Terra Nova (FOX) - Series Premiere: Synopsis and Review


The new sci-fi drama series ‘Terra Nova’, produced by Steven Spielberg, premiered with a two hour special on Monday, September 26th on FOX. In the year 2149, planet Earth is polluted and overpopulated, the human race will go extinct if no action is undertaken. ‘Terra Nova’ is about the Shannon family that is, among others, sent back 85 million years in time to start a new life. The travelers are sent to a world with fresh air, living trees and actual daylight, but what they don’t know is that they enter the territory of beasts superior to them.

In 2149 people are not allowed to have more then two kids, “a family is four” is the motto against overpopulation. The Shannon family is a family of five, but they managed to keep their youngest daughter a secret, until a surprise inspection. Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara), the father, is sentenced to six years in prison. Two years later his wife Elisabeth (Shelley Conn) is selected to go to Terra Nova, but she can only bring her two oldest kids Josh (Landon Liboiron) and Maddy (Naomi Scott). Jim then decides to escape prison, hide their youngest kid Zoe (Alana Mansour) in his backpack, and find a way through the portal that transports them to what they call Terra Nova. In the end, they all arrive on Terra Nova. Now, there is no way back.
When the family is getting acquainted with their new surroundings a few mysteries present themselves. They discover that a group of people, who were sent to Terra Nova before the Shannon family, parted from the larger colony and established their own colony not far away. Why they didn’t wanted to be part of the large colony is unknown, just like it is unknown who made the rock paintings that Josh’s new friends discovered, and why. The most important question, however, arises at the very end of the episode; what is the real reason of the existence of Terra Nova?

The foundation of ‘Terra Nova’ is, of course, the idea that time traveling is possible. If you have trouble accepting this you should not even bother watching the show. Otherwise, there won’t be many other hurdles to overcome. It is needless to say that 85 million years back in time there will be dinosaurs. If you liked ‘Lost’ or ‘Jurassic Park’ you will probably like ‘Terra Nova’, which resembles these other shows in some ways. For example, ‘Lost’ presented a lot of questions, more than it answered, and it seems like ‘Terra Nova’ will be doing the same thing. Large mysteries are presented, which will clearly play a huge part in the development of the storyline. In short, if you are into sci-fi and action series, this might just be your next favorite series.
The first season of ‘Terra Nova’ consists of 13 episodes, and the average budget for an episode is $4 million. Because of these huge costs, the show will have to draw a huge audience to be profitable. If it is not that much of a success, it is likely that FOX will cancel the show after the first season. Therefore, both for the producers and for us viewers, it is now or never.

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YadiraE profile image

YadiraE 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

I watched the premier last night, and I loved it!!! Sooo much!!! I can't wait to find out what's going to happen!!!!

Iggy Falcone profile image

Iggy Falcone 5 years ago from Zagreb, Croatia

Great review! I'll be sure to link to it on my "Fall TV 2011" hub!

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Great you liked the show YadiraE!

And thanks Iggy for the link!

YadiraE profile image

YadiraE 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

I'll link too!

melpor profile image

melpor 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

Robin, you pretty much covered all the corners about this show in your review. I thought the show was pretty good. I agree with you on the questions? Why did the sixers separated from the colony to establish another one? Also it is obvious they couldn't control the trip back in time. Why would you try to restart mankind among dinosaurs? Mankind would not have survived that long if this had really happen even if they had modern weapons. Anyway this is a good review. Thanks.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

I am really curious why the sixers decided to separated from the original colony. It probably has something to do with the big picture; Why they decided to send people among dinosaurs in the first place.

I agree that mankind would have little chance surviving among dinosaurs in real life. Fighting them is a lost cause, so we would have to hide, but I don't see that happening. But apart from that I really like the show.

mary 5 years ago

help this show reminds me of one last year where people lived in a stockade and there were a breakaway group who lived outside. there were no dinosaurs though, the danger was from stars falling or something similar.What was it called?

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

I'm not sure I know which show you mean, but I will see if I can find the show. Do you have anymore information about it?

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Mary, I've been thinking and I've searched on the web if I could find anything that matched your description. However unfortunately I didn't succeed. If you have more information let me know, then I'll might be able to find something.

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