Guitar Lessons

Chord and Scale Formation

TONIC SOFA NOTATION The sofa note is the first and the basic thing one must know in learning any musical instrument. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 d r m f s l t T T S T T T S After knowing the sofa notation, use it for your fringing exercise.

CHORD FORMATION Chord is the combination notes

e.g. d m s, r f, m s l.

Types of Chord Major chord (d m s) 1 3 5

Minor Chord (d mo s) 1 b3 b5

Diminished chord (d mo fe) 1 b3 b5

Augmented chord (d m ze) 1 3 5H

Chord Progression Major Progression is 1 4 5 (d, f and s chord)

Minor Progression is 2 3 6 7 (r, m, l, t are minors chords)

Note Sus 2 chord is the addition of (2) (d r m s d)

Sus 4 chord is the addition of (4) (d f s d)

SCALE At scale is the orderly ascending or descending arrangement of successive pitches within the limits of an octave. Scale is also the running of notes (sofa) together on any instrument within an octave.

E.g. Ascending Scale d r m f s l t d Descending Scale d t l s f m r d

GUITAR MODES d Lorian d r m f s l t d r Dorian d r re f s l ta d m Phrygian d de re f s se ta d f Lydian d r m fe s l t d d Mixo Lydian d r m f s l ta d l Aeolian d r re f s se ta d t Lorian d de re f fe se ta d

HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR MODES Key C 1. Play your major scale: (lonian) 2. On the same key turn your d to r and play your major scale (r m f s l t d r) 3. Also turn your d to m and play your major scale (m f s l t d r m) Phrygian. And so on


1. Lionian is used on major chords or related seventh.

2. Dorian can be used on minor chords

3. Phrygian can be used on minor chords and it has a Spanish flavour used in flamenco. 4. Lydian scale is also used on major chords.

5. Mixolydian can b e applied on dominant c hords (one of the blues guitar scale).

6. Aeolian is used on minor chords.

7. Locrian is used on half diminished chords.

PLAYING TECHNIQUES It is important to know what to play but very important to know the HOW, because, it’s not good enough to know WHAT to play without the HOW. However, in this chapter, you will be taught the HOW (i.e., playing techniques) on WHAT to play that has been discussed/explained before.

TYPES OF PLAYING TECHNIQUES * Right Hand Techniques * Left Hand Techniques.

LEFT HAND TECHNIQUES Slide: Ascending movement from (r m) Descending movement from (r m) Trail: Slide to infinity Trill: Successive trail Push up Slaw/Harmmer on: Tapping the note after a playing note (r m) tapping. Vibrator: Shaking of finger on a note Mute: Place your finger slightly on the strings. Harmonics: It sounds like bell. Slightly place your finger on the metal fret 3 5 7 12.

RIGHT HAND TECHNIQUES Nail Picking: It has a Spanish flavour Tomb Picking. Les giado Tapping Mute: A slight rest with pap Raking Brigado: Picking near the bridge. For more Info: Call: +2348057473815,+2348132129115 or

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