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The Voice has four judges that also serve as coaches on their own team. They are all singers, as well, and the group includes Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton. From time to time, these coaches either sing in a group by themselves or with one or more team members.

The NBC website says that the Monday finale performance show will feature the finalists singing with their judges. The site does not specify who will be singing with whom. So I will provide a recap in this article of what coaches' performances are aired on The Voice 2 finale.

And just for fun, I'll rank the coaches against their finalist team members. I have to give it to Christina over Chris Mann. She has been horrible lately, but Aguilera is pretty much unbeatable when she has proper preparation. I give it to Juliet Simms over Coach Cee Lo Green. Juliet slays these rock songs, and I've found Cee Lo's vocals to be lacking in any kind of dynamics most of the time. I do like power singers like Jermaine Paul, but I'll say Blake Shelton is a little better because he sings within his limits and knows those limits. Paul lacks any real vocal control in a lot of his performances. I'll call Tony Lucca and Adam Levine a virtual tie. Tony is probably more versatile, but Adam is consistently good at what he does do. Tony is a little more hit and miss.

The coaches ended up performing one song each with their finalist team members. However, something must have happened to the group coaches' performance that was supposed to end the season. They never performed together on the Tuesday results show.

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