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The Beatles band harmonica tabs

Hey there you Beatlemania fans or Beatlemaniacs? I guess you've arrived on this page either because you surf the net for any scrap of information on the legends or because your on hubpages and you've seen my other Beatles songs. I chose that image of John Lennon's portrait because I think it is a particularly cool piece of artwork, I'd seen it before in a graffiti library book, but because my image is all about urban style, I thought it was definitely suited. I love the abstract colours, it really shows 'The Beatles Lennon' lively spirit, if that makes sense?

Anyway in this article I am going to be showing you how to play 'From me to you' on the harp, its played in a key of 'C' and its the intro part of the song, if you listen carefully to the official video below you can hear Lennon starting the track off.

*Please excuse the fact that my tutorial video is no longer present, I started a new Youtube channel and accidentally deleted my old one, I will get around to filming me playing in the future, for now I have left the tab for you to practice.


This song was originally released as a single, but was included on the Beatles album 'A collection of Beatles oldies' in 1966. Here is the tab:

4 -4 5 -4 4 -4 -4(bend the last 2 draws) 3

4 -4 5 -4 4 -6 -6(once again bend the last 2 draws) 6

and that's it! easy enough for you beginners and good practice at bending!

You will experiment more with bending when you take on the blues, I will try to include some blues riffs and 12 bar blues at some point. keep practicing!

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