Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sarah Connor Chronicles Renewal

We have awesome news from Fox. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed for season 2!

Fox officially announced it a few weeks ago and they have ordered 13 episodes for season 2. I'd be happier with a full season order, but I think 13 is a good place to start and hopefully that will jump to a 22 episode order after the first couple of episodes have aired. With the new movie coming out, the tv show will make a great promo for the film so hopefully the interest in the film will also lead to more interest in the series.

Let's say it together: YAY!

Who's Who in Season 1

Now that I'm pretty sure I'll get to see a lot more episodes of my new favorite show, it's timefor me to introduce some of my new favorite tv characters.

I'll also give some impressions on character motivation and the interplay between our each of them based on some of what we've seen happen in season one, but I'm not going to overly spoil on major plot points so you should be pretty safe reading this if you haven't seen the series yet. Hopefully this will pique your interest enough so that you'll want to download the episodes on Amazon, or watch Sarah Connor on Fox online, before season two starts. Join the fun!

Lena Headey as Sarah Connor
Lena Headey as Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor, mother of the revolution, is played by British actress Lena Headey. She's got some tough shoes to fill since Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor is probably one of the most beloved scifi characters of all time, but I think Lena is reasonably credible as Sarah.

The major difference is that she's a lot more sane than Sarah was in T2. But that certainly comes down more to the writing than the acting and I think it probably is a good decision to make Sarah just a little more likeable and sympathetic than she is in the second Terminator flick.

Thomas Dekker as John Connor
Thomas Dekker as John Connor

John Connor

John Connor is played by Thomas Dekker, late of Heroes season 1 (where he played Claire's friend Zack). As much as I liked both Eddie Furlong's and Nick Stahl's portrayals of John in Terminator 2 and 3 respectively, Dekker is now my canonical favorite John Connor... at least until Christian Bale plays him in Terminator 4 *g*

I find Dekker's John strikes just the right pitch. He is a teenager who really does not want all this responsibility his mother is insisting will eventually be foisted on him. But he's also young man who is ready to start to taking control of his own destiny and deciding for himself how he will lead the fight.

More and more towards the end of season 1, you can see the conflict that will arise as John stops taking it for granted that his mother's intentions and strategies are the right way forward and I think as we move into season 2, it will be less the Sarah Connor Chronicles and more the story about how John becomes the leader of the humans who survived Judgement Day.

What is really interesting to me is how this will coincide with the intentions of John in the future as he relies on his younger self to bring them to fruition. It sometimes feels like Future John is working at cross purposes to his mother's maneuvers in the past (our present).

John & Cameron scene - Reactivation


Come with me if you want to live

Cameron is the Terminator sent back from the future by John Connor to protect his younger self. The casting of course appeals to all the SF fanboys -- Summer Glau from Firefly. Not my favorite actress by any stretch and not, in my opinion, actually much of an actress, but while she hasn't exactly grown on me, I don't hate her on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She's just freaky enough to work.

Actually, what has grown on me is the growing oddness/wrongness (possible future hotness??!) of the relationship between Cameron and John and what this says about John's overall perspective on the, umm, androids? Robots? What the hell are we calling them? Are we really sticking with the Machines?

At any rate, John's reaction to these beings is unlike anyone else's on the show. None of them can ever forget that Cameron isn't human. That she's a machine. Sarah is resigned to using Cameron and therefore accepts her presence, but Derek is overwhelmed by mistrust and would prefer they simply elimate her.

John, on the other hand, can't seem to remember it half the time, despite the fact that he frequently reminds himself and the others vocally that it is so. But John's relationship to Cameron and to the machines in general is completely different from everyone else's experience with them, especially Derek's.

This is the second machine that has been sent back to protect John. And the TV show stays true to the T2 characterization of John as someone who really needs to humanize his protector in order to develop a relationship beyond simply "hide and protect". He trusts Cameron because his previous protector has already rewarded his trust. And he has a need to trust them because doing so provides some stability in a life spent on the run, where every time someone gets too close, his mother forces them to break ties and leave again.

Below you'll find a great series of John and Cameron scenes that I think illustrate how interesting their relationship is.

John & Cameron Clips

Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese
Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese

Derek Reese - Shower Scene

Derek Reese

Brian Austin Green joins the cast in episode 4 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles as an unnamed stranger, but he is quickly identified as Kyle Reese's older brother, Derek, in episode 5. He has swiftly become my favorite character, which may have a lot to do with the fact that I'm shallow and Brian Austin Green is smoking hot in the role (and every time I say that I still have to do a bit of a double take. Brian Austin Green is hot -- will this never not be unbelievable?).

