The Bachelor's Chris Harrison's Wedding Ring

Chris Harrison and his ring
Chris Harrison and his ring

Man's Ring

3/1/11 - Is it just me, or did anyone else notice Chris Harrison’s wedding ring on ABC’s The Bachelor last night? I had never noticed Harrison’s rapid hand movements before, but there was something in his swing that pulled my attention away from his face as he was counseling The Bachelor’s Brad Womack. Perhaps, it was just the shining glint of the large jewel sitting atop his left ring finger.

Man's Gotta Have Some Jewelry

Men’s wedding rings aren’t always a basic metal band. In fact, the metal used alone can vary from man to man. There is a large assortment of hard materials to choose from, whether it be gold, platinum, sterling silver, chrome; creativity has no limit. Also, as technology grows, so do fashion trends. It isn’t odd to see a man add a bit of flash to his jewelry.

Celtic Ancestry?

However, Chris Harrison’s wedding band appears to be a band holding a rather large diamond in its center much like a traditional woman’s engagement ring; or, I suppose, it could be some type of Celtic knot-work. If “Harrison” is his true last name, then he may be of English or a Celtic ancestry and he wanted to display a part of his heritage. However, that is speculation as it could, again, be a diamond sitting atop a gold wedding band.

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anon 5 years ago

I noticed it. What is it?

Ally 5 years ago

I noticed it too! It does look like a ring that a woman would wear!

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

It looks like it could be a flower...I think Chris Harrison needs to comment here to set the record straight! LOL

Observer  5 years ago

I Noticed his ring the last few episodes - never in other seasons!

Rosefall profile image

Rosefall 5 years ago from Ohio! Author

LOL...I have never noticed it before, either. On a different note: I wish Brad had chosen Chantal. Emily will never marry him.

zoza 5 years ago

yes! I did notice his ring and would like to see it up close.

Michelle Levy 5 years ago

I know Chris Harrison and unfortunately see him too frequently. His wedding ring is an ugly as hell flat "knot". It's very feminine and my husband cracks up every time he sees him. It's gold, which makes it even worse. One would think he'd trade up and get something nicer. It's ugly in photos so just imagine how it looks in reality. UGLY!

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