"The 6th Day" Movie Review

If you're looking for right-wing Christian rhetoric, then you've come to the right place! The only coherent arguments against cloning which The 6th Day is able to make are:

1. Cloning makes Jesus cry

2. Cloning makes even more Arnold Schwarzeneggers

I leave it up to you to decide which argument is the more persuasive. (In defense of #2 I give you Arnold's question, which he poses to the audience while trying to decide whether or not to clone the deceased family dog: "Does a cloned dog have a soul?")

Most of what you need to know about this movie you will have already learned from the trailers, so I'll skip the overview. However, I do feel obliged to point out that the whole thing happens because the bad guy is assassinated, and to cover up the fact that the bad guy is actually a clone, the bad guy's henchmen hunt down and clone everyone who witnessed the assassination. Except the assassin, of course.

Although this is an interesting twist on the normal way of things (wherein the bad guy's henchmen hunt down and KILL everyone who witnessed the assassination) it's stupid as hell. One more time with feeling: STUPID AS HELL.

In an apparent attempt to cover up the weak spot in the story, the rest of the plot has twisted itself into a tight little wad, from which there is no escape. After about the tenth time the movie doubled back on itself I lost the will to live, and spent the rest of the movie trying to identify where the exterior scenes were shot. Vancouver? Toronto? I've seen enough episodes of "Forever Knight," you think I'd be able to recognize the Toronto skyline at night. But then there's the Millennium Dome over there in the corner!

It turns out that I was right on both counts; The 6th Day was shot in both Vancouver AND Toronto. Perhaps it's meant to be set in a City of the Future called Vanonto. Or maybe Torcouver.

At any rate, The 6th Day throws every possible cliche into the pot. It even dreams up a few new ones, just for good measure. Save yourself the bother and just watch The Omega Code instead.

Summary: If this is the future of recombinant filmmaking, I'd rather die.

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