Ten Things Heard on The Island on LOST


  1. "Hey, everyone! Meet Will Robinson."
  2. "Never mind The Others-wait till you see the giant gorilla!"
  3. "Hurley, DON'T follow that white rabbit!"
  4. "The last time an island had this high a percentage of folks with a criminal past, Australia was still a penal colony."
  5. "Okay, we all agree: we're voting the Others off this island."
  6. "Hi, everyone, I'm Ben, and I'm a pathological liar. I'm so glad to meet you!"
  7. "Relax! Yes, we've got a monster, homicidal neighbors, and B.O. that would knock over a rhinoceros, but hey-at least there are no dinosaurs here."
  8. "Don't tell Jack that we just saw some dinosaurs."
  9. "If Rousseau is really French, why aren't her armpits hairier?"
  10. "Skipper! Mary Ann! Professor! I just saw people on the beach...we're rescued!!"

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barbara spisla 8 years ago

Ha! Ha!

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