Techniques to Get Better at Singing

Effective Tips for Singing
Effective Tips for Singing

What Do Singers Usually Struggle With?

Most singers have difficulty with several things when trying to get better. It’s these stumbling blocks that often hold them back from making a leap towards better singing. Breathing technique is often wrong when singing. Opening up the soft palate when singing high notes is also something singers forget. In addition, it's important to not raise the larynx while singing. I’ll discuss a few of the common singing stumbling blocks that prevent singers from achieving their potential.

Importance of Singing Breathing Techniques

First, singers struggle with getting proper breathing techniques down, which is crucial if you want to progress on a number of different singing techniques. It’s almost as if they hear teachers stress breathing technique, but they still try to skimp on practicing correct breathing. You can’t skimp on this part of your singing if you want to really progress and make strides.

You have to learn how to breathe from the diaphragm. Just look down at your stomach and make sure it expands when you inhale. If so, that says you are breathing correctly from the diaphragm. Later on, breathing like this will help you develop a natural vibrato and it will also save your vocal chords and throat pain because you won’t be singing from the lungs, which is incorrect.

Your exhale shouldn't be forced, but it should be a natural result of the inhale. Just let it happen.

Techniques to Get Better at Singing

Next, singers often don’t hold their throat still. They drop their throat or raise their throat, which causes a fluctuation in your singing voice. The throat needs to stay perfectly still and this takes a little practice. Your vibrato gets choked off if your throat is moving while singing. You can do this once you learn some palate control and larynx control. The palate is that little piece of skin hanging down in the back of your throat. You can look in the mirror and practice raising it a little while singing a note. Again, it takes a little practice, but you can learn to control your palate and increase the airflow coming out while singing. It becomes very natural.

Try These Tips for Singing Better

Start trying to sing a note on a piano or a guitar. Train your ear by trying to hit these notes and you will be developing a very worthwhile skill indeed. When you are playing with others and you can immediately tell if others, or yourself, is flat out of tune, it will be greatly appreciated.

You can only improve yourself by improving your ear. Be patient and really practice listening to a single note on a keyboard or piano and try to hit it with your voice. Then, of course you can practice going up and down the scale of notes. This will help you improve rapidly.

Sing With Your Own Voice

Start singing other people’s songs in your own voice. I recommend this often. Most of the time when we start singing our favorite songs while we’re listening to the radio or something, we are trying to imitate the singer and sound like them. It’s almost impossible to sound just like another singer so we need to start finding our own voice.

Yes, I know some singers have got famous by imitating to others. Some of today’s rock singers just sound ridiculous be they’re so blatantly imitating someone else it doesn’t even sound natural. They can’t even sing with their natural voices they’ve been imitating people for so long. In my opinion, why would you want to do this? It’s just pathetic in my opinion.

I don’t care what you sound like. If you sing in your natural voice and you’re confident and enjoy what you’re doing, people will pick up on that and you will have a captivated audience. Do you think Bob Dylan had a great voice?

Of course not, but he wasn’t trying to imitate someone else and he was comfortable with his own voice. People feel that clearly and it sounds great. So work on singing in your natural voice even if you’re singing other people’s songs, you will soon appreciate your own, unique voice, which nobody else can claim.

Expand Your Singing Range

How to Sing the High Notes

Hitting Those High Notes

Remember, when you're trying to hit high notes you need to open up the soft palate, that soft skin in the back of your throat, as wide as possible.  We want as much air as possible flowing out to hit high notes.

Note that we're not raising the larynx, which is a common mistake when trying to sing high notes.  Look in the mirror and make sure your Adam's apple isn't rising because we want that to stay still.  So just keep in mind to open up the throat and while keeping your larynx, looking at the Adam's apple, still while singing high notes.  As you learn to open up like this while not forcing it, you will really start to amaze yourself with improved singing.  It comes with less effort too.

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Woodie 7 years ago

How do I do to sing as Bob Dylan?

Is there any special techqnuicke he uses?

Charise 6 years ago

Thanks for the advises but i want to know how to lower my adams apple can someone please help

leni sands profile image

leni sands 5 years ago from UK

Mostly I struggle if the backing is too loud. It's great when the band use their monitors instead of competing with each other to hear what they are playing and drowning everyone else out. Thanks for this hub, really useful.

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