My Little Girl's In Love

My Little Girl's In Love

My Little Girl's In Love

by Chuck RitenouR 7-18-2K6

1st verse:

There's something about her, I can see it in her smile

and the way her body moves as she walks down the aisle

and her eyes are shining brighter than all the stars above

she doesn't have to say a word, my little girl's in love.

2nd verse:

I can hear it in her laughter when he calls her on the phone

she wants a happily ever after not a rolling stone 

love's the only thing on her mind and he's all she's thinking of

I once saw it in her mother's eyes, my little girl's in love


my little girl's in love, I knew it was just a matter of time

she's gettin' ready to move on and leave us both behind

I knew it wasn't gonna be easy, but never dreamed it'd be so tough

I know I'm gonna sure miss her, my little girl's in love.

the end.


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