The Bay (2012)

Barry Levinson is best known for Dramas and comedies such as Rain Man and Wag the Dog but his latest is a Horror movie called the Bay. The academy award winning director first true outing at a horror movie is made more interesting in that it is a found footage film. However unlike recent found footage movies, Levinson has found a way to make this genre fun and innovative again by splicing together YouTube clips, home video footage, text messages and even a Skype conversation. Yet the thing that truly makes the Bay a stand out movie is its subject matter.

The Bay stars Kether Donohue who plays Donna a young and up and coming news reporter who explains via Skype how hundreds of people ended up dying within a span of a day. The movie starts off fairly innocent as Donna is covering her first news story about a small towns Fourth of July celebration. Things quickly take a turn for the worse though as people begin to get very ill, vomiting and contacting boils all over their bodies. As the day goes on thing go from bad to worse.

The first thing that stood out to me was how all of the conversations and videos seemed so real. It makes you believe that something like this could happen to you and that it could get covered up and no one would know about it. The Bay gets under your skin fairly easily because of the simple fact that there is no one person running around with a camcorder recording their feet, it’s just a very well thought out and truly frightening film.

Donohue does a good job with the time she had on screen portraying a young naïve news reporter. No other actor truly stands out because the movie focuses on the epidemic so there are various characters that come into play except for Frank Deal who portrays a sleazy mayor more concern with money then the safety of the public. A movie like this could have very well turned out disastrous with bad editing thankfully it didn’t. Aaron Yanes does a great job at editing the movie and not letting things get bogged down by having any scene play out to long.

The Bay is truly a spin chilling movie that will leave you squirming in your seat. It will get to you and have you thinking about the things that go on in your community and will have you second guessing what you drink and eat for a long time after the movie is done. Overall I would recommend this to people who like horror and environmental thrillers, I give this 3 out of 5.


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