you coming. It will be great to see you in concert once.

Scott Behm

Monica Fahnestock 5 years ago

Hello Taylor,

I just thought it was cool that you came from Wyomissing PA. I am from St.Thomas Pa. Not far from their. I really like your songs and I hope you are enjoying your life.

Sighned, Mo :)

Devan 5 years ago

Hey tay

I love your music and your hair I want to know how you make it like that and I love all your songs but I like the song (mean) means alot to me and what i'm going through I'm not a pretty girl as you are Taylor but I will try to be as pretty as I can be and be myself hope you have a fun life

sinned: Devan Danyell LaVell

Andy 5 years ago

You're very talented and beautiful keep up the good work it's all straight road frome here thanks for you're concert at Pittsburgh I'm sure it will be awesome .thanks andy

Anne 5 years ago

Taylor Swift has inspired me to keep up with writing songs, and to have a great style (:

i love her so much, and knows whats its like to be singing and playing guitar instead of being invited somewhere and then having to hear about it when monday comes and school starts. she has proven herself in the most humbling way and i respect her a lot.

Raulito Frias 5 years ago

Hi Taylor I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC people look at me weird cause I look like a tough guy in my little town McNary, well Umatilla, Oregon but its a town called McNary.. Haha but I know the words to all you albums, They help me remember the broken hearts Ive had before are the past so live in the present cause god is Preparing something in the future!! :) PS. I tryed to get tickets to see you but Your just Sold OUT EVERYWHERE Close to me :,( well that would be my dream is to see you, just to let you know Your My Favorite Singer


Raul Frias-Jr

Gette Gubatan 5 years ago

Hey Sister Taylor Swift :)

T- Thoughtful

A- Awesome

Y- Youthful

L- Lovable

O- Obedient

R- Real Friend

S- Surfer

W- Winner

I- Innocent

F- Funny

That's my describation for you TAYLOR !!


Barnabus. 5 years ago

Its so amazing that the world got such atalented musician lyk taylor swift.what avoice!.i lyk the way she composed "best day,last kiss,innocent,love story and you belong with me".iam completly into your music taylor swift.

Bamusiime Barnabus. 5 years ago

Taylor,when are you coming to uganda? No words i can use to appreciate your music.i love all your songs.

Ali Martin 5 years ago

first off, Taylor's favorite color is PURPLE, not white. Want proof? go to http://taylorswift.com/news#57149 then go to the second video. Ellen has a "serious interview" and she says her favorite color's purple. I thought you Swifties loved her enough to know that.

Lulu!!!!!! 5 years ago

Taylor you are my idol and my hero i always want to be just like you and i know all your songs your songs really speak to me and i wish i could meet you in person. you are my idol and always will be I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.i will always be your #1 fan no matter what anyone says

Mahsa 5 years ago

Hey taylor.im a girl from iran.i just want to say u are nice and your songs are all lovely.dont forget about me.u are my favorite singer.i love u honey

Lilly 5 years ago

Hi Taylor im coming to your concert tonight.This is the first time i met you and this is my first concert ever.I love you and your music.I'm also you number 1 ultimite biggest fan ever in the whole wide world please outograph me.I'm wearing a black and red dress,white sweater i have blonde hair dark green eyes and a white purse bag.I'm only nine years old and have your birthday.Sincerly love Lilly

Mahsa 5 years ago

Hi Taylor.How do u do?your new song(Sparks fly)is really awesome.Why dont u sing a new song?u are so creative.I wish i could be like u.Dont forget about Iranian people that love u like me.Be the best girl.I really love u.Bye Sweetheart.

Dayleigh 4 years ago

my dad loves talor swift

Hannah 2 years ago

I. love. you. Taylor.

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