Of course, I love him not just because he's hot. I love him because he's a Reese! And because he's from the future we get to see glimpses of the future that have always been sorely missing in the movies. I think this is probably one of my favorite aspects of the show --- getting to see what the future is actually like besides just a few shots of a destroyed landscape turned into a battlefield.

Derek Reese's presence adds a lot to the show and he has interesting chemistry with all three of the other major characters, plus he's our window to the future, so I'm really interested in what they will do with him in season 2.

And now... hot pictures! (Yes, a hub with more is on its way *g*)

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Richard Jones as Agent Ellison
Richard Jones as Agent Ellison
Charlie Dixon helps Derek
Charlie Dixon helps Derek

Agent Ellison & Charlie Dixon

Agent James Ellison, played by Richard T. Jones, is an FBI agent who has been pursuing Sarah Connor after her escape from Pescadero. She's also wanted by the FBI in connection to the death of Miles Dyson and the destruction of the Cyberdyne Systems building (as seen in the movie, Terminator 2).

Ellison loses track of Sarah and John during 1999 after they leap into the future (2007), but when he glimpses Sarah on tv looking exactly as she did in 1999, he begins to pursue them again. Over the course of season 1, events occur that finally leads Agent Ellison to conclude that Sarah has been telling the truth all along.

Ellsion has mostly been a minor character in season 1 though Jones is credited as a main cast member, but expect his role will expand in season 2.

Charlie Dixon, played by Dean Winters, was Sarah's fiancée back in 1999 until she went on the run. Because of her disappearance in 1999, he assumed she was dead until she reappeared in 2007. A few episodes into the season, John actually went to Dixon's home to speak with him and then later asked him to help save Derek's life. He's now aware of everything (Cyberdyne, Judgement Day, Cameron is a machine, etc.) and may or may not have a larger role to play next season.

And finally...

I'll leave you with this scene from the7th episode, The Demon Hand.

There are things Machines will never do. They cannot possess faith. They cannot commune with God. They cannot appreciate beauty. They cannot create art. If they ever learn these things, they won't have to destroy us. They'll be us.

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Gregorythompson profile image

Gregorythompson 8 years ago from Illinois

Nice hub. Good intro to the show.

solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Very interesting and very well presented hub! Some of us like it.

SkepticTank 8 years ago

Hate to say it but this show make me want to kill John Connor and wait for the apocolypse. I've only seen 3 episodes and I fell asleep in the middle of all 3. I wondered how far James Cameron would take the franchise after the second Terminator and this show proved to me that people will do anything to cling to their 15 minutes of fame instead of moving on and creating something new and possibly entertaining.

embitca profile image

embitca 8 years ago from Boston Author

Sorry you didn't like the show. Your assumptions about James Cameron are way off base though. James Cameron has nothing to do with the show, just like he had nothing to do with the third Terminator movie. He's never clung to his 15 minutes of fame and in fact doesn't even really work in Hollywood anymore. He does deep sea diving documentaries for IMax nowadays.

SkepticTank 8 years ago

I stand corrected about james Cameron. That's what I get when I mix pop culture bashing with Jack and Coke.

Hovalis profile image

Hovalis 7 years ago from Australia

I really enjoyed this show. I was saddened to hear that it's been added to the list of Fox shows cancelled before their time. I have to admit to almost being at the stage of not watching Fox shows until they've finished their run, because it frustrates me so much. The cliffhanger was superb. I wish they'd had a chance to bring the story to a conclusion.

embitca profile image

embitca 7 years ago from Boston Author

Hovalis, I am right there with you! I loved the final episode so much it is still on my TiVo. That last few minutes blew my mind. I prefer not to thik of it as a cliffhanger.... I like to think of it as the start of something, the start of John Connor's future :)

Sarah Connor profile image

Sarah Connor 5 years ago from Washington, DC

Now let's be very careful what we say about Sarah Connor ok? lol!

Toni_Roman 4 years ago

Hey Sarah Connor (fellow commenter)! I'd really like to know what you did with your chronicles. In the movie Terminator Salvation, John listens to your (namesake's) audicassettes. I happen to know how hard it has been these last two years to even lay your hands on sturdy blank audiocassettes. It is legacy technology. Wouldn't you or your namesake have burned them to a CD or thumb drive. More likely a CD since most circuitry including thumb drives would be fried by the EMP of all those nukes. Cd are a safer optical storage media. So that's my question: What did you do with your chronicles? When was your last one recorded? (I guess that's asking when you croaked, sorry about that). Where did you hide them? In a geocache? A cave? A mini-warehouse? How did you make out after John departed for the future? Must have been heart-breakaiang. Well it is a long cold nuclear winter ahead so bundle up, dress warm and keep the faith!

